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They gathered around her, eyes open wide. Whether it was because of her extraordinary stories, or her even more amazing beauty, was hard to tell. Her heart-shaped face, its expression soft, looked lovingly down at the young children that had accumulated themselves in front of her feet.

"Well", she said, brushing back her caramel colored hair, "our story begins long, long ago, in a place far away, but that is irrelevant. We must cast our attention on a young woman, barely twenty-four, wandering among the many stalls and small shops lining the long, wide street. She would stop occasionally and look about her, as if she was afraid of being followed…"

Esme POV

If he catches me, I'm done for, I thought fearfully. I just hadn't been able to contain myself. I'd had to leave. He was so horrible. Only yesterday I had managed to anger him by getting dinner a little later than was customary, and he made such a fuss, I became almost angry… my cheek still felt bruised from where he had hit me. Thomas Proudfoot, my husband. There wasn't much to say as to where his feet were concerned, but he had a temper to mach that of an angry bull. Again I looked around. The street was crowded. If any of Thomas' friends saw me… I shuddered. A man brushed against my shoulder. I gasped and drew back, trying to hide my face.

"Ma'am? I am sorry, did I hurt you?"

What? I looked up to find the most handsome face peering at me with an expression of utmost concern. I was flustered. Never had I seen a kinder face.

"N-no. I… you startled me." Quickly I ducked my head and turned away, but a strange jolt ran through me as I did, and my hand flew almost automatically to my stomach. Suddenly my foot caught on my long skirts, and I toppled over- and fell straight into a large chest. Yet the arms that folded around me were not protective, and their grip everything but comforting. And when I looked up, I knew my nightmare had caught up with me.

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