Ian was about to follow the Doctor and his granddaughter out of the Ship when he felt a tug at his sleeve.

"Just a moment, Ian."

"What's the matter, Barbara?"

"I don't want to say anything in front of Susan, but I'm getting worried about the Doctor."

"Oh yes?"

"Do you think he's alright? Up here." She tapped the side of her forehead. "It's just that he keeps getting his words mixed up..."

"I've noticed," said Ian, stroking an imaginary beard. "That thing about the 'fornicator'...'fault locator'. Embarrassing."

"I keep feeling that I'm almost having to prompt him all the time," said Barbara.

"And my name..."

Just then the subject of their conversation popped his head through the open doors. "Are you two going to diddle about in here all day? We've landed on a beautiful river bank and Susan fancies a paddle."

"Just coming," said Barbara moving towards the doors.

At that moment the faulty relay, deep inside the Ship's Telepathic Circuit Translation Matrix stuttered again.

"Do get a move on, Chatterton!"