"Sonny With a Real Chance"

SWAC/Real Life

Not really a Twilight xover, Real Life xover w/TWL stars. Takes place right after Sonny with a Chance of Dating. What if, instead of Kristen Stewart getting the part of Bella, what if it was Sonny! Take a look at the RPattz/KStew relationship through different eyes.

Robert Pattinson/Alison "Sonny" Monroe

It's Sonny With a Chance of Dating, but instead of James being a flake, he and Sonny do like each other and they are dating.

I made a banner, sorta. It's pretty simple, but whatever. It's just so you can see the two of them together…

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Sonny smiled and gave a small wave as her boyfriend walked off the set of Mackenzie Falls. He had been on all week, guest starring as a bank robber turned good guy for the show's Christmas special and he had finally finished filming. James was now on his way to another set to film an action packed movie about a teenage spy and Sonny wouldn't be seeing him for several months. Last night, he had taken her to a romantic dinner where she had embarrassingly enough, cried. They were staying together. After all, long distance relationships were normal for actors, but she would still miss him.

"Sad to see him go?" Tawni asked from beside her.

"Yeah, but we'll call and email. This is a really good opportunity for him," Sonny hoped that if she kept saying that, the pain would get better.

"Yeah, and it's not like there will be any hot girl fans throwing themselves at him while he's gone… for six months…" Chad interjected from where he had been not-so-subtly listening in.

"Shut up, Chad. You don't know anything," Sunny stormed off, an angry tear leaking from the corner of her eye.

What did he know, the jerk! I love James and James loves me. He would never cheat on me. Who cares if there will be screaming fans throwing themselves at him. And so what if I'm not there with him. Sonny choked back a sob. No. Stop thinking about it. It's not going to happen. Chad was just pushing your buttons. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Nico was walking by her in the hallway. Sonny ducked her head and averted her eyes, but the avoidance was unsuccessful, "What's wrong with you?" He asked.

Sonny took a steadying breath, "James just left."

"Oh, right. I'm sorry," Nico took a step closer, "Are you alright?"

Sonny just wanted to be by herself, but she knew that Nico was just being kind and she couldn't ditch him, "I will be. Chad was being a jerk, but I know that James loves me and it's normal for actors to hold long distance relationships. I can't be with him and that sucks but I trust him and I know we'll call and IM all the time, so I just need to cry it out and I'll be cool."

Nico nodded, "Okay, I can get that. I'll leave you alone to do whatever now. Sorry for stopping you."

She smiled widely, showing her teeth in a large grin, "It's no problem. I know you were just worried."

Sonny continued on her way to her shared dressing room, but sighed when she saw that Tawni had beat her back. Tawni heard her enter and looked up and stared at her.

"What now, Tawni?" Sonny asked as she walked across the room to her chair.

"Nothing," Tawni chirped as she watched the girl through her mirror, "You love him, don't you?"

Sonny paused mid-way through sitting down in shock. Her friend had made it very known that she disapproved of the relationship between her best friend and her ex-boyfriend. Sonny sat down before carefully replying, "Yes, I do. I only went out on that first date because I knew it would annoy you, but he's so great and original and so, so funny. I love him."

The blonde nodded slowly in understanding, "I don't like it. But I get it. I think you guys will make it," She smiled, giving the topic her official 'Tawni Smile of Approval.'

"Thank you," Sonny replied seriously.

The blonde smiled, pleased with herself, "Tawni did good. I'm going to go get a for-yo as a reward. Who's a good Tawni? Who's a good Tawni?" She cooed to herself as she walked out the door.

Sonny looked at her oddly, but got distracted by a moo-ing sound from her desk. She picked up the phone and greeted the other person.

"Hello?" She asked, wondering who the unknown person was and how they got her number.

"Hello. Is this Alison Monroe?" a male voice asked promptly.

Sonny paused at the use of her full name, "Yes. Who is this?"

"My name is Alexander Reedox. I and several other have seen you on So Random and we love your style. The way you act is very down to earth. We have a role that we just think you'd be perfect for."

Sonny tilted her head in confusion, "Is this some kind of joke? Chad? Is that you?"

There was a pause on the other end, "…I assure you, Ms. Monroe, this is no joke. You would be auditioning for a role in a movie. The movie itself is being kept secret to prevent any leaks, but if you are interested, please come to auditions tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 at the Regency Hotel Ballroom. Please keep this a secret; do not tell anyone."

"I understand," Sonny spoke, clearly confused.

"Thank you and have a good day."

Sonny looked at her cell phone with a dazed look in her eyes before setting it down. A real movie audition. They contacted me themselves. They liked my work! Sonny smiled widely. She might have just caught a huge break in her career! Take that Chad Dylan Cooper! Sonny just got her first real chance to be world-wide famous.