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Misty stood up, and walked towards him, flipping her long red hair over her shoulder.

Ash was dumbstruck – he couldn't speak, he couldn't think, he couldn't breathe.

His mind was barely functioning, and his thoughts not cohesive enough to form a comprehensible statement.

Misty placed the pokéball in one of his hands, and then wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself up against him, leaning in so that their lips were barely separated by a negligible gap.

When he got his voice back, he managed to provide her with a rather unintelligible stutter.

"Wh-what a-are you do-doing?"

"This time, do us both a favor, Ash," Misty whispered, echoing his own words, of a few days ago, "…and shut up."

He obliged all too willingly, as she trailed a manicured, shining fingernail across his chest, before slipping a hand under his shirt, and running her fingers across his muscled chest.


"You like my outfit?" she asked flirtatiously, nuzzling his lips with her own.

"Love it," he mumbled, barely coherent.

"Thought you might," she said playfully, now pushing him onto the bed, and straddling him.

His eyes darkened with lust, and when she rolled her hips against him, he finally lost control.


"I need you, Misty," he breathed. "Right now."

They were entangled on the silken sheets, after nearly an hour of heavy kissing, petting, fondling and teasing.

All foreplay, of course.

The Azumarill costume, ears, tail, and Pikachu-boxers all lay in an abandoned heap on the floor, after being slowly, almost reverently peeled off.

Misty smiled, slyly this time.

"I thought you might, sooner or later," she said grinning.

"But – you're not ready for this, are you?" he asked, a bit uncertainly.

In response to this, Misty rolled off of him, picking up the pokéball which had fallen out of his grasp quite some time ago, and now lay on the floor next to their discarded clothes.

"Well, are you? Because we won't go all the way if you aren't." he said again, though this time she could tell, from the tone of his voice, and the look in his eyes, that he was pleading with her to be ready.

Misty tossed the ball to him in response, and he looked at her, bewildered.

"Open it." she commanded.

"No way!" he yelped. "This is no time for pokémon and-"

"Ash," she said warningly and he gulped, grabbing the sheets and tossing them over their naked bodies.

"Um – pokéball go?"

There wasn't a flash of red light, as he was accustomed to. The pokéball just sprang open, to reveal five small, differently colored wrappers.

His eyes grew wide, and his heartbeat quickened, as he stared at Misty, unable to contain his exhilarated smile.

"So – uh… strawberry, dotted, chocolate, ribbed and um – glow in the dark?!!"

Misty shrugged sheepishly.

"Don't blame me, my sisters are freaks. I borrowed these from them. So choose which."

Ash wrinkled his nose. "Definitely not glow-in-the-dark…"

"Ribbed or dotted?"

"Well it's our first time… that may hurt you."

"How about chocolate?" Misty asked hopefully.

Ash rolled his eyes, peeling off the wrapper. "I knew you'd say that."


About ten minutes later, Ash and Misty lay side by side, drenched in sweat, after their first, and extremely intense, full-blown love-making session.

"Wow!" Ash gasped.

"Yeah - wow." Misty agreed vehemently, wiping away wet tendrils of hair from her forehead.

"That – was – that – was… I can't describe it!" she finished, all in one breath.

"I think – I can," Ash said, lips quirking upwards.

"Really?" she asked, turning sideways to face him.

"One word, Misty."


He just winked at her, fully expecting the pillow-whack bestowed upon him after he said it.



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