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Nearly three days after they were rescued … only to experience the burning of transformation.


The agony was receding. Just a little bit, but that was sometime that broke the tedium of what at first seemed like never ending pain. Alec was always beside me, trying to comfort me, when he was clearly as tortured as I. But when the pain was beginning to fade away from my toes and fingertips, my chest burned worse than before. Was that even possible? I screamed in my head.

It was slightly comforting to know that Alec and I were in it together, but not by much. The agony was still indescribable, but it was fading, and that was something.

Aro barely left our room since our heartbeats sped up. How odd it was for me to be able to clearly hear not only my heartbeat, but my brother's as well. My sight was getting impeccably sharper and my sense of smell was increasing tenfold. In any other situation, I would be checking out the strength of my new senses but the pain in my chest was beyond words.

Magma, fire and acid had nothing on the pain welling up within my chest. I must have resembled a pile of charred bones at this point. My heartbeat seemed in sync with my brother's as at the same moment they sped up to an impossible tempo.

Simultaneously crying out in pain, our backs arched as the heartbeats nearly melded together into a hum. With a stuttering beat, it stopped. Everything stopped. No more pain, no more agony and no more heartbeats.

In wonder, I slowly sat up, scared that a sudden movement would cause the pain to attack me again. Everything was clear. Defined. It was as though I was seeing the world through another's eyes. All my senses were heightened beyond belief.

Was I now an angel sent to heaven? I mused quietly. Surely I was seeing the world through the Lord's eyes. Maybe the fires were our test and we passed!

In the first time in days, I looked over to my brother and saw him, instead a blur of a person through my haze of pain-induced tears.

Gasping, I realised he looked totally different. Such a dramatic change was impossible! Of course this was an impostor of sorts! I felt dirty to have held his hand all this time; I didn't even know his name.

Leaping out of the bed, I couldn't accept that this was Alec. He definitely was an impostor. No way could he be the rosy-cheeked child that was always there for me during my childhood. This copycat was as pale as a sheet and more handsome than my brother ever was.

Instinctively, I leapt out of the bed, hissing ferociously. Growls were coming out of me in torrents. Where was my brother? Why was this creep holding my hand?

His face was displaying the shock I was feeling and that was all I registered before I leapt at him and began to claw at his face. After a second of frozen shock, he fought back with equal fury. Before either of us got too far with our attacks, strong arms pried us apart. At first, there were only a few arms; not strong enough to tear us from one another. But more and more people came to break us up and enviably succeeded.

We were taken to separate parts of the room and we glared at one another. Strangely enough, I felt neither out of breath, nor worn out from the intense combat.

Some strange liquid welled up in my mouth, but instead of feeling disgusting, it felt right. Like an arm or a leg, I knew instinctively it was a part of my arsenal. The liquid had a distinct sweetness to it and was the consistency of saliva, but there was more of it.

The stranger, as beautiful as an angel with burning red eyes of a demon, seemingly was reacting the same to me; hissing, growling and other animalistic sounds were coming from the both of us.

A light, nearly sarcastic cough coming from the corner of the room alerted us both to the presence of Aro. Our heads whipped around to see him, but the movement was stilted, jerky, too fast for comfort.

I was startled immensely to see that he was, in fact, not alone. The pain had probably prevented me from realizing their presence. There was a small group collected there, guarding him, or standing slightly to the side. They were of different sizes and appearances.

The only thing tying them together as a group was their black, hooded, billowing robes and how their attention was focused on us as though we were telling an amusing story. Their eyes were all a dull red. Something stirred in my fading memory, but I could not pin point what. My past was trickling away fast. I feared that all I would soon lose everything that defined me.

At that moment, I was sure that I was not in heaven.

Walking from behind one of his henchmen – were they his guards? - Aro approached us with open arms and a large smile. But his eyes stayed cautious as he neared us.

I was fairly certain that I would not have recognised him if it were not for his trademark black hair and the smirk I grew to distaste over my days of pain. I could see the same power that seemingly followed him around like an aura. He looked the same, yet … more.

Did he always look like that? Maybe it was due to my new outlook on life, but he looked older than before. Almost glowing with power and confidence, yet seemingly fragile. It was slightly unnerving.

My heart felt an odd tug of loyalty and admiration towards him, and I was clueless as to why. Have I not known this man for barely several days, much of that time incapacitated in undeniable pain? Yet the loyalty tugged at my heart again, this time stronger than before. Respect also flooded my veins as I gazed upon his frame. These feelings were odd and uncalled for, yet they were there.

With curious eyes, I waited for him to begin his explanation. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm down. The feeling of breathing was off. There was no sense of relief following the action. Was there nothing left for me that was normal?

"Aha! You two turned out perfectly!" he cried out joyously as he clapped his hands together. Before he could say any more, I interrupted him.

"What have you done with Alec? Give my brother back to me!" I spat at Aro. A small, insignificant portion of my mind was impressed with my new voice; it was bell-like, tinkling, light. All in all, it was a truly beautiful sound. Yet it wanted to make me rip out my throat so I could get my old voice back.

"Jane?" said the man standing behind me in a quizzical voice. Ignoring him, I clenched my fists together and waited for Aro to provide me with some answers. I'll be damned if I just abandon Alec! Then the irony hit me as I realized that I could possibly be damned in Hell right now.

Aro chuckled, seemingly unsurprised with my outburst. "Jane, darling, he is standing right beside you," he said with a mildly amused tone of voice. His hands waved at the gap between us, waiting patiently for us to understand.

Looking at the stranger again, noticing he was cautiously mirroring my movements, my eyes raked over his form and I began to overcome the shock. There were similarities showing that the notion that this man was Alec.

Was it him? Was it Alec?

Hesitantly, he opened his arms and said, "Jane? Is that really you?"

Somehow, I knew it then and there that he was indeed my brother, my kin. Within a flash, I leapt into his arms and I began to dry sob into his shoulder. My speed and strength surprised his slightly, but he patted my back and made consolidating soothing noises.

I was surprised to learn that I couldn't cry. Had I used up all my tears?

There was an overriding feeling of guilt welling within me as I remembered that I leapt at him and fiercely attacked him. But with his soothing words, he was comforting me and I felt forgiven. We had more pressing matters to deal with.

Vaguely, I heard the people in the background shuffling, slightly uncomfortable with our rather public display of sibling affection. Aro's voice barely penetrated my brain, but he was saying something along the lines of, "Bring out the food. They must be thirsty beyond belief." It confused me, but I didn't care. There was comfort in my brother's arms, and I revelled in it.

Our moment was ruined with the most delicious scent permeating through the air. Sweeter than the honey of bees, more alluring than any flower's fragrance, the heads of my brother and I twisted around instantly to see where it was coming from.

It was so tempting, but with it came pain. My throat baked, it burned. Deserts surely contained more water than my throat. There was a drought in my mouth. A sandstorm must have been going on inside me without my knowledge for me to receive this kind of dry, burning feeling. A fire was in my neck, scorching and licking the sides. It was definitely nothing on the pain I experienced before, but certainly it hurt.

It was more than that though: it stang, it ached, it flared like nothing I had ever felt. There were not enough words to describe it. I had to end it. There had to be a cure to the fire.

I needed water. My eyes rapidly scanned the surroundings in the case there was a jug of cool water lying around. Alas, there was none.

What I would have given to have a glass of goat's milk, just the way mother made it – warm with a spoon of honey. With a panicked start, I noticed that it was hard for me to recall anything before the excruciating torture I had just endured. Every memory was rapidly deteriorating, blurring at the edges. However, my attention was quickly reclaimed by the scent before I could delve into this anymore.

The strange liquid was absolutely pooling in my mouth, and I had to constantly swallow to keep it at bay. Yet swallowing did nothing to help with the burns. If possible, it was making things worse. I noticed that Alec and I had broken apart, but I didn't care.

Though the doorway came two warm bodies, but I didn't even notice anything else before I instinctively leapt and ravaged their pulse points. A liquid sweeter than any elixir poured out and I drank eagerly. I wondered what I was drinking and how it was so delicious.

The small, insignificant, but logical side of my brain knew, and was horrified. But it didn't matter. The pyre in my throat had to be put out.

Several warm bodies fell before I was done. The burning was dulled incredibly, but not gone altogether. Drinking whatever it was that was so delicious from the creatures merely kept it at bay. Their cries barely pierced into my consciousness. Only when I stepped back did I realise that I was drinking blood from humans. Strangely the thought did not disgust me. In fact, I felt an odd sense of accomplishment.

That's right, I mused with surprise. I was a vampire now.

What have humans ever done to me except cause me pain? Even mother and father ripped out a part of my soul when they left me, when they left us. All I could remember of my human life was other human tormenting my brother and me for days on end. The good memories were trickling away as fast as I attempted to remember them. Surely that meant there was not that much good to begin with.

Finally I was strong enough to hurt those who hurt me. And throughout history, I would make sure all humans would pay for what the village did to my brother and I.

I was a vampire now. It was easy for me to accept that fact, and I revelled in it.



I stared in shock at my reflection. No wonder Jane had trouble accepting me for me. Though vanity was not something I was accustomed to – a fact I wasn't too sure on, thanks to my dwindling memory – my sheer beauty amazed me. It was definitely a good idea for a mirror to have been brought into this room.

My mind was working an immeasurable amount faster than before, yet I was still confused. There were so many things wrong with this. Not moments before, I had killed several people. Not just that, but I drank their blood. And I revelled in the clear, smooth, indescribable taste of it.

Now, I knew I should have been disgusted, but the blood distinguished the burning in my throat, and I did not want that burn to come back. Not only that but it was just so mouth-wateringly delicious. Its taste compared to no wine, no honey on this earth.

In a near literal sense, blood was the Fountain Of Youth. We would never age and we were expected to drink it for the rest of time. A part of me wished there was another way, one that needed no humans to die, but now that I had experienced the pure allure of the taste, the wonder that was human blood, I knew I could never change.

Aro was calming explaining things in the background; rules, how we had to stay out of sight and out of mind from humans, expectations of us, how we were to undergo training, and so forth. But all of this was registered and analysed by a very small portion of my mind. The larger part of my mind was again concentrating on my newfound face.

With a strange wonder, I hesitantly lifted a pale marble-like hand to my face and touched the cheek gently. From my peripheral vision, I could see Jane doing the same thing as I.

Jane was certainly as much of an angel to the eyes as I was. But her eyes were frightening and hollow. They were as red as mine, and when I first saw my own, I wanted nothing more than to gouge them out.

We were the very definition of evil and demons. This was not God's work. The hands of the Devil crafted us.

My little sister had changed so much, and not just in the physical sense. When she looked upon the bodies of the dead humans, drained and lifeless, being dragged out of the room, she glowed as though she was proud at her accomplishment.

Had she lost all her humanity? I still had enough decency to feel ashamed.

Another man entered the room. He was different. The skin of this man had an odd olive tone, but it matched his straight black hair. His eyes raked our forms and the corners of his lips lifted into a knowing smile. My sister and I watched him cautiously, our guards raised.

Aro grinned happily and began introductions, "Dear Jane and Alec! Please welcome my dear friend, Eleazar! He was the one who first discovered your potential!"

Before looking at Aro quizzically, Jane and I shared an intensely confused glance.

Aro shook his head knowingly and began with an apology, "Oh my, I skipped right through a lot of explanations! My apologies! No wonder you are confused. Let me explain. When we change from humans to vampires, we evolve more than just in the physical sense. Eleazar can explain better than anyone else here."

With a deep voice, and an accent I couldn't place, Eleazar respectfully started his speech, "Everything gets intensified when we change, our senses, our strengths, our personalities. Also, another thing we bring are ... powers."

He paused rather dramatically, gauging our responses. All I did was wait eagerly. Jane was huffing in impatience and irritation.

Sighing, he continued, "All gifts are unique. There might be someone with a similar gift, maybe weaker or stronger, but all in all, gifts are one of a kind. For example, Aro can read every thought that has ever passed through your mind with a single touch." At this new piece of information, there was a collective gasp from my sister and I.

Eleazar continued, "I have the ability to ... sense other vampires' abilities. If I were to concentrate, I can sense abilities in even humans, but they are weaker and underdeveloped. Alec and Jane, you both are gifted, even as humans."

There was nothing I could do. I was frozen in shock. Then my mind when haywire, quickly scanning millions of possibilities for me. Could I fly? Could I set things alight with my mind?

Hesitantly, Eleazar continued, "Firstly, Alec. You have a gift of sensory deprivation. Sight, sound, taste, touch, will all be obliviated under your control. No pain, no nothing. But beware; you cannot try to test this out on any of us. You will suffer the consequences if you try. We have some easily expendable people waiting for you to practise on. I think you'll soon agree to the fact that they deserve to be tested upon."

I was dazed. I could do that? It felt as though my mind was frozen, uncomprehending at all this new information. But then a bubble of excitement filled my gut when I thought of testing it out.

In an odd way, this was my dream – to be like mother, to stop pain. But if my desire was to stop the pain, what was Jane's?

He turned to his attention to Jane. "Jane, you are polar opposites with your brother. Halves of a whole you could say. Jane, you can create pain. When you were human, your power was a little different, but somehow, when you were burned at the stake, it intensified. You can make people wish for death with such extreme pain."

At this, Jane's face distorted into shame and she hurriedly looked down at her hands, scowling at them as though it was their fault. What a gift that was. But it was not in a good sense. What good can she do with such a gift?

Through her hair, I could see her mouth contorted into a sick smile. As though she was suddenly excited at the prospect of pain. I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be. Though most of my memories were fuzzy, I knew Jane hurt animals and I would save them. That was the way it was then, and apparently now too.

"Jane, don't look so depressed!" cried out Aro excitedly. "Bring out the first individual!" he ordered to some large looking vampires. Turning his attention back to Jane, he said, "You'll like the little present I got you."

A human was being brought in. I knew it was a human immediately from the smell. My throat flared dimly – I just fed – but I still felt an instinctual tug in my body to attack and drain the very essence of life out of him. I was vaguely disgusted with myself, but I knew the taste of human blood and I knew I could never stop or resist it.

Then I recognised the helpless human. He was battered and bruised, but thankfully not bleeding openly. Hs arms were bound behind us and his head was lowered. In that split second, he looked up straight into my eyes. Vague memories let me recognise him. It was Miller.

Snarls were ripping out of my mouth as I tensed my body to rip his very being from limb to limb. He was the one that planned our mother's murder (Aro told us while we were changing) and he was the one that burned us. A reassuring hand was placed on my shoulder and I saw that Aro was inclining his head towards my sister.

The fury painted on my sister's face was indescribable. She too was tensing to pounce, but stopped as at that very moment, as Miller began to scream. His face was contorted in such misery and agony it was near unbearable. Jane and I straightened up immediately, shocked at his reaction.

Jane seemed to realize what she was doing and quickly looked over her shoulder to grin at me. When eye contact was broken, Miller began to relax, but shudders still racked his frame, aftershocks of pain.

Aro clapped his hands together and cried out, "Excellent! Excellent! I knew that keeping him alive for you two would pay off. Now all we need to do is get young Jane here to learn to control it. Jane, can you please try and think about hurting him again?"

Quickly, Jane did as she was bid, her face scrunched up in concentration and Miller cried out in agony again, except it wasn't as loud as before. At this, her face broke out into an evil grin. Aro smiled and told her to continue. Miller was begging for mercy, begging for death.

"Please, mercy! No more!" he cried out like it was a mantra. Tears were running down is face, and sobs made his entire frame shake as though it was vibrating.

I spat at him. "Why should we show mercy when you did nothing of the like to my sister and I? Why should Jane stop when you killed our mother?"

His face lit up in understanding. "Alec? Jane? THE WITCH TWINS? I was right! You are the spawn of the devil!" he yelled in a scared tone. "Curse you all to Hell and beyond the reaches of God and all that is holy!" Miller struggled to get up and with that I kicked him in the ribs, creating a satisfying crunching noise, and retreated with a disgusted expression.

Usually when some creature my sister was hurting cried out like how Miller just did, I would help them. But I no longer wished to assist this time. He was no better than the dirt beneath our feet.

Jane glanced at me briefly and I knew she was looking for approval before she would harm him again. Hesitating for no more than a fraction of a second, I nodded and she turned around to practice.

She was grinning, and it was easy to see why. Her gift was good for revenge. Better than mine. The other vampires were watching this interaction with interest, but I paid them no mind.

I leaned against the damp walls and listened to his screams. A smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I watched him thrash around.

There was no pity in me.


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