"Sonny With a Real Chance"

By tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Chapter Fifteen:

Tawni sighed as she popped her bubblegum in boredom. She was casually flipping through her favorite tabloid, trying to see if they had reported on her. As usual, they had not. Tawni rolled her eyes as she saw a picture of Ally out, yet again, with a guy, partying all night.

The revolving door of guys in Ally's life seemed to be moving even faster than normal. This was the third new guy this week. On Saturday, Ally was seen partying with a new older guy; a tall brunet named Peter, and of course, her 'friend' Rob was with her for the billionth time in the past three months. Then, on Tuesday, Ally went out with the same brunet and a new guy with crazy wavy black hair called Jackson. Then, apparently last night, she was out at a new bar that just opened up, having drinks with yet another guy, this one a tall stocky brunet who the paparazzi could only get a back picture of, so they had no idea who he was.

Tawni rolled her eyes. Ever since Ally came back, she'd been so different. She was no longer the loud, wacky Sonny, but instead a humorous, softer Ally who appeared to have an edgy rock and roll streak and an intense amount of guy friends.

"What are you reading?" Chad asked as he sat down and stole the magazine from Tawni's limp hand. She didn't bother putting up any sort of fight. What did she care? It's not like her beautiful face was in the magazine.

"This is getting outta control!" Nico spoke as he too sat down and began to read over Chad's shoulder, despite the blonde's annoyance, "It's like she's a new person. I mean, I love her, she's still Sonny, but this new personality is driving me crazy!"

"Yeah, she doesn't want to go pull pranks on the Mackenzie Falls cast anymore or try and sneak into the cafeteria late at night to put our heads under the frozen yoghurt machine," Grady spoke as he moved toward the chair beside Tawni.

"Why do we keep talking about this?" Tawni asked, annoyed that they were dwelling on something other than her, "We just go in circles and Ally just avoids our questions or gives us vague answers that mean absolutely nothing!"

Chad closed the tabloid, setting it on the table, "She's leaving for filming again in two days."

"If you want to know so badly, why don't you just follow her?" Zora asked as she casually passed by, licking her ice cream.

The group turned to look at each other in contemplation.

"It would be possible…" Nico spoke.

"We do have the money," Chad added.

"We could be spies!" Tawni exclaimed, her hand folding together to make a 'gun' as she ducked under the table, her 'gun' in front of her, ready to shoot.

Chad opened his mouth, about to speak, but decided against it, instead standing up to leave, "Tomorrow at 8 am? Ally's place."


"Where are we?" Grady asked as they crouched down behind a large warehouse, which ally was entering from a side entrance.

The group had shown up at Ally's at eight, all coincidentally wearing the same black clothing of "spies".

"I don't know. Let's go in," Chad spoke as he was already moving toward the door Ally had just entered from. The group of four walked in, immediately hiding behind a rack of clothing.

"What is this? It looks like a photo shoot," Tawni spoke as her hands ran through the luxurious clothing in front of her, "I know its not for So Random, so it must be for her movie!" She smiled, proud of figuring out the small mystery.

"So, let's get closer and see if we can figure what movie she's in. Or at least, how she knows all those random guys," Nico spoke, crouching down and squatting-walking to a table facing a set up background for the shoot. There, was Ally, already dressed in brown boots, a jean skirt, a light blue baby tee and a long scarf. Next to her was, to no one's surprise, Rob Pattinson. He wore boots, jeans a white undershirt with an open blue button down over it. Between his lips was a lit cigarette that he drew a drag from before passing it to Ally who likewise took a drag.

"I guess now we know which 'friend' she picked up smoking from," Nico muttered.

"I can't hear what they're saying," Chad hissed, moving to get closer.

"I mean, she was kinda crazy and really hectic but this movie was like her baby. She was really a part of it. I can't believe they fired her," Ally spoke spoftly.

Rob nodded, "Have you heard anything about the new guy? Chris Weitz? I hear he's good, but completely different from Catherine. I wonder how that will affect the filming…"

"Rob! Ally! We're ready for you," a man spoke, the camera around his neck a good indication that he was the photographer, "Okay, go! Remember, fated love! Doomed, but not! Think Romeo and Juliet… but without the actual suicide," the man chuckled, "That part comes later."

Ally smiled. She was looking forward to filming New Moon. This was probably the most emotional of the books and when 'Bella' throws herself off the cliff and when 'Edward' goes to the Volturi to die… It really was a Romeo and Juliet story…

Tawni sighed for the hundredth time in an hour, "How long are they going to be at it?"

"Photo shoots do take a while," Chad mutters as he texted boredly on his phone.

"Who's that?" Grady asked pointing as the side door opened again for the first time in the hour in which they had been sitting there.

"Dunno," Chad spoke, watching as the young, olive toned boy walked over to where Rob and Ally had taken a break from shooting and was quickly pushed into a rack to apparently change.

Ally laughed loudly, "We've been here an hour. You do not get to complain, Taylor."

"I agree," Rob spoke, running a hand through his hair, "Just hurry up and change. After this shoot, we have to head straight to LAX and I'm not keen on going straight from one boring task to another. I need to do something before the flight."

"I know! We just spent an hour doing absolutely nothing but looking pretty. We need to move around before sitting in a plane for eternity," Ally agreed as she saw Taylor heading out of his wardrobe change.

"Alright, then let's do it quick."


The group of spies followed closely as the threesome stood in line. Once they had found out that Ally was actually leaving today, instead of tomorrow, they hastily bought tickets. They were surprised to learn that the movie was being filmed in New York. Ally had said that the first one was shot in Canada and in northwest America.

"Don't you think this might be a little excessive in finding out Ally's secrets?" Grady asked, face showing his hesitance.

"It's not like we can't afford it and we don't have work until next month because of the gap in December," Chad spoke, eyes still focused on his target, "At least, I can afford it," He smirked.

"Here we go," the spies quickly boarded the plane. Their next stop would be the big Apple.