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5 Years Later... (A/N Already making my heart cry! But wait til ya see the rest of the chapter...!)

My eyes awakened to a cold, dark, concrete room. I raised my hand to feel my throbbing head. I could feel it pulse under my fingertips. Where am I? A good question to ponder, but I need to get out of here. I searched the room to find a thin crack of light break through the concrete. A door, perhaps? I felt around and it was, in fact, a door. It only had a slab of hard clay-like-cement cement stopping me from escaping. Giving the room another look over, I found that the walls had chips in them. Chips equal pieces of hard cement to use like hammers. Finding he biggest piece, I stood up, collapsing at first, but then picking myself up, ignoring my legs' constant screaming. I waddled awkwardly to the door, and raised trembling hands holding a thick gray cement and smashed it upon the other piece that was keeping me confined into this place. Repeatedly, I hit the cement. My ears rang, adding to my aching orchestra.

My eyes lit up. A Crack. A thin, jagged crack that ran through the middle of the cement. And then, a weak, 17 year-old girl, me, summoned up all her strength and hit the remnants of the cement off. And she, me, we, collapsed. A final question arose in my head as we fell. Who are we?


This was a great contrast to the dark room. I knew where I was. A hospital. A bright white room, IV's connected to my arm, a fimiliar sight to me over the years. But why!? And then, a needle was going to be injected in my arm. Taking some blood? But I don't know why... I just... snapped. Seeing that needle made me go crazy, filling my head with fear. I made a kick to the doctor's hand, deattached myself from the IV, and ran.

I don't know how I got past everyone, I just did. Like I had an instinct that let me run and dodge easily. It was easy with only a hospital dress and socks. And I was out of there. Gone from that needle. Mentally I scolded myself. But it wasn't too late to go back in there. Even though I still had that, a warning instinct still kept me from going.

Taking in my surroundings, I saw that I was in Suna. How? I'm not really sure. I saw a newspaper on the floor and picked it up. It was a very old one, 4 and 3/4 years old. The front page was a man with red hair, a kanji tatoo on his forehead on the left, sea foam green eyes, and what looked like eye liner but you could tell it was because he was sufferingfrom insomnia. 13 Year Old Gaara Subaku Becomes Mayor Of Suna,the title read. Dunno why, but it made my heart swell with pride. I realized I still didn't know who I was, or didn't even know who I was. Looking in a mirror shard on the street, I had medium-length black hair with a blue tint. I had strange white eyes and porclein white skin. My hands were rough from years of damage. Placing it down again, I looked through the ads. I found one that really shocked me. Have you seen this girl? The girl had long blue-black hair, peculiar white eyes, and white skin and was blushing at the camera. Next to her was a blue-black haired teen boy with coal black eyes that had an arm around her shoulders, smiling. I knew this boy. Just the sight of him made me wanna cry. But that girl... I think... I think that's me. I found a few quarters, went to the nearest public telephone, and dialed the number...