Chapter 14

Then she smiled again. "I'm glad you stayed." she whispered, closing her eyes.

"Me too." Bob said.

After that, it didn't take Lucy too long to regain her strength. After two days she was pestering to be discharged, and all of the unit members had visited by then, Bob faithfully remaining with her for most of the day, only going back to the flat when Lucy insisted he got some rest.

She had a large scar where she had been stabbed, and loved it already. "It's unique," she said, "like this team." Bob smiled, but inside his heart sank. Jonas had told him that they were leaving that day.

As Lucy fell asleep that evening, he said his final goodbyes. He couldn't face telling her that he was leaving if she was awake. It would hurt her, as well as him, too much. He knew she wanted to return to America with them, to get training and join them properly. Bob knew that could never happen, but he said nothing to Lucy. He stood beside her for while, watching her sleep.

"I'll miss you, Humming Bird. You really are amazing. I hope you have a good life. You deserve it." Pulling a small package from his pocket, he placed it on her bedside table, and walked away.

It had started to rain as Bob climbed into a car, and as the unit drove away, towards the airport, he took one final look at the hospital before it receded into the distance.

Charles patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, we won't forget her."

Bob nodded, and they sped off into the night.

* * * *

When Lucy awoke, Bob was gone. This wasn't unusual; sometimes he was down the hall getting coffee from the machine. She settled down to wait. She waited as seconds became minutes, and minutes became hours, and still he didn't appear. When one of the nurses came in with her lunch, she enquired about him.

"Your Dad? He said he had to go back home for a business meeting. He said he'll miss you, and sends his love."

"What about my uncles? Have they gone too?"

The nurse nodded. "I think so. They left last night, but your dad stayed a little longer. Lovely chap, that. He said you'd understand." A tear slipped down Lucy's cheek.

The nurse noticed, and looked concerned. "Are you alright, love? I didn't mean to upset you." Lucy swallowed hard several times.

"Its okay, I just…really miss them when they go away."

The nurse smiled. "That reminds me; your Dad left something for you."

Lucy sat up. "What? Where is it?"

The nurse handed her the package from her bedside table. "Here it is. I'll be back with your tea later," she said, leaving the room.

Lucy put her tray to one side and eagerly ripped open the package. Inside was one of the photos the team had taken for their convincer. Bob and Lucy were standing on a beach with their arms wrapped around each other, smiling at the camera. The sun was going down, and the horizon was streaked with red, orange, purple and yellow. Palm trees lined the edge of the beach, and both Bob and Lucy looked blissfully happy. She flipped the picture over, to reveal writing on the back.

Thanks for everything Humming Bird

With love,

Cool Breeze Dirt Diver Betty Blue Snake Doctor

xxx x x x

Lying inside some silver tissue paper, was a fine silver chain with a beautiful hummingbird on it, its turquoise eye stone glinting in the light. Lucy put it on, and lay back, smiling a happy smile.