A promise made by a person. A promise fulfilled by two people. A promise meant to last for infinity.

A three chapter tale.


Chapter One: Slipping time

Psssshhhh. The December breeze explores. Leaves ruffling, resounded through the trees. The wind brings with it the scent of the coming pour of snow. Silence being the only sound in the field. Chills that would climb up your spine. Of seemingly wet grass under her feet.

That night, when the moon was high up the starless sky, the first snow flake fell. And two particular persons were the only witnesses. They thought.

Five years had passed since that night. And now, it was again destined for two persons to be witnesses to the snow's infinite beauty. But fate won't let all of them see it again.

"KAGOME!" The door was smashed hard. The name resounded through an empty room.

"Where did that girl go?" a pretty lady of her thirty's thought with great irritation. A figure went behind her and asked.

"She left." The tall figure had stated stoically.

"You are late. Look what she's done. Sigh. Just look for her now." The nurse bowed her head in frustration. "Please." She begged.

The figure retreated. His destination set – to the place where a sick girl is.


"Brrrrr." A chill went up the young lady's spine.

She looked up the sky to see the moon waning.

"It's a very beautiful and cold night." She hugged herself unconsciously with the thought of the snow.

"It's going to snow anytime." A voice joined her.

"No. it won't" Was the girl's simple reply. She turned to the person who just spoke, her raven hair fell back, her amazing blue eyes lightened and her mouth curled to a smile.

"What made you say that?"

"Konbanwa!!! Sesshoumaru." The said man nodded. This man has the most beautiful hair. It was silver and long. His eyes were that of a cat but are far more enchanting. He has the air of sovereign with him. He was Sesshoumaru, the Taiyoukai of the land where the girl's hospital stands.

"You left again."

"But you were late! I thought you might come here first."

"This is a building with doors. What use would they be if I keep landing on this roof top." He did not ask yet he stated.

The girl giggled. "I guess old habits are hard to forget."

"I accept your apology. Now, let us go back to your room."

"Sigh. Okay. But we'll take the stairs."

They headed back to her room with little chat.

"The snow is coming."

"It is. But not this early."

"'You say that again. Why?"

"I'm a sick person, sesshy. Believe me." The demon stopped.

"You're saying you'll die soon. Stop it idiot." He said stoically with his eyes glaring at the girl.

The girl smiled.

After that, they never had another conversation for that night. They reached her room.

"Sleep." Sesshoumaru ordered.

The girl went to her bed and lied down with her blanket.

"You won't go?"

"No. Now, sleep."

The girl closed her eyes and before she could go to the land of dreams, she said.

"You're getting soft Lord Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru averted his eyes to the sleeping girl. He was not dumb. He knew of her condition and he can't live her. Because of two things.

"Yes, indeed. But only with you." He gazed outside the window. The time is slipping pass his fingers and he hated it.