Ok before ANYONE ASKS ME... no i have not abandoned my Golden Sun story. In fact i am challenging myself to write two stories at once now! Ahem anyway. Hey guys! Whats up? for those of you who don't already know me I'm Flashgunner (well duh) and i was the once who wrote the Megaman Zero story, Believe in Me. I am also currently writing the story, That Incredible Feeling, for Golden Sun. Now a few of you might remember, that i did at one point have a story up for up, called Megaman Battle Network: Highschool Life. Yes, i deleted it, mainly because it was a lame attempt at doing what Anime Master Zero did with his College Years story. I doubt i could ever write something as long and epic as his 280 chapter giant. But, after reading through some of my favorite LanxMaylu, MegamanxRoll fanfics, (College Years included), i remembered just how MUCH i love the pairings and the possibilities of adding to or altering the story.

Enough rambling here's what i got here... I realized as i looked back on my stories, that i seem to take up a lot of time with battle sequences, in fact, Believe in Me was almost 60% battle, not to mention a lot of the inspiration came from Ruroni Kenshin. Here i'm trying something new. I'm going for less battle, more focus on the characters, their interactions, their changes, and most of all, their relationships. Who know how it will turn out, i've yet to go through with it, so i guess we'll see how it works for me.

I'd also like to thank Gnl567, whom i wrote a review for an gave suggestions to, for rekindling my desire to write for the .EXE gang. That little bit of your story i gave suggestions for really got me going for this again. Thanks.

So for the Megaman Universe, hello again! And for the Golden Sun Universe, don't worry, i'm working on both at the same time, ch. 11 will be out soon as well!

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Here is the first installment of Love Knows No Limit.






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(p.s. A few things here are based on abilities they have in the Manga. Like the way full synchro works and what not.)

Love… It is a magical thing… to find one who can match the desire in your soul…………

For some people it only happens once in a lifetime… some grab it and take hold… some bide their time and take it slow… yet some hesitate and lose their chance…………

It is a tricky feeling… that can leave one unsure of how to proceed… confused by a thought… perplexed about oneself… but if found… If challenged… if conquered… the victory will be worth the battle… while if left alone… if put off… if lost… the defeat will be unbearable…………

Those who do not grab the opportunity are fools… damned to feel pain and sorrow by their own lack of initiative…………

Yet if there is no doubt in one's mind… then one can find love through thick and thin… through storms and fire… through war and death…………

Even if the earth quakes, the pillars of heaven shake, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, one can prevail…………

The power of love is unimaginable… and love knows no limit…………

Love Knows No Limit

Written by: Flashgunner

Ch. 1: Everyday Life

"Go Gutsman!!" A large red and yellow Navi charges forward, rearing back his fist. The punch hits nothing as his target shifts out of range in an instant. "He won't run from us this time! Use this Gutsman!" The Navi's operator pulls out a battle ship labeled "Rocket Punch" and inserts it into his Pet. The Navi winds up and punches forward, a rocket booster firing from behind his fist. The projectile collides with the target, stopping it dead in its tracks.

"Haw haw!! How's that Megaman?" Guffawed the large Navi as his fist returned to his hand. The much smaller blue navi in front of him was still standing with his arms crossed in front of his face.

"Not bad Gutsman…" The navi withdrew his arms from his face and brushed himself off. "You guys get tougher every time we fight… But now it's my turn!"

"Bring it on shrimp!!" Coaxed Gutsman as Megaman sprinted towards him at high speed.

"Here you go Megaman! Two chips en route!" Megaman's operator inserted an "Areasteal" chip followed by a "Hammer". Megaman shifted behind Gutsman as a large hammer appeared in his hand. He wound up and swung, but it halted short of the target. Gutsman had shifted his waste and caught the hammer with his large hand. "Huh?!"

"Not this time!" Gutsman spun around fully and landed a punch directly into Megaman's face… or at least a doll of him. Three shuriken flew towards him from above all hitting home. Gutsman stumbled backward a few steps from the attack, pulling the razor sharp stars from his armor. Gutsman's operator looked up from the table. He was a large person, mostly like his navi. He wore a green T-shirt with his navi emblem on the left side of his chest and a simple pair of athletic shorts. His odd hair style could be described as quarter Mohawk, sticking forward off his forehead. "Tricky as always Lan… You hid that "Anit-Damage" chip behind the "Hammer" chip in your hand." His words were focused on the teenager facing him across the battle table. Lan held up one chip between his fingers, parting them slightly to reveal another hidden behind it, smiling.

"Yeah, I've been practicing that. You know I wouldn't use the same combo on you twice Dex… that's how I beat you last time!" Lan was shorter than Dex by about half a foot. Like Dex, his attire had barely changed. He still wore his white shirt, a new orange vest, black pants, and blue bandana, only they were all a few sizes larger or course.

"Say… you said you wanted to show us something… I've seen nothing new yet, were you just trying to psych me out?" Dex asked with a smug smile.

"Yeah c'mon Lan! Quit fooling around I wanna see what you can use to beat Dex this time!" Yelled Yai from beside them as she smacked her hands on the table childishly; she was obviously impatient with Lan for holding back his so called "new technique" from them for so long. Yai had finally grown up a bit, if you could call it that. She was still much smaller than all of them, but she had replaced her typical red dress with a green one and instead of pigtails, she only had a single ponytail that ran down to her waist.

"Ok Lan, you got our attention, telling us about it all day at school now show us." Maylu was leaning on the table next to Yai. She was wearing a viridian blouse with a light blue skirt; her signature knee high socks still part of her outfit. Her hair was a little longer, but only right below her shoulders. Everyone had grown up considerably. Lan was almost as tall as Dex, Dex was still "the big guy," Yai wasn't so small anymore, and Maylu had grown up a bit as well. (To put it simply, adolescence had been kind to her. Flash.) They are all sixteen years old, except for Yai of course who is fourteen, and just started their sophomore year of high school. Time seems to waver in the face of these four however. No amount of time would ever be able to break their friendship, or their tradition of hanging out at Yai's after school.

"Alright alright… here goes… Ready Megaman?"

"Ready when you are Lan." His navi replied.

"Alright let's do it!" Lan took a deep breath and stood perfectly still.

"What are you doing?" Asked an exasperated Yai.

"Just watch." Lan assured her. They were all taken by surprise when a white aura began to encircle Lan. The aura burst and Lan was standing in a swirl of white light.

"What in the world? Lan what are you doing?" Maylu was eager to know.

"This is called 'full synchro'." Megaman's voice came from the battle table (This is how they did it in the manga. Flash.). "In other words, our souls have synchronized. Lan is looking through my eyes right now, and operating me through his own movements."

"But… he's standing still here…" Dex stared at the glowing Lan.

"I'm here!" Lan's voice suddenly flowed from the speakers. They all stared at the image of the battle field. An image of Lan separated slightly from Megaman. He waved towards them, causing Megaman to wave as well.

"That's so cool!!" Maylu blurted out before anyone else can speak. "Is there more to it?!" It was obvious that she was beyond interested.

"Well why don't I give an example? Dex! You still have that "Flurry Punch" chip you used against me last time?"

"Yeah…" Dex shuffled through his chips and pulled out a specific one. "Here it is."

"As I recall Megaman was unable to dodge most of those punches."

"Yeah he hit me with most of them actually… I wasn't expecting a speed move from Gutsman…" Reminisced the blue Navi.

"Well, try it now." Lan requested.

"Wait…" Began Megaman. "Lan are you sure if he hits us…"

"Don't worry he won't."

"Oh I won't will I? Ok then! Here you go Gutsman!" Dex threw the chip into the slot and Gutsman's arms began to glow green.

"Raah!!" He charged forward and began throwing a barrage of quick punches, faster than one would expect from a powerhouse navi like Gutsman. Yet, Megaman dodged every single punch as if they were moving in slow motion.

"WOW!! He's moving so fast!!" Exclaimed Yai. As she followed the movement of the battle image. "Not a single punch is hitting him!" The chip's power wore off after ten seconds and Gutsman jumped back, huffing and puffing.

"Guts… no way… He dodged every blow!" Megaman dashed right at Gutsman and rammed him in the chest, sending him flying in the opposite direction.

"Yikes…" Dex gawked at his Pet as he watched Gutsman dig himself out of a trench.

"With my mind merged with Megaman, I can make use of his agility and reflexes, boosting them to higher levels by seeing the battle from his eyes. Not to mention an added boost of strength and speed all together due to having control of two will powers. It's pretty nifty!"

"Looks like Lan has been holding back while fighting you all this time Dex…" Yai joked at him.

"WHAT!? Repeat that I dare you!" They all laughed at Dex's reaction.

"Actually it's not that simple…" Lan's voice came from his own body in the real world as he released the full synchro. "It's crucial not to rely on it. All in all, regular netballting is the better choice… If you hold full synchro for long durations of… say… twenty minutes or more, when you release the synch, you feel exhausted. That's beside the point though… Being one with the navi, in mind, soul, and body, is a double edged sword… sure it powers the navi up… but what happens to the navi…" Lan pulled up his sleeve to reveal a scar on his left arm that looked rather recent. "…Happens to the operator… I got this one a few days ago… If you aren't careful theres the possibility of serious injury, or worse..." There was a grim look on the other three's faces. Maylu thought to herself.

A few days ago… wait! "Lan… you netbattled Chaud a few days ago right?"

"Yeah… this is from Protoman's sword…" he pointed to the scar. "We always fight in full Synchro."

"That's reckless!" Yai commented. "Aren't you afraid you'll be hurt?"

"There's always the possibility… but it has been the difference between life and death for Megaman and I countless times." He finished there but there was still a look of worry in her eyes. "If nothing else, it's cool to see through your navi's eyes."

"I think it sounds awesome!" Dex commented as he unplugged his Pet from the game table and inserted a subchip into the bottom slot. "Sure fighting my hurt a bit… but the boost in ability makes up for it right?"

"More or less, yeah…" Lan plugged his Pet into the main terminal as Dex did. "Anyway… we should get something to eat! I'm hungry…"

"Well, since we're here, I could always have the butlers make us something…" Yai began, but Lan and Dex were already arguing on what they should do for food.

As the operators conversed amongst themselves, Megaman traveled through the transmission into the main terminal of Yai's entertainment room. Roll, Glide, and a newly arrived Gutsman were already there. When he arrived he was greeted the usual way, a bow from Glide and a jumping hug from Roll.


"H-hey Roll." Megaman stumbled, trying to keep himself steady until she was content and let go.

"How come you never told us about full synchro before?"

"Well…" Megaman scratched the back of his head. "It was actually top secret for a while… once people began to figure it out though, they took the restraint off the info…"

"Ah… ok…" Roll was relieved he had a valid reason... not that he was just keeping it from them.

"If I may ask…" Began Glide. "What exactly does it feel like?"

"Well… there's a surge of energy, and you become completely linked with your operator to the point where your thoughts are synchronized as well, hence, the quick decisions and movements…"

"Sounds complicated…" Gutsman mumbled loudly. "How do ya do it?"

"What you need to do is…"


"BRING IT!" The four navi's attention turned to the screen where Lan and Dex were having quite a scuffle over what they were going to eat.

"OK! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Maylu was between them with both hands outstretched. Yai who had subtly exited the room a few minutes prior, re-entered and clapped her hands twice.

"While you two were bickering, the chef prepared us dinner. Let's go eat." And she left the room. Lan and Dex stared at the door for a moment, then back at each other, and then at the door again before racing each other out the door, yelling about who got first dibs on the food. Maylu was left to herself, with an eyebrow raised at the direction of the exit. After sighing heavily, she too left to get food.

The Navi's all laughed at the situation. In between laughter Gutsman managed to say, "I bet if they DID fight… Dex woulda stomped him!"

"No way! He wouldn't even be able to touch Lan!" Megaman retorted.

"Yeah right!"

"I AM right!"

"You wanna go shorty?!"

"Bring it on fatso!" Roll and Glide just sighed at how similar the two were to their operators as they began fist fighting, which ended in about a minute with Gutsman face first in the ground, Megaman sitting on his back. "Say uncle!"

"Uncle! Uncle!" Gutsman shouted with his voice muffled by the floor.

"It looks like some things never change…" Glide chuckled slightly.

"But I like it this way… it just wouldn't be the same if these two weren't always rough housing…" Roll giggled at the sight.

After a refreshing dinner, the group split ways for the night, Dex bid Lan and Maylu farewell as they came to his street and took off, Leaving the two long time friends and neighbors to walk home together.

"Tenth grade huh…" Lan said out loud.


"We've really come such a long way…"


"Kinda hard to believe…" They turned onto their street.

"Well nobody can be a kid forever."

"Yeah… I know, but it makes me wonder what will happen when we graduate…"

"Well I don't know about you… But I plan on going to college…"

"Oh come on Maylu you know I intend the same thing…" Maylu giggled.

"I don't know if you could handle it…" She shrugged jokingly. "I hear they don't tolerate tardiness one bit at colleges."

"Oh har har, I could get to places on time if I tried…"

"I'll believe it when I see it!" She bantered, patting him upside the head. Lan chuckled along with her, but went right back to thinking.

"Still… we only have three years left, counting this year anyway, I just can't help but wonder…"

"Wonder what?" Maylu turned her eyes to him, curious.

"Where has all the time gone? Will all the good times have to end?" Maylu smiled.

Oh Lan… always worried about the future… and always worried about us. "The good times don't have to end… and no matter where we are, the net will always connect us." Maylu assured him, bringing a smile to his lips.

"That's true… I guess I just worry too much sometimes…" They stopped in front of Lan's house. "Well, here's where I take my leave of you fair lady…" He bowed, while mocking the voice of a proper gentleman, causing a sarcastic laugh from Maylu.

"Oh you're a riot… See you tomorrow!" She waved to him and continued down the street, but stopped halfway to her house. "Oh!" She quickly turned around and ran back to Lan, who was having unexplained trouble opening his front door. "Hey! Hey! I almost forgot!"

"Huh? What up?" She opened her mouth to say something, but suddenly hesitated. A look of confusion spread across her face, but disappeared quickly.

"Ahem, sorry. Anyway, I wondering if you and Megaman would teach Roll and I how to use F-F-Full S-Synchro." Lan raised an eyebrow.

"Maylu are you alright?" Maylu shook her head slightly.

"Sorry, dunno what that was… But could you?"

"Are you sure you want to? I mean, I did show you the dangers…" Her expression changed drastically and her hands went to her hips immediately.

"Lan Hikari! You should know me better than that! I am just as willing to take risks as you are when it comes to helping people." Lan backed off a step, with a face that had "Yikes!" written all over it.

"Alright, alright! You've got a point." He chuckled. "Tomorrow's Friday, so why not just stop by after Yai's?" Maylu hesitated again.

Argh! What's wrong with me? "Yeah! That'll work! Bye!"

"Actually, hold on a moment… My door won't open… Megaman!" Lan pulled his pet up to eye level and nearly fell over when he saw Megaman asleep on a bed program with his helmet off. "He must be tired from Full Synchro… Maylu, would you mind having Roll take a look at the lock system?"

"Don't you have a key?"

"Yeah but it isn't working and my mom isn't home…" She tilted her head to the side and sighed. "Ok… Roll?" She lifted her Pet to see what her navi was doing.

"Y-yes!?" Roll answered in a rather quick and suspicious manner.

"What? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing!" She replied even quicker than the first. Maylu spied a minimized window off to the side.

"Hmm… what's this?" She pulled it up to reveal a direct screen feed from Lan's Pet of Megaman sleeping.

"MAYLU!!!" Roll cried out, embarrassed beyond belief. Maylu smiled devilishly and closed down the window.

"We'll talk about that later…" She was trying hard not to laugh.

"About what?" Lan was confused as to why she was stalling.

"Oh nothing… Hey Roll I need you to check out the lock system on Lan's door. Megaman can't for certain reasons…" Roll just nodded, with her head pointed down. Maylu giggled as she plugged the Pet cord into the system, transferring Roll. In a flash of pink light, Roll touched down in the lock's main system. She scanned the area, but found no evidence of viruses. "See anything?"

"Um… no actually…" That was until Roll heard the sound of digitized snoring behind her. She turned around and saw a Prog lying on the floor. "Eh…?"

"What is it?"

"Uh… the program fell asleep?" Roll tried to explain.

"I thought progs didn't sleep though…" Lan wondered out loud as he scratched his head.

"Wait a sec…" Roll moved closer and kneeled down beside the prog. "Huh?" On the side of the prog's head was the smallest Mettaur virus Roll had ever seen in her life. The met was also asleep. "Maylu look at this."

"Is that a Met? It's so tiny!"

"This thing looks completely harmless… I wonder how it wandered in here?" Roll poked it in the helmet and it stirred awake, causing the prog to awaken as well.

"What the… what happened?" The prog noticed Roll.

"You were asleep, I think that little guy on your shoulder is the problem." The prog glanced to its side and noticed the met. The met had finally awoken fully and was looking around, but when it saw Roll it made what sounded like a little "Meep!" and hid behind the prog's head, peeking around the side. "It's actually kind of cute!"

"Well I don't feel anything right now… I guess when it fell asleep it caused me to as well…" This caught Roll's attention, mainly because all virus ever had to do was touch a program to corrupt it. This little guy only seemed to take effect when asleep, and the result wasn't very destructive.

"Then he is pretty much harmless…" She bent forward and stuck a hand towards the quivering little met. It immediately began retracting. "It's ok little guy, I'm not gonna hurt you." She called to it playfully. I seemed to pick up on her tone and inched toward her hand. She moved her hand closer and it hopped into her palm. It was so small that it fit perfectly on her hand. She giggled and turned to Maylu's screen. "Well here's the problem… doesn't seem dangerous at all though."

"The key's working again. Thanks Maylu, I gotta wake up this lazy head and get my homework done, so I'll see you tomorrow." Lan half waved to her and entered his house. Maylu waved back, too late for him to notice, then turned back to Roll. It seemed the little met had taken a liking to her. It had climbed up her arm and was nuzzling her cheek. Roll was laughing happily.

"Roll, we should get going…"

"Aw…" She looked sad to leave, but then an idea came to mind. "Hey Maylu can I keep it?"

"Keep what… oh! Roll it's a virus… I don't think it would be a good idea."

"But… it's not that bad, I mean, it wasn't even affecting the prog, besides making it sleep…" The met suddenly jumped onto Roll's helmet and plopped down atop her head. "Besides, how can you deny something this cute?"

"Alright fine… you can keep it… but if it starts causing trouble…" She wasn't even able to finish. Roll shouted out happily.

"Thank you! Thank you! You won't have to worry at all! I'll take care of it!"

"Alright, now come on let's go." Roll followed Maylu's orders, holding on tightly to the little met as she transported back to her pet.

Lan entered his room and threw his back pack onto his bed before plugging in his pet. He stared at the pet screen and saw Megaman was still sleeping. Lan smirked. Time for a little payback for every morning… He turned the volume up high on the voice receiver and yelled. "HEY MEGAMAN! WAKE UP!" Megaman jumped from the bed with his buster out and primed, only the get an earful of Lan's laughter.

"Lan that wasn't very nice…" Megaman commented as he recalled his buster and grabbed his helmet from the ground.

"Well you do that to me every morning, so I thought I'd try it out."

"Alright, alright fine…" Megaman transferred from the pet to Lan's computer. "So what do you need?"

"Could you upload my homework onto the computer?"

"Comin' right up." Megaman began tracing windows with his hand shifting files and putting together all the homework due the next day. Lan leaned back in his chair, streatching his arms up and yawning before relaxing, grabbing his pet, and browsing his chip folder. As the data for Lan's homework merged together, Megaman pulled up a net news feed beside the window. His eyes changed, as if he was analyzing something important. "Hey Lan…"

"Yeah." Lan looked up from his pet as Megaman transferred the news feed to the main screen.

"Have you heard about this?" There was an article front and center whose headline read,

"The Shadow Syndicate… Who are they and what are they after?"

"Shadow Syndicate?" Lan raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah apparently some new group claiming to be net terrorists… they haven't done anything bad enough to warrant such a label so far though…"

"The name sounds like an online gaming clan made by fifth graders…"

"Ha ha, I can see that… but yeah, for 'Net-Terrorists' They haven't instigated any terror…"

"I guess we can look into it a little when we find the time… unless Chaud does so first…" A small *ping* beeped from the speakers.

"Ah, your homework is ready Lan…" Lan sighed.

"Do it for me will ya…?"

"Haha ye-no…" and Megaman went about his business.

"Sarcastic little…" Lan grumbled to himself as he wheeled towards his bed to gather his school books.

Maylu set her bag down and slid into her swivel chair. She watched Roll as she set down the little Met on her home page.

teach Roll and I how to use F-F-Full S-Synchro… Her mind trailed back to the sudden hesitation in her words. That was so weird, like it was hard to ask him a question… I mean, I talk to Lan everyday… something made me feel a little light headed back there…

"Something on your mind Maylu?" Maylu looked to her computer screen to see Roll looking at her, puzzled; the little Met behind her bouncing on a large cyber replica of a bean bag chair.

"Nope, just a little tired." A lie, but oh well, she doesn't need to know… however… A snide grin came to Maylu's face. "Maybe I should ask YOU…" She heavily emphasized the word.

"What do you…" Roll realized in an instant what she meant. "Oh… um…" She stammered. "I-I was just…"

"You were stalking Megaman while he was sleeping…" Maylu cut in.

"NO! I…"

"Roll, it's ok. If anybody you know well is unaware that you have a massive crush on Megaman, then they don't know you." Roll blushed, looking away from the monitor.

"Then why does he act like it's nothing?"

"Easy… he can be as dense as his operator sometimes…" Maylu joked. Causing both of them to laugh at the heavy amount of truth to the statement.

"Well, fine, I was just minding my own business, until I heard Lan say Mega was sleeping… so, I pulled it up because…" Roll had her head down and was swaying back and forth with her hands intertwined behind her back as she forced out the explanation between random stutters of embarrassment.

"Because you think he looks cute sleeping?"

"AUGH! Maylu! Please tell me I'm not so obvious!" The pink navi removed her helmet in frustration, long blond hair falling upon her back and shoulders.

"Only to me you are Roll." Maylu giggled at her flustered navi as she practically collapsed into the bean bag chair behind her. The impact tossed the little met into the air and it landed in her lap. With Maylu now focused on her homework, Roll took the time to settle down. She picked up the small met and held it out in front of her.

"So… I guess I should give you a name." The virus tilted its head back and forth, keeping its eyes on her. "I know! How about Mouse?" The met closed its eyes, making them resemble upside-down U's and hopped up and down cheerfully. "You like it? Then Mouse it is!" Mouse hopped down onto the bean bag and began bouncing around again. Roll giggled softly and relaxed into the chair as she watched her new friend.

---To be Continued---

So life is pretty much continuing for them, but why did Maylu hesitate? Will Roll be able to handle her massive crush? What about her knew little friend Mouse? For Megaman and Lan, What is the "Shadow Syndicate"? is it even worth worrying about? Will Megaman pick up on some of Roll's gestures eventually?

I guess you'll all find out at some point, when the other chapters get written.

So there you have it, this is the start of my first non battle fueled story. Sure there will be a few battle, but they wont be the focus this time.

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