Renaissance-future chapter peeks

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Hinata's soliloquy: Based in the true thoughts of my life and what I do sometimes think of when left free to think.

"I hate when it when I have time to think. It leaves my complex brain to ponder things in life. Things like thoughts. Sometimes, there'll be a thought that beats your other thought you were saying in your head before you really think them. Also, when you really think them; are they words? Are they sentences? If a voice, who's voice? If a sentence, what font? What color? In my mind, they just are, which disturbs me that I can't pin it down. Lately I've been pondering death. I do not wish to end my life but I ponder death itself, not the act. I firmly believe God and Jesus exist, as I was raised, even if I can't remember how or when or where I was raised, I can remember that much. Do we really go to a heaven? Do we just float around? Do we go through another life and forget our past one? Is there a test to get into heaven after earth? Will we really be able to live with our loved ones forever in a paradise?Or has God have something entirely different for us? Another pondering I've had is life. What if this is just some fantasy created for each of us to be unique and completely complex to make the player absorbed and fooled? That when it's over you take off whatever was helping you be brainwashed and weep over your loss, the cruel maker laughing maniacally in the background sadistically? They've all been depressing me deeply and it's unsettling to say the least. Especially with passing out so much and people leaving me alone, thinking comes in dream form and comes inevitably, striking eery feelings in my mind. Why can't I have a simpler mind?" -Hinata Hyuuga

"Is it too much to ask for when I want a day without senbon needles thrown at me!" -Ino Yamanaka

"What waited for me was a bed of liquid filled syringes. They glittered teasingly in the florescent light with colors that were bright and vibrant, different shades of blues, yellows, purples, and greens. Itachi's really outdone himself this time. Okay, stay calm and think of a solution. Another groan rips from my body. That last drug they put in is really starting to affect me, it's probably trying to confuse me by befuddling me... Now I know, it's G7290, the one they stole from Shizune's lab. Affected by the creation I helped make years back. How ironic. The needles were getting closer.
'Dammit Naruto.'"
-Shikamaru Nara

MEGA-SPOILER AHEAD! But oh, so worth it.

"'You may not even remember who I am, but I love you,' my mouth dropped at this,'And I won't let you die!'
That was when it all started to come back. Sasuke. My friends. Itachi. Deidara. Sasori. And... I love Sasuke.
-Hinata Hyuuga

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