Mage Wars

Chapter One – Conquering Space-Time

Negi's Journal, Date: Mage War Year Three. Day 254

It was six years after the incident World Tree of Mahora Academy when it all started. It was the incident forever changed the history the world. Chao Lingshen, a time traveler, a descendent of mine, had hatch forth a scheme to expose the Magical society to the ignorant regular folk… to break the Masquerade.

I, along with my magical partners and students, stopped her plans, and in defeat, she decided to leave the future to me. She warned me about a bleak future for mages and their descendants… and she wished me luck as she went back to her own timeline.

However, not even she realized the consequences of her actions. While breaking the Masquerade had been forgotten because of the skillful and rather convoluted action of rewinding time, there was one person other than those involved that had realized what had happened.

And she wasn't happy.

After a few years, the attack came to all mages. There was no warning. Warriors representing planets come forth, bringing destruction in their wake. Claiming to be reviving a lost civilization, and deeming magic users and warriors a threat, they demanded unconditional surrender to those hiding behind the Masquerade.

Those who did, were transported to a supposed Tenth Planet of the Solar System. Those who resisted… were killed.

Survivors allied themselves to me. Along with my current and only surviving magical partner, Keitaro Urashima Aoyama, the last surviving practitioner of Shinmei-ryuu, we fought on tirelessly, but beaten in every turn to the present.

This is Negi Springfield. This is our last stand.

The horizon was bleak, the grounds bare. Anyone alive could hear the voices of the dying, drowned by the explosions ringing out, coming nearer and nearer to encampment. A young man, with messy red hair tied into a lose ponytail, small spectacles, wearing long flowing robes looked at the horizon. On his right hand, he squeezed his wand, a wooden staff given to him by his father.


The young man, Negi Springfield, looked towards the other man beside him. He was older and had a more grizzled face. He wore a white and black battle hakama, and beneath those loose clothing was a fishnet armor made of mythril, one of the strongest metals in that world. He wore rectangular spectacles, and on his person, two sheathed katanas, a black one on his back, and the other, a grey one, one his waist.

"Keitaro…" the mage said towards his partner.

"They are breaking through," Keitaro declared softly, frowning.

"I know…" Negi replied neutrally, though his heart ached as he heard more and more of his followers dying.

It was only six years since Chao Lingshen had given him the warning… but this wasn't the future he had expected. She had wanted to expose magic to the regular people, to foster understanding between the forces of the 'light' and 'darkness'… break the masquerade as a jump-start to foster understanding…

Negi never really tried to know what was in store for them. He just promised her, before she went back to her timeline, the future, that he would take care of everything. He had failed her… like he had failed his students back at Mahora. Like how he had failed his teacher, Evangeline.

The image of her crucified in a Light Purification magic circle, bloodied, yet fighting to stay alive brought too many bad memories for the mage. Her last words to him… to 'fight on'… was something he had kept in his heart for so many years.

"Negi… keep focused," Keitaro declared, making the mage suddenly focus on the present. "The Senshi have broke through the third regiment."

"What? That's too fast! The portal won't have enough time to form!" the mage muttered, looking behind him darkly.

Behind the two men were at least five magic circles, spinning on different axis. The spell was a means to make a portal punching between the Space-Time, something inspired by reverse-engineering Chao's own time machine. Negi had planned to use it to warn his past self how the future would unfold, and hopefully, reverse the hell this world had become, but the spell took too much time, and their enemies were approaching.

"Can you speed up the process?" Keitaro asked, looking glum.

"I could, but… the destination would be less than accurate," Negi replied truthfully.

"Better that then what our fates will be if those damn women catch us," Keitaro muttered. "I see them. I shall go ahead, and try to delay them. Work your magic."

"Keitaro, no!" Negi declared, shaking his head. "They want me. Alive, if possible. You… they have no qualms in killing you."

"Don't worry… I'm immortal, remember?" Keitaro grinned somewhat, before he disappeared, using a Shundou to escape.

Negi looked at the empty space, where his friend, the last practitioner of the Aoyama's Shinmei-ryū, and closed his eyes, his hand clutching his wand severely. He looked back at the magic circles he created, and began to exude mana towards his wand, chanting in slow, yet steady Greek…

Keitaro Urashima Aoyaoma looked back at the center of the camp, his face grim as he could feel the magic energies flowing freely. While behind him was the symbol of hope, its nemesis, was the symbol of hopelessness was knocking on their doorstep.

Five women, all in different sailor battle outfits of different color were coming towards them slowly, doing everything they could to pass. Numbers of resistance dwindled as the girls chopped, blasted, burned and electrocuted all who opposed them to death. The smell of charred flesh, blood and death was heavy in the air… if he had been younger, he might have lost his stomach then.

However, it has been three years since the war, the war no one had ever predicted. Before it, he was a semi-normal man, married to Motoko Aoyama after they both had challenged her older sister, Tsuruko Aoyama and lost. He was supposed to be her protector, having been taught intensively by his wife and his teacher, Seta, only to lose her because of someone's betrayal…

Now… he was the last stand. From a protector of his wife, he became the protector of the last Western Mage, protecting the young Negi from the Sailor Senshi, a bunch of deluded visionaries who plan to take over the world, turning it into a place filled with brainwashed people living happy lives…

Too bad mages of any kind were not invited to their little 'Crystal Tokyo'.

Without warning, he disappeared, and reappeared in front of Sailor Jupiter, his katana in his back unsheathed, hitting her armored forearm with a strong blow. The woman with brown hair and green uniform, Sailor Jupiter, looked surprised. If it wasn't for her skill, she might have been cut in half. The black blade was coated in black energy, demonic energy pouring out.

"Hoho! Look at this ladies! The last Aoyama graces us with his appearance," Sailor Uranus, a tomboyish woman with cropped blonde hair declared, readying her sword.

"Hehe… look at that! He's using his little cursed sword against me!" Jupiter declared, laughing as she forced her arm away, pushing Keitaro out of the way. The man just slid gracefully along the ground, and readied his next attack.

"You're not welcomed here," he declared, pointing the black sword at them. "Leave this area immediately."

"Heh… you sound like your little wife before I cooked her heart out…" Jupiter replied easily.

For a second, Keitaro's face twisted in an ugly motion, but he controlled himself immediately.

"So… you were the one," the man declared, his grip on his weapon tightening.

"Going to bore me to death, now, claiming justice on your side?"

"No…" Keitaro replied simply, "I shall just cut you down."

Again, Keitaro disappeared, reappearing on Jupiter's side, then disappearing once more only to appear behind her. Utilizing the Shundou in multiple occasions, it gave the illusion that Keitaro was magically appearing at will, wherever he wanted to. Of course, Jupiter was no slouch, being the most skilled non-armed combatant of the Senshi before the Awakening, and she just dodged his slashes, and blocked some of the attacks she couldn't.

The Shundou was a move he used constantly. It was something both his teachers, his late wife Motoko, and his Jeet Kune Do teacher, Seta, had him master after he had gotten the basics of their styles. It consisted of pushing himself forward in a straight line, making him move at near-instantaneous speeds. Using that, he'd constantly attack the Senshi, using multiple Shundous to flank her from the sides at times.

The rest of the Sailor Senshi, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Neptune just looked at the battle, cheering. None of the other monkeys were worth the grain of salt. The resistance was nothing more than a bunch of Eastern Mages, low level classes at that, and low level demons, which they could easily kill like they could spit. However, the man in front of them, Urashima Keitaro… the partner of the only surviving Western Mage, the right hand man of the leader of the resistance… and boy, could he fight.

Keitaro was glad… there was no way he could face them all on. It would be suicide…

Another clash of metal against metal, sparks flying out, but it was clear Jupiter was stronger than Keitaro, but in turn, he was much faster than she was. He kept pace, trying to maneuver her to a more desired location, but she wouldn't falter.

"Disappointing," Jupiter muttered darkly, blocking more attacks. "I would have thought you'd be more challenging than this."

Suddenly, her attack speeds increased, surprising Keitaro slightly as her fist grazed his right cheek. The force and speed of her attack was sharp enough to cut him slightly. Not to be intimidated, he stepped up on the speed, finally using the Air Shundou when he was pushed away, surprising his enemy.

The Air Shundou was a variant of the Shundou, except instead of using it on the ground, it would be used in the air. Somewhat a bit more complex, but nevertheless effective, Keitaro was able to get a clean hit, his blade slicing the Senshi in the back.

"AGH! You damn asshole!" she screamed as she fell forward, but it was already too late. Capitalizing on her motions, he used another Shundou and appeared in front of her. Her face met his fist… multiple times.

Using the prototype style of Jeet Kune Do, the southern Kung Fu boxing style of Wing Chun, Keitaro felt a slight sadistic satisfaction of feeling his wife's killer's face break as his knuckles dug in deeper to her face. Controlling her movement, she got at least ten hits in before the other Senshis finally felt their companion wasn't going to get out of this one.

Mars threw small but powerful balls of fire at him, forcing him to get away, while Uranus went at him. Forcing once more to draw his sword, his family heirloom met the powerful Buster Sword, and with a powerful explosion, Keitaro was forced away from the Senshi, almost hitting a wall.

Damnit… I better avoid confrontations from that sword! Keitaro thought darkly as he dodged a golden chain coming at him.

"You goddamn fucker…" Jupiter began to shout, accompanied by Neptune. She looked pretty pissed.

"Oh crap…" Keitaro whispered, more to himself than anything. He had hoped he would have finished one of the detestable Senshis before they attacked him as a unit. Using Shundous, he once more tried to maneuver into a better position, only to be caught in the last second by a golden chain.

"Like I'm going to let you swim away!" Venus declared, and tugged on the chain, letting Keitaro fly face first towards a wall with the force strong enough to break it, leaving him blood-lipped, and sword-less.

Jupiter jumped in at the chance, humiliated beyond belief, thinking her quarry was on the ropes. She jumped up, high in the air, and covered herself in electricity, thrusting her towards her target at incredible speeds. Keitaro, somewhat dazed, realized something was coming at him, and at the last second, rolled out, barely dodging her attack. Concentrating, he felt for his sword, and recalled it to his hands, arming himself once more… only for Mars to come in immediately and try to fry him with another fireball…

The explosion rocked him off his game. He had barely avoided getting incinerated but the explosion forced him to another wall, this time back-first, creating a web of cracks and making him cough out blood. He was already teetering off consciousness, with his head and back taking huge hits. The wall was made of reinforced concrete, and it was only thanks to his legendary endurance that he didn't turn into meat paste.

However, the damage was done. Keitaro sat down after the impact, steadily losing consciousness, his vision blurry. He could see the Senshi stalking at him, ready to kill him if he was trying to act funny. Mars had her finger pointed at him, a small fireball aimed at him. Venus had a glowing sword on her hand. Neptune and Uranus were together, staring at him… and Jupiter… Jupiter was in front of him, grabbing the front of his hakama, pulling him up.

"You fucking prick…" she muttered, and her fist hit him hard at his face.

Keitaro looked dazed. The pain he felt when her fist came had been a rather powerful jolt to his senses, almost making him unconscious, but her attack continued, her punches coming in to his body, making him spit out blood continuously.

"Huh… it's true! He is immortal!" Jupiter declared, pausing on her attacks. He should have been dead with the punches she had been given, but here he was, barely holding on to consciousness.

"Maybe Mercury would want to study him…" Venus stated, looking at the bloody-beaten samurai with a slight wince.

"Don't worry. I'll tell Mercury everything I do to this prick… maybe we'll find out how many pounds of force his body can withstand… or how many amps of electric current he could endure," Jupiter declared with a rather nasty grin.

"Fa…" Keitaro began to mutter, but went silent, his breathing heavy.

"Huh… still coherent eh?" the woman asked, sneering. "What was that, though? What are you trying to say?"

"I… said… fuck… you."

Mars flinched slightly as Jupiter began to beat the man once more, and that was saying something. Fire being her element, she was the most susceptible of temper tantrums, though granted, her temper was expected. He did something that Jupiter would never forgive him for… he made her, even for a moment, helpless.

Jupiter forced another monstrous punch, the wall behind the samurai cracked under pressure, his blood sprayed all over her face. She ignored it though as she kept punching and punching… even though it seemed her victim had already stopped moving or resisting, she didn't stop.


A shout… a very brave shout stopped Jupiter from continuing her beating as she jumped away. Suddenly, a group of Eastern Mages and their paper demon familiars leapt to view, forcing the offending Senshi back, and alerting the other Senshis that reinforcements came.

"Aoyama-sama…" one of the female mages came forward, and with her familiar, they began to exude healing magic out of their hands.

"Sashi, take care of him!" the leader of the group declared, a young man, with a winged demon as a familiar said to the young woman. "Get him to Springfield-sama!"

"Yes sir!" Sashi, the girl healing Keitaro replied, and with the help of her familiar, carried Keitaro away.

The young mage smiled, then took a serious look in front of him. The Senshis didn't seem amused… Jupiter herself looked angrier than ever, but as intimidated as he was, he didn't show. Acting as any leader would, he shouted his order… "CHARGE!!"

"You whelps…" Jupiter raged. "You will all die!"

The Eastern Mages charged in, undaunted by their enemy, knowing fully well this was their last day on Earth.

Keitaro felt himself stirring… the pain of his body coming back to his body, throbbing. However, for some reason, the pain slowly began to fade. When he opened his eyes, he finally saw why… Sashi, one of the medic-mage of the First Regiment, was healing him.

"Aoyama-sama… you're awake! Thank the gods!" she declared.

"What the hell happened?" Keitaro mumbled, trying to stand. The young girl's familiar forced him back down, not to move.

"My unit came to back you up…" she replied, shuddering slightly. "It was horrible… they were horrible. I never saw anyone beaten up like you… it's a miracle that you're still alive…"

"Miracle…" Keitaro scoffed slightly. "She didn't hit that hard… Motoko hit me harder before. Where's the rest of your unit…?"

Sashi looked at Keitaro with slightly sorrowful eyes, and then looked backwards. Keitaro immediately knew the answer, and he forced himself up.

"Don't, Aoyama-sama!"

"Let me go! First Regiment's a tactician and information retrieval group!" the young samurai declared, trying to get out of the young woman's familiar's grip. "They don't stand a chance!"

"I know, Aoyama-sama… but please…!" Sashi pleaded.

"Let me go!" Keitaro growled out, trying to force the girl away. "I don't want anymore blood on my damned hands!"

"I can't let you! Springfield-sama needs you!" Sashi declared, her eyes now crying. "He needs you!"

Keitaro looked at the girl, frowning. He could hear the battle wage on… the slaughter. Sashi could hear it too, and she had wanted to join her comrades, but she was given a specific order. The young samurai sighed… her orders were tearing her up, and he wasn't helping now, was he?

Raising his arm, a black blade suddenly spun towards him, its hilt resting on his grip. Sheathing it on his back, the young samurai nodded towards the female mage.

"Lead on."

Negi Springfield sweated, slightly feeling the drain that the spell was causing to his magic reserves. It was almost complete… just a bit more, the spell would finally punch through the dimensions… and they'd finally leave this wretched place…


The place was washed in bright light, and the magic circles connected together, forming a portal of light.

"Got it to work, eh?" a voice behind him called. Negi turned, and saw Keitaro with a young woman he recognized as a medic-mage of the First Regiment.

"You look awful…" Negi replied, looking at his friend sadly.

"I'm still alive, that's all that matters," Keitaro looked at the portal. "So… that's it eh? The portal that will stop the whole war."

"Hopefully… rushing the process has made it slightly unpredictable," the mage said. "Who knows what timeline we'll land in."

"Wow… what a lightshow…" a female voice called.

Keitaro suddenly felt himself going cold. He recognized the voice… Negi, Keitaro and Sashi looked at the new arrivals, the five Sailor Senshi he had faced off earlier had arrived, looking at them.

"Magister Negi Springfield?" Sailor Neptune asked, looking towards Negi. "We demand you to power your spell down, whatever it is, and surrender. Your rebellion has come to an end."

"We don't listen to tyrants," Negi replied coldly, his staff spinning slightly on his hands, ready to fight.

"Don't be foolish," Neptune continued. "Your partner, your soldiers couldn't even hope to beat us."

"Heh… don't flatter yourself," Keitaro mocked, his hand reaching for the hilt of his black sword. "I beat one of you down so… easily."

"I'll enjoy skinning you alive you bastard…" Jupiter seethed. Then, she smirked. "Like how I enjoyed pulling this idiot's head off."

Saying that, she threw something towards the ground; it was the head of the Captain of the First Regiment, the one who had ordered Sashi to take Keitaro away.

"Didn't even last a minute. A worthless man."

"Hayate!" Sashi shouted. In anger, she suddenly charged against the Senshi, along with her Familiar. Keitaro tried to stop her, but he couldn't. Mars fired off a ball of fire which immediately incinerated Sashi and her familiar leaving a charred husk.

"And there goes the last of your futile resistance," Mars declared, blowing her index finger as if she was blowing off a smoke of a newly fired gun.

"Now will you listen to reason?" Neptune asked.

"You can go to hell…" Negi muttered darkly. "I'll never give myself to you. You'll have to kill me."

"That can be arranged…" a new voice called.

From the left of the group, a portal formed, revealing a tall beautiful woman with green hair and piercing red eyes. The Senshi looked at the new arrival, and bowed in respect, while Keitaro felt dread crawl in every corner of his body as he gripped his sword harder, so hard he thought he was going to open a few blisters. Negi himself looked out of it as well, his face washed in a mix of horror and unbridled rage.

Sailor Pluto, the one who had started the whole war had come.

"Pluto… what a surprise," Negi muttered.

"I'd say I'm honored by your presence, but I'm not that horrible of a liar," Keitaro said coldly.

"Charming… to the last," Pluto smirked slightly. "Did you think I wouldn't notice your little spell breaking through Space-Time? Stop this silliness. You have lost. Stand down, and maybe, Mercy shall be shown."

"Shown, but not given?" Negi scoffed. "I'm no fool. I saw your mercy years ago, when you tortured and murdered my teacher."

"She was a full-blooded magical vampire with great power," Pluto said easily. "There was no way to not deem her a threat. You and your kind have shown how your power endanger our future."

"You mean your future," Keitaro muttered heatedly. "You don't give a damn about us."

"Its all for the greater good."

"Stop wasting your breathe. Your propaganda won't work on us," Negi said.

"Then… I have no choice. Goodbye, Magister Negi Springfield," Pluto raised her staff. "Dead Scream!"

"Emittam!" Negi suddenly shouted at the same time. Suddenly, the delayed spell he had invoked earlier cast itself, with a huge large cyclone appearing around the portal, Keitaro and the mage, protecting them from Pluto's deadly spell.

In the middle of the cyclone, in the eye of the storm, Keitaro blinked, not expecting that. He looked back at Negi, who looked exhausted. He had been holding on to the spell longer than a minute, plus the fact he was also evoking his magic on the portal, it was to be expected.

"How did you know?" the samurai asked, looking very impressed.

"Hmph… wasn't you the one who kept telling me to always be prepared?" Negi smiled weakly. "We have to go. I used the minimal energies when casting the spell. It'll fall in seconds."

"I'll stay here," Keitaro replied, looking to the place where the Senshis have gathered.

"Its suicide, Keitaro," Negi growled. "I don't need some sword that can't be sheathed. You promised me, the day we met, that you'd always be my friend, and support me in this war. The war isn't over yet, and I'll hold you on to that promise!"

"She was out there…" Keitaro mumbled, her thoughts going to Jupiter. "Motoko's killer. I can't just allow her to walk freely."

There was a slight pause. Negi sighed. He didn't want to do this, but he knew he had to get his friend away from his murderous and suicidal thoughts. He cocked his arm, and gave the older man a wicked punch on his face.

"Stop being selfish!" he growled.

Keitaro blinked, grabbing his cheek and then looked at Negi, who stared at him, eyes made of steel. He took a deep breathe, and looked at Negi with neutral eyes as the mage continued to tell on him. It reminded him a lot of his late wife.

"You're abandoning that duty. Your abandoning your friend," Negi continued.

"Yeah… I know…" Keitaro sighed. "Sorry… Negi."

"Its not that I don't understand your feelings, Keitaro… but with Pluto still alive, no matter what timeline we land to… she can find us, and I need you to protect me."

"Sheesh… you have a way with words…" Kietaro whispered, though his form was now more relaxed. His bloodied face looked at the mage, with a slight smile, and nodded. "I'll protect you Negi. Until the end."

The spell slowly faded, and the wind died down. The two young men knew it was now or never. They jumped towards the portal Negi had made, and as they did, the spell died down. The Senshi wasted no time, and attacked the area at the same time. Their spells didn't combine, but the force was enough to make sure they wouldn't escape cleanly…

They didn't… but not because of injury. Their attacks have made the magic energy of the portal far too unstable, corrupting it, powering it overtime. Negi's coordinates, as inaccurate as he claimed it might have been, had been forever been ruptured, as if Space-Time had been shot multiple times by a Tommy Gun.

The portal faded erratically, and Pluto knew her opponents got away. She growled slightly in anger… she was so close!

The area was nothing more than a forest. Tired, barely conscious, Keitaro carried his unconscious friend, Negi, on his back as he moved forward, trying to find civilization. The mage was exhausted, his magical energies spent… and the young samurai had no idea where he was… or more importantly, when.

After what seemed like hours of walking, Keitaro fell to his knee, breathing heavily. He didn't know what to do… the forest seemed endless, and the daylight was fading.

Suddenly, he could hear a sound… wood creaking slightly, as if it was trampling on the earth and stone. Forcing himself up, Keitaro walked a bit more, and he could, for some reason, smell ramen. He heard voices…!

Running towards that direction, he stumbled slightly, his exhaustion too much as he tripped on a stone, forcing him down. He got the attention of a few people.

"Father!" a female voice called. Keitaro looked up… she was young, and pretty. Her brown hair seemed to flow as she ran to them. She couldn't have been more than fifteen.

"What is it Ayame?" a male voice called.

"There's two guys here!" she called. "They look beaten up!"


Keitaro heard no more… his senses faded, everything going black. He lost consciousness when he saw the young girl and her father, a clean-shaven old man look over him from above.

Author's Notes:

My first mega-crossover using both Negima and Love Hina that doesn't have my OC character, DEL. Hope you enjoy it, as it's pretty much an experiment. Later!