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Chapter 5: What Women Want

Ranmaru's eyes widened as Sunako steered him away from the restaurant and into a smaller one a few blocks away. What awful place was this? And why did she bring him there? "What is that smell?" he asked.

"Udon." Sunako replied taking a seat on one of the tables near the counter. "Cheaper."

Ranmaru sighed and sat beside her. "But that restaurant we were in smells better."

Sunako ignored him and called the waiter to order. "Two bowls of udon please and four pieces of fried gyoza."

He sighed again and leaned against his chair. Might as well make the most of what was happening. He knew Kyohei was watching them somewhere and he didn't want Kyohei to know that his plan was failing.

When the waiter served their order, Ranmaru turned to Sunako. "You like this kind of food?"

She looked at him with a puzzled expression. This radiant creature was weirder than she thought. "I cook this at home. Don't pretend not to like it."

"It's just that I don't eat at these kinds of places!" Ranmaru whined.

"Eat before you complain. You're wasting money."

He gave another heavy sigh and took sip of the hot bowl of udon. Surprisingly, it tasted really good.

"See? I told you so."

"Amazing, Sunako-chan! You have an amazing taste for food!" Ranmaru grinned. Back to Ranmaru-mode. 'Kyohei, you just watch and learn.' He cleared his throat and stretched his arms, slowly moving it to rest on the back of Sunako's chair. "So tell me, Sunako-chan, do you prefer eating in these kinds of restaurants?"

"Not really. But I didn't want to spend all that money in that fancy place a while ago."

"Ah, but Sunako-chan, being with you, like this…I would prefer this place to that one as well…" Ranmaru replied seductively. His arm quickly moved from her chair to her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. "That Kyohei doesn't know what he is missing. Why…I consider myself lucky…"

Unfortunately, Ranmaru wasn't able to finish his sentence because Sunako had instinctively brushed his arm away while she leaned forward to grab a piece of gyoza on the table. A loud crash was heard and when Sunako turned around, she found Ranmaru sprawled on the floor.

She rolled her eyes. "I will never understand radiant beings."

Meanwhile, a few tables away, Kyohei was having the time of his life watching the two. He knew Sunako wouldn't agree to have dinner at that fancy restaurant. He doubted she would even agree to have dinner with Ranmaru if she knew what he was up to. It was a funny sight watching 'the prince' eating at a small udon restaurant. Among the housemates, Takenaga and Ranmaru were born with a silver spoon in their mouths – especially Ranmaru who hated eating in such small places where he wouldn't get much attention. He could feel his tummy rumbling at the site of Sunako ordering the food he would have chosen had he decided to eat at the restaurant. But since he was broke, he had to settle with a bowl of udon – the cheapest they had. It was funny how Sunako was oblivious to Ranmaru's playboy antics. She didn't even notice he was flirting with her. Kyohei had to stifle his laughter when Ranmaru fell off his chair and Sunako didn't even blink or ask him if he was ok.

When he saw Sunako try to drag Ranmaru from his seat, he knew he had to show himself. He knew Sunako wouldn't be able to carry Ranmaru all by herself, and because of that reason, he also knew that since she couldn't, she'd probably either leave him there or drag him out. He saw her doing the latter to his relief. She wasn't that heartless after all.

"Hey!" he called out to Sunako who had positioned herself to drag Ranmaru by pulling his arms.

Her eyes turned to Kyohei. How could that radiant being conveniently show up?

"Need help?"

She dropped her hold on Ranmaru's arms and grabbed her wallet. "Carry him home. I have to pay for the damages he made."

When Ranmaru finally gained his consciousness, he found himself on his bed. What happened back at the restaurant? He gasped. He couldn't have let Sunako pay for all the food they ate, could he? And how did he get back home? Surely she hadn't carried him back?

Then he heard someone laugh. "I'm supposed to do what you've done?"

"Things didn't work out exactly as planned."

"Yeah, you made her pay for your meals…and since she couldn't, she had to wash all the dishes. Not only that, she had to carry you all the way home since she had no money for a taxi. Some dream prince you are…" Kyohei teased, trying hard not to laugh.

"Impossible!" Ranmaru blushed. "She did that all for me?"

Kyohei couldn't hide it any longer. "Of course not, idiot! Though she did pay for everything you ate and broke. Good thing I was there. She was planning to drag you all the way home!" He laughed so hard that Ranmaru couldn't help but feel pissed with embarrassment. He grabbed Kyohei by the collar and stared at him with a menacing look in his eyes.

"See if you can do better than I did then…"

Kyohei laughed. "Do you even know what she likes?"

"Every woman wants to be treated as someone special!"

"Then you don't know Sunako-chan."

"Ah, but you don't know how the marvellous Ranmaru works! Be sure to take down notes. I'll sweep her off her feet and drop her so you better know how to pick up the pieces!"

"Sunako-chan! Where are you?" Ranmaru called out.

He had been looking everywhere for her. He had already knocked three times in her room enough to believe she wasn't there – thank God as he dreaded entering her scary sanctuary.

"Why is he looking for her?" Yuki asked his two other housemates.

"Probably got tired of married woman, now he's preying on those that don't find him attractive." Takenaga joked.

"He probably wants to make up for his bad date with her yesterday." Yuki replied.

Takenaga turned to Kyohei. "Speaking of which, you two are up to something…" He pointed an accusing finger at Kyohei. "Are you two experimenting on Sunako-chan again?"

"Hey! I resent that! Ranmaru's the one experimenting." Kyohei argued.

"Kyohei Takano, what are you two up to?" Takenaga asked.

"Nothing. Ask him."

Yuki grinned. "Let's just sit back and watch what happens, Takenaga."

The three eyed Ranmaru who finally found Sunako outside by the gardens. When Ranmaru spotted Sunako, he smiled. 'So she likes roses. Perfect! I knew she had a feminine side to her!' he though to himself. He gave a quick pat on Sunako's shoulder. "Hello."

She turned around to face him then looked away when she realized it was a radiant creature.

"Do you like roses?"

She eyed them longingly and shook her head. "No."

Ranmaru smiled. "If you're worried I might get angry that you want to pick some from my garden, you are mistaken…" He took a pair of garden sheers and began cutting some of the roses. When he was able to create a small bouquet, he handed it to Sunako. "Enjoy the beauty that cannot even surpass yours."

"Gee thanks! This is exactly what I need!" Without another word, she dashed away from him and ran back into the house.

'What did she need them for?' Ranmaru wondered, although he was quite happy that he was able to please her in some way. She did look pretty cute whenever she got excited. He sighed. It wasn't a wonder that Kyohei was in love with her. It would only be a short time before the two would finally be together…and they would be thanking Ranmaru for it. He walked back inside, eager to know what Sunako planned to do with the roses. He walked towards her room and gave a few taps on the door. He noticed it was slightly ajar and knew instinctively that she was inside. "Sunako-chan, I'm glad you like the roses…eh?"

Ranmaru couldn't believe his eyes. Sunako had removed all the petals from the roses and had tossed them carelessly on her bed.

"Ah, you wanted to lie on a bed of roses I see!"


"Then why…"

"I watched a movie where a vampire laid his victims on a bed of roses. I just wanted to re-enact that with Hiroshi and Josephine."