She was in pain. He could sense it. The acute twinge of her agony was like a knife in his undead gut; forever painful but never fatal. Aching and aching until he was going to go mad. He paced around the house, the rain pouring in buckets on the window panes like so many little drums. Their tempo would have matched the beating of her heart while he made love to her, quick and hotly coursing through her delicious veins. He fidgeted uncomfortably. Just the thought of her, naked and in need, set him off. He knew that the Volturi were coming for her; in their eyes she was a freak. This made him angrier than anything he had ever experienced in his long life. How dare they say that his angel and his beautiful unborn child were freaks of nature? He had sent her off to be safe, but now that he felt uneasy. He had the strangest sensation that she was suffering greatly.

That was the last straw. If he stood around any longer, he would tear the place apart with longing and anger and lust. Altogether, it was one destructive package. He didn't really want to ruin his furniture; he paid quite a bit for the lot. With a wry grin he packed the essentials in the pocket of his coat, leapt off the balcony onto the boat that lay bobbing in the water, and made his way back to the shore. As the ship cut through the black lake, he focused his thoughts on his only love, and prayed to the God that he had forsaken that she was alright.

When he arrived in Forks, an hour later, he noticed that the town was strangely quiet. He pricked his ears for any sign of motion. He sniffed the air with his straight, aquiline nose and scented death on the air. The smell of blood flooded into his nose, and he was extremely surprised and angered to find that it was the blood of his lover. The scent of blood also carried the signature odour of some other creature of the night…

With a stab of fear he realized that the blood of whom he was smelling was none other than the ancient blood of the werewolves. It mixed hideously with the blood of his sweet love's and caused anger to boil over inside of him. He would rip that wolf to shreds, ut his body in two, burn the corpse and drink its blood for good measure. No one got away with hurting his Bella, his unborn child. He pumped his legs faster along the pavement, using his keen sense of smell to track the two like some demonic bloodhound. He smirked to himself. That was a good analogy; a bloodhound.

I was curled up and crying in the garages where I had beforehand been so familiar. Now, they looked the same to me as if my old friend was showing me a picture of what Hell would look like. Every car tire, every tool, every bonnet of a car was like a devil, bearing down on her with the accusing eyes and flaming pitchforks. She retreated further into herself. She couldn't believe that her friend had done this to her… No, not a friend… A demon. A heartless, cold demon with no feeling or humanity. She heard footsteps, and dared to look up. Jacob stood over her, and she was startled to see that tears rimmed in his eyes. He was shaking like a leaf. She watched him warily, wondering if this was simply another way for him to take advantage of her again.. Or if the shining silver tears that leaked down his familiar, grease-stained face were ones of true hurt and remorse.

His lip trembled before he spoke; "Bella… Oh, Bella. I cannot believe that I did this to you. I have an animal inside me, and sometimes it takes what it wants with no regard for others… I would never do this to you. The wolf did this, this horrible, horrible thing…".

He trailed off, and looked away. He closed his eyes, and the tears came in full. Through sobs, he said; "I must end this creature. If a dog gets rabies, you put it down, right?". He tried to smile slightly. Bella's heart went out to him, even though he had violated her and taken away every scrap of dignity she possessed. She simply couldn't ignore her friend, though he had broken all boundaries of friendship and trust. "Jacob… Jacob, don't do that", she pleaded weakly, getting shakily to her feet. She was still very sore.

"I have to, Bella. I have to for you." He walked over to a gasoline container, and lifted it. Like her were washing himself off in the shower, he poured it all over his body. He even smiled as he did it. "You may want to leave the building," he suggested to her, his voice barely above a whisper. "No…", she said.

"Think of your unborn child! Leave! Leave!", he shouted to her, lifting a lighter. She was frightened, and did as he asked. She didn't want him to go like this, but she couldn't stop him. She had to consider two lives now.

She scampered towards the door, looking back at him one last time. Then, she walked through the door, and left him there to die.

After that day, Edward and Bella were never apart. She began to live with him in his sumptuous quarters at his family's lakeside retreat, and eventually gave birth to a gorgeous daughter of the night. She was named Renesemee, after their mothers. Bella often thought about Jacob; he haunted her thoughts like a spectre. Thankfully, though, she had her little family to take care of, and simply the sultry gaze of her newly wedded husband put her at ease. It was one of these nights, a calm, warm summer evening, after they had put their young child to sleep, that they lay in their bed in each other's arms.

"Our daughter has your eyes", said Bella, rolling over playfully on top of Edward. He grinned, shark-like and daring. "I know", he said, "And I'm sure when she grows up she's going to have a fantastic body like you." Bella giggled, swatting him on the arm. "Now let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, she's only a baby." He grasped her arms tightly. "Well… I somehow feel like Renesemme would love to have a little sibling to go with her on her first day..". His voice had the edge of a man who wanted something. Desperately. It was deep and quiet and had the reckoning of the ocean. Heart warmed in the pit of her stomach as she was gently tossed down on the bed, Edward placing loving kisses all down her neck. She gasped as he nipped her breast with his sharp teeth. There was something about him inflicting pain on her that she found hugely arousing. She felt her attraction seeping through the fabric of her underwear. His length hung heavy on her body, giving her all sorts of suggestions about the things he wanted to do to her.

"Take me", she said, "Please!". He grinned. "Of course, my lady."