A promise made by a person. A promise fulfilled by two people. A promise meant to last for infinity.

A three chapter tale.


Chapter three: Infinity

He ran as fast as he could. He went back to his mansion that night. He thought nothing's wrong with one night off. And he was wrong. He felt a fear out of nowhere and rushed back to the hospital. He reached his destination. He stood in front of her door for a moment. He pushed the door open.

"Kagome." The same name once again resounded in the empty room. He never believed anything she had said. He never believed for it to come soon. He was hoping for fate to take pity. He expected a stop to this all. And he was disappointed.

He ran outside. The wind was colder that night. The sky didn't show the bright moon. It was a clear dark sky.

"KAGOME!!!" He called out and run. He could feel nothing but fear and anxiety. He could not feel the grass under him. He could not hear its ruffling.

"KAGOME!!" He went faster.

"Kagome." He halted. A figure lye on the green grass.

"Kagome!" he raised her body and kept her close to him. He knew it. Damn fate. He knew it.

She opened her eyes and gazed at him.

"You came back."

"I should not have left." He was burying his face on her.

"Look at me." He looked at her.

"There's nothing stopping my fate…" she looked around.

"And he's not going to come."

"Stop waiting for him." He bluntly stated his childish wine.

"I'm not."

"You're hoping."

"I'm not"

"You are."

"You know one thing? It's true that you can only see everything right before you die."

He kept quiet. He stayed with her until now because of two reasons. Her and her lone promise.

She reached for his face. "I know now. I have been blinded by a promise that only I had made."

"You just kept loyal." "The snow blinded you."

"I couldn't see that there were far more important things than him."

"I realized too late." She continued solemnly.

A teardrop fell from her eyes and he could only wipe it.

"I've wasted my time on foolish things."

"You didn't." he whispered

"I could've spent it all with you! Getting to know you! Having fun with you." She smiled and sesshoumaru's heart ached.

"I couldn't see everything. I couldn't see you 'til now."

"Thank you for being with me." She wriggled out of Sesshoumaru and stood up. She looked in front of him and said.

"In spite of him, I still want to see the first snowflake.

"Let's make a promise Sesshoumaru! Let's meet again! and when we do I'm going to spend all my time with you!" she turned back at him. She smiled and fell back. She closed her eyes.

"KAGOME!!!" the first snow flake fell.

She didn't stay longer.

"Why? Why couldn't you arrive earlier!!!!! Why?"

He went to her and kneeled down. He kept her close to her again.

"It's a promise, Kagome. A promise that I'll keep and treasure for infinity.



a/n: Eow. I'm back to writing again because school has been suspended. . I had nothing to do and that night just wanted to write something out of the blue. And an old idea came back. Here it is. Mind you all my readers (w/c I hope are not few) this fic should have boggled your mind. Because I couldn't write all of it. There's some "clues" in it and I hope you can find the hidden meaning. I know you would. Please do.