Alex counted seconds while they were apart, and seconds when they were together, and how many seconds until they would meet again. He counted how close they were in millimeters, and how far apart they were in millimeters. He counted how many words were spoken when they met, and how many moments that wouldn't need words. He counted smiles, he counted frowns, he counted blinks. Anything that could be measured about the two, he would figure out.

Alex wrote down every single fact about their relationship. Alex thought about how many chances he had, and how many chances he would have.

Alex thought about all the possibilities.

Alex considered every 'if' as fact.

Alex knew what would happen if every if were fact. He knew how it would happen and where it would happen. He knew what he wanted, and was sure of what Mark wanted.

Alex touched everything Mark touched, felt what he felt to be closer. He stood where Mark stood, saw what he saw to be closer. He wanted to wear what Mark wore to be closer. He wanted to know what Mark knows to be closer. He wanted to think what Mark thought to be closer. He wanted to call Mark to hear his voice. He wanted to visit Mark to see his face. He wanted to press up against Mark to feel him.

Alex was sure it had to happen tonight. He lifted his window and quietly snook along the side of his house until he was out front. He ran from there all the way to Mark. He knew what window he had to go through to get to Mark. He had planned this out many times and figured out just where to step to get to Mark. The seconds were counting down to see him. He put his feet in all the right places. His fingers grasped the ledge and he hoisted himself up just enough to catch a glimpse of Mark, looking at himself in a mirror.

Alex lightly tapped at the window and caught Mark off-guard.

Mark turned around and let Alex in.

Alex smiled and looked in Mark's eyes. He placed his hands on Marks shoulder's and kissed him.

Mark pushed away.

Alex looked hurt and climbed back out the window and ran back home.

Mark counted the seconds they had been apart.