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His hand gently caressed her soft, smooth skin sending shivers down her spine. He smiled faintly, his fingers lightly tracing small circles on her back. "Ran-chan, you are such a tease!" the girl giggled, tickled at the way his fingers played on her skin.

He flashed his killer smile, one that always bought ladies to their knees. "Ah, but I love enjoying the sweet reactions coming from you, Kika-san."

Kika, the beautiful girl who lay beside him lifted her hand to stroke his face. "Oh, Ran-chan! You say such seductive things!"

Ranmaru, the notorious playboy, the prince of Morii High - no lady could resist his charm. "Anything to please you, Kika-san!" Ranmaru replied, kissing her softly on the lips. As no lady could resist him, he too could not resist any lady. How could he be tied down to just one when so many vie for his affections?

"How can anyone resist your charms?" Kika giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck. She nibbled at his lower lip, her hands running through his soft red hair.

No lady could resist Ranmaru Mori. Except perhaps–

"Dinner is served."

His bedroom door suddenly opened and a strange figure peeked from outside. Kika screamed, tugging the blanket to cover herself. "Eek! A monster!" she screamed, cuddling closer to Ranmaru. The figure drew nearer, as though ready to strike.

Ranmaru paled and patted Kika on the head. "Relax, it's just my housemate, Sunako-chan." He grabbed one of the sheets and tied it around his waist. He walked towards the figure, who apparently, was a young woman around his age, her long black hair left uncombed and covering most of her face. When Ranmaru drew near, the girl backed away and covered her nose.

"You're not allowed to bring girls home." Sunako replied, looking away. She hated having to call her housemates when dinner was ready because she knew she'd suffer severe nosebleeds by just looking at them. And seeing Ranmaru, without his shirt on, was even more torture.

"Can this be our little secret then?" He flashed her his killer smile.

She turned her back on him. "I only made dinner for four."

Yes, no lady could resist Ranmaru the notorious playboy. Except for Sunako.


Ranmaru sighed as he stared at his fellow housemates who were at the dinner table. "Yo, Ranmaru! Who's that girl you're with today?" Kyohei asked. Of all the housemates, Kyohei Takano was the best looking but compared to Ranmaru, his lady-skills amounted to zero.

"Don't tell me another mad husband will come looking for you…" Takenaga warned him. Takenaga Oda was the smartest of them and was in a relationship with a girl named Noi Kasahara. Unfortunately, his lady-skills amounted to zero as well since he was already tied down to Noi.

"Is that the reason why you decided to stay at home tonight?" Yuki asked him. And finally, Yuki Toyama, the housemate with the cutest face. He was the most down-to-earth, however his lady-skills amounted to zero as well due to his being easily scared.

Ranmaru sighed. "No. As a matter-of-fact her husband is away on a business trip. She was the one who wanted to stay here with me."

The jaws of the three other boys dropped. "You really are a lady killer, Ranmaru!" the three chorused.

"Is she going to have dinner with us?" Sunako asked.

"No, she decided to go home. Her driver is picking her up in a bit." He scanned the table filled with several of Sunako's dishes. "As much as I'd love to have dinner with you guys, Kika-san and I decided to stay at the hotel for a while."

Sunako pouted. "But I made dinner for four!"

Ranmaru smiled and patted her head. "Can't be helped. Give my share to that glutton boyfriend of yours." Ranmaru teased, pertaining to Kyohei.

Kyohei groaned. "Who'd want a scary girlfriend?"

That pissed Sunako off. "Well I wouldn't want a blindingly bright creature as a boyfriend either!" She grabbed Ranmaru's plate before Kyohei was able to get his hands on it. "I'll save this for tomorrow instead."

Ranmaru sighed dramatically. "Am I the only one who can see that you two are meant to be together? Stupid Kyohei is too dumb to realize his feelings and dear Sunako-chan has done so much to become the perfect housewife!"

"Ranmaru, don't add spark to an already burning fire." Takenaga warned him, calmly sipping from his cup. He pointed to the two "lovebirds" who were now arguing instead of eating dinner.

Yuki smiled. "You'd better not keep your girlfriend waiting, Ranmaru. This arguing might take a while and we all know how violent those two can become."


"I'm sorry, Ran-chan. My husband suddenly called. I have to pick him up from the airport." Kika told Ranmaru who had left the house to meet her at the gate. She was already sitting inside her car and had the window down.

Ranmaru paled. "Eh…but I thought we were going to have dinner together. He sighed and covered his face with the sleeve of his shirt. "Kika-san is so cruel! I wanted to spend the night with her again."

Kika laughed. "Well I am a married woman." She turned her face to Ranmaru who now bent down to the window of her car. "Don't make this hard for me, Ran-chan. You know that I adore you." She pecked his lips and stroked his face. "Call me next time. We'll have dinner when my husband leaves!"

Ranmaru moved a few steps back and then Kika's car drove away. He gave a small wave and when the car was out of sight, he gave a defeated sigh. "Why am I always left alone? Looks like I'll be having dinner here again."

"You won't be alone if you didn't flirt with older married women, you know." A voice blurted out from out of nowhere. Ranmaru turned and saw Takenaga, Yuki and Kyohei peeping from the gate.

"The radiant one already ate your share." Sunako replied. She was dragged along by the other three to witness Ranmaru's "rejection".

Ranmaru sighed again. "Looks like I'll need another back-up plan." He fished his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. "Mariko-san? Are you free tonight? Ran-chan is lonely and he misses your company."

The three boys groaned. "Ranmaru will never change."


The next morning in the living room…

"I wonder what time Ranmaru arrived last night…" Yuki slumped on one of the chairs and scratched his eyes.

"Probably very late." Takenaga replied, flipping through the pages of the book he was reading.

"That was MY green tea iced cream! Why did you have to eat it?!" Sunako eyed Kyohei angrily and pointed an accusing finger towards him.

"I was hungry last night. Besides, I don't have a job so I can't buy anything for myself!" Kyohei pouted and collapsed on one of the couches.

"I won't forgive you for this! You always eat my ice cream!" Sunako cried out hitting on his arm.

"Well all the money I ever earn goes to the rent so how can I buy anything?!" He grabbed her arm to stop her from hitting him. "Change into a lady already so I can get free rent! Then you won't have to worry about me eating your ice cream again!"

His grabbing her caused her to panic. Sunako hated being touched by the radiant beings, much less Kyohei.

Yuki sighed. "They're at it again."

Suddenly, someone banged on the door. The living room door opened and Ranmaru came in yawning. "So noisy. Even in the morning…can't I get my beauty sleep?"

Ranmaru was always cranky in the morning, especially since he always came home very late from his dates. He walked towards the two and pulled them apart. "You had better start treating her like a lady if you want her to become one." He eyed Kyohei angrily. "You are such a useless guy! Try using love for once!" He leaned closer to Kyohei and stroked his cheek. "You say that you don't want to love such a scary girl when you do all you can to get her attention!" He pushed Kyohei away and began his dramatic retelling of what he 'believed' Kyohei was thinking. "I will steal her ice cream if that is the only one she will notice me… Stupid Kyohei! A girl needs love and attention but not that kind of attention you're giving to Sunako-chan!"

He grabbed Kyohei by the collar and dragged him out of the room. You have a lot to learn, Kyohei. And I'm going to help you win Sunako-chan's heart!"

Takenaga and Yuki couldn't help but laugh when they heard Kyohei cry out to the two of them for help. "You're on your own, Kyohei." Takenaga teased.

"Good luck with the lessons!" Yuki waved.

Sunako looked at Ranmaru who dragged the reluctant Kyohei out of the room. She turned to the two boys who were left in the room. "What was that all about?" Apparently, even though she was in the living room the whole time it happened, she had no idea what was going on.

"Oh, nothing. Just prepare yourself, Sunako-chan. It looks like Ranmaru's up to something interesting." Takenaga smiled mischievously.

Sunako shrugged her shoulders. "I don't really care. Well if you guys are hungry I'll prepare breakfast."


Stay tuned as Ranmaru teaches Kyohei to become the perfect gentleman. Hope you like this chapter! 