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Character development; 9TailedFox, Kenny, and Jonathan Norris (the Norris brothers).

Edited by; David Norris, Hope Correa, and Melody Montgomery.

Started; June 1, 2005. Ended; October 7 2006.

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In our history, there are those that seem to rise above the average to achieve great things of untold honor, and valor. This is the story of thirty eight individuals who strove not to become something, or to reach a certain personal goal, but dedicated their lives simply to do what was right and pure. They did not know where these choices would lead them, or the legacy that they would leave behind. I invite you to join me as we follow them through their lives while they discover the true value of friendship, trust, and the endless strength of love. So come as we travel through time, enter other dimensions, sail the high seas, battle with the Samurai, discover secrets to our past, and unravel the world's greatest mystery covered by shadowy connections, tangled lies, and unanswerable questions. Join me in, the Legacy of Heroes.

Legacy of Heroes

Book One; Beginning of a Legacy

Chapter 1

The First Heroes.

My name is Ryokon Terotat; forth king of the first empire and the son of Leizer Terotat, but it is not a title I wear proudly. My father was a tyrant during his time on the thrown and it is for that reason I set out to accomplish a certain task, but I knew not what evils my actions would evoke. Though we be mere mortals, and our time brief upon this earth, our doings echo through the void of time bringing about far greater, or far worse results then we realized when committing them. This is the tale of the repercussions of my deeds which I performed before becoming a prisoner in my own refuge, and it must be told so that the past is not repeated…

"Down on the floor!" A man shouted as he and three other masked men charged into a bank lobby with guns drawn before tossing a bag to the teller. "Fill it up with the biggest bills you got and don't think about pressing that button." He ordered to the frightened clerk as the few people that were in the building lay quietly in fear on the floor under the guns of the other heist members.

The man watched her closely as he smiled confidently. We struck at the best possible time because the bank is getting ready to close and the safe is still open, and there are few people to worry about getting in the way; plus, the police will be doing a shift change so no one will respond quickly. We'll be long gone before anybody starts looking. He thought as she came back to the counter, trying to remain calm, but clearly rattled with the fear showing in her eyes.

"Thanks sweetheart." He told her, snatching the bag from her hand. "Let's go!" He shouted to the others.

Without replying, the three other men quickly raced to the door, going outside, while one waited for the money carrier and covered the people inside until he was out the door. Seconds later a windowless cargo van was at the curb with the side door slid open. In a flash, the four robbers were inside and the van peeled away as the door was slammed shut. The streets of New York were crowded, but this would work to their advantage. They had already robbed three banks across the state, as well as four others in two other states on the eastern seaboard, and had worked out a system.

Ditching into the nearest ally, the van was brought to an abrupt stop and the four men jumped out slapping animal control placard magnets to the side paneling, and even a phone number and website on the rear left door. Finally, a sticker was peeled off the license plate to reveal the vehicles true registration, completing the transformation that took no longer than a minute. With that complete, the crew hopped back into the van and the driver took them casually out the other side of the ally where they became part of the rush hour crowed.

"Home free." The money carrier said, looking at his accomplices with a big smile after peeling off his mask.

"Now we go south and live like kings." One of them replied.

"Easy pickings." Another added.

"I say we head west and hit up a few more." A third man offered. "They just ain't catching on to this switch up thing with the van."

"Well you can count me out." The driver called back. "One more, that's what gets ya caught. We got enough dough so let's cut loose while we can."

"I'm with Shorty." The money carrier told them. "We done good, but let's not push it. If you three wanna keep it up we'll leave ya the van once we're across the border, but I'm out."

"Na, your right. Besides, if we get short again there's banks down there too."

The bandits laughed as they pulled into a warehouse near the docs and with the press of a button, one of the panel doors lifted to reveal their little hideout where they had planned the heist for the past two weeks.

"Let's see the take." The driver said as they climbed out.

"Workin on it." The money carrier answered, setting the bag down on the table.

"Yeah." An unfamiliar voice spoke from the dark corner. "It should be a good sum."

"Who are you?" The driver demanded as everyone's heads jerked up and guns were drawn. "Come out here so we can see your face."

The robbers watched an older man walk confidently from the shadows wearing a black street biker's suit with lime green armor pads and a visor like pair of shades. He was lean and fit with a narrow face that gave him a wolf like appearance, and his hair had receded back to nothing more than a charcoal gray spiked up band around the back.

"So how about it?" The stranger asked walking a few steps forwad. "How much was our take?"

"Our take?" The money carrier chuckled. "You got guts old man, but you're stupid. You ain't leaving this place."

"That so?" The man asked, seeming disappointed as he stopped a few feet away. "Guess I was wrong?"

"Bout what?" One of them asked, voicing everyone's thoughts with puzzled expressions.

"Nothin." The man replied as a wicked smile creped across his face. "Just thought you'd all be more fun."

Suddenly, the man blurred to his right, effectively drawing their fire, before flashing back to the left and forward. In an instant, the driver's gun was twisted from his hand, and a second man was down from a fist in the face. The group fired off their second round, but the man had moved again with that blinding speed and now stood behind one of them, holding him in place with a chokehold. Before the last two robbers could react, two more figures blurred inside, knocking them out cold to the floor as the last blacked out in the sleeper hold.

"What were you thinking Nick?" The older of the two new comers asked with a little anger in his tone, wearing a brown leather pilots jacket and FBI shades. "The plan was to hit this place after they were gone."

"But there were only five of em Joe." Nick protested. "These small fry are so boring. Headquarters hasn't had anything for us to do lately, and I'm getting tired of playing street cop."

"I know how you feel." The third, and youngest of the three said, dressed in blue jeans and a gray V neck T-shirt. "But you could at least save some of the action."

"Come off it Brian." Nick replied. "We should all go find our own case. Fighting these guys is a joke, nothing like other agents; at least they last longer than one punch."

"Let's just get them tied and get going." Joe told them. "Next time no stunts."

"You know me better than to think saying that will help." Nick answered as they went to work.

"I know." Joe said, shaking his head. "I've known you since grade school, but somehow I always think you'll follow my orders."

"I've only known him since Collage so I'm off the hook." Brian teased.

"Only if you count out the last thirty years dreamer." Joe replied.

"Hey, I'm no dreamer. That time machine is almost operational. I could crack the formula any day now."

"Right." Nick told him. "You got it to teleport you to Ohio, but breaking time space continual is another story."

"At least it's something to do during down time." Joe defended. "Being government agents has gotten dull lately so it helps to have pet projects."

"Yeah." Nick agreed. "My electric shield isn't going any better. It can't burn objects fast enough to stop them before they pass through."

"We could go climbing again." Brian offered.

"Sounds good." Joe agreed.

"But where?" Asked Nick.

"Figure that out tomorrow." He replied.

"Why tomorrow?" Nick questioned. "We got plenty of time now."

"Because, when you're together as long as we have been it helps to have something good to talk about over coffee." Joe replied.

"Works for me." Brian agreed.

"Guess that's it then." Joe said as they stepped back from the five men who were sitting slumped over still out cold and tied together at the waist. "Now all we do is alert the police."

"I know how to do that." Nick said as they walked to the entrance, drawing out a match.

"You can't…!" Brian started, but was cut off.

"Calm down." Nick said, waving him off. "I'm not gonna burn the place. Couldn't with a single match anyway.

"Than what?" Brian asked curiously.

"Let's hope they like rain." Nick answered, striking the match and holding it up to the fire system's sensor at the door. "This should erase our fingerprints too."

The three laughed as the sprinklers came on and then walked away down the side ally as the sun started to go down.

The next day, morning rays of the sun shone through the large panel windows of the restaurant which was below the apartment complex they lived in, casting an orange hue on everything as Joe sat at his table waiting for his friends and sipping his coffee. He may not be the youngest of the group, his combed over hair gray at the temples, but he was usually the early bird of the three and so often found himself in this position, but he did not mind because it gave him time to think before the day started. He had seen a lot in his days, and it showed in the hard lines on his face and eyes, but there was a soft note that could still be seen in the corner of his eyes. Then he looked up as the bell over the door tinkled, announcing the arrival of a customer.

"Morning Brian." Joe greeted as Brian took a seat next to him. "You ready for the climb today?" Joe asked.

"Sure I am. We can figure out where we're going when Nick gets here. Right now I'm hungry."

"Good morning Brian." Came the voice of the young waitress.

"Well, how you doing this morning Tiffany?" Brian asked casually, looking down at the young curly blonde haired girl dressed in a plain pink dress covered by a white apron with frilled lace edges.

"Fine thank you. What would you like?"

"Just the usual please."

"Funny." Tiffany said with a giggle. "For a guy so up for adventure, you sure don't have much of a variety in food choices."

"Well what do you think I should have?" Brian asked with a comical smile.

"I was only joking." She answered as she turned and walked away, scratching down the order.

"She is so young, you'd think the child labor law would have been slapped on this place by now" Brian told Joe as he watched the girl walk away. "She's what? Seven or eight now right?"

"Yeah," Joe laughed. "But the community would have a fit. She is mature enough, and everybody likes her, plus she still takes off for school so CPA can't say she isn't being educated."

"True. So I take it you're not hungry? You didn't order anything."

"I already ate, probably while you were still sleeping." Joe teased, but then changed subject. "Say what do you make of that comet that passed over down in Chicago?"

"I'm not sure." Brian answered as Tiffany returned with his coffee. "Thanks." He told her and then resumed the conversation. "Anyway, they say it was actually a space craft of some sort."

"They probably will run the extra terrestrial stuff, but I think we need to keep a watch for anything else like it." Joe told him.

"What are you getting at?" Brian asked, his curiosity sparked.

"I'll tell you later."

"Right." Brian acknowledged in a hushed tone.

Nick came in and set down at the table excited about the climb as usual. In his years of undercover work he, along with the others, had sharp almost piercing eyes acquired from years of trails, but his had a bit of a wild glare to them.

"Just Coffee please." He said, raising a hand before Tiffany could ask the question.

"Ok. Be back in a minute." She replied sweetly, accustom to his behavior, as Nick turned back to the other two, resting his elbows on the table.

"So where should we go this time?" He asked.

"I say we go to that place out by the shore line up in Main." Brian suggested.

"No." Nick said unsatisfied with the offer. "We have been there way too many times. I could climb that cliff blindfolded."

"I agree." Joe interjected. "We need some place new. It would take a while but we have never really done anything on the West Coast for a while"

"That sounds good. They have some pretty good rock formations down in the Four Corners area." Nick added.

"Sounds good to me." Brian agreed.

"We better start soon." Joe concluded.

"Why?" Nick asked.

"Well it has been a drag not having any missions this last month, but that only means that we could be assigned one any time now."

"Good point." Nick said, and then thanked Tiffany for the coffee as she dropped it off.

"Your food should be ready in just a second," She told Brian.

"Me and Nick will get the gear ready, and you can meet us out front." Joe offered

"See you then." Brian answered.

Nick gulped down the coffee before following Joe out the door after dropping a tip on the table. Brian ate quickly and left a second tip as he walked out the door to wait on the bench outside the restaurant. Brian was of average height, with brown hair that was speckled with gray and rarely fixed due to long hours in the lab. It wasn't like he didn't care, there were just more important things to worry about.

After a few minutes of waiting, Brian heard the big truck rumbling around the corner. It was actually an old Land Rover, but with a twelve inch lift, an above the roof snorkel, no side rear windows, an extended bull bar for traversing chasms with a winch. Brush guards in the front and back, heavy duty rock crawling tires with the option for ice spikes, and independent suspension. Inside were some of the world's finest Satellite imaging computers that gave them an unrivalled navigation system. The thing would have best been described as hideous if it did not look so good.

Nick was driving again, that meant it would be a wild ride seeing as he rarely followed the roads so once out of town Nick ditched off to the side and started out across the country. It was a long way from New York to Arizona, but driving in the straightest line possible made it pass quicker and so by ten O'clock that night they reached northern Kansas. They had brought their small utility trailer, which was as ready for rough terrain as was the truck, and the back of it opened to reveal a large three prong grappling hook cannon in case they needed to pull themselves out of something that the winch in the front couldn't handle.

Brian jumped down from the passenger seat pulling out the tent, and as he and Joe set it up, Nick went to look for firewood. It was good they had stopped near a wooded area because it was hard to find firewood in the greater part of Kansas because of the constant roll of hills that stretched over miles of open fields of grass and farmland, although; they thought that the hills made for an excellent rush going eighty plus miles an hour. Despite their age, they still acted as though they were no older then eighteen. It wasn't that they were immature, just knew how to have fun, or so they said. The truth was that they were three of the world's finest agents and could have retired years ago, but that would have been boring. They had always been physically fit, and they did not want it to go to waste. Life would not pass them by.

Joe and Brian had finished setting up the tent when Nick came back and started building the fire. Brian returned to the truck to get the bedrolls, and then laid them out in the tent. When he came out the fire was at a full blaze.

"You two trying to start Kansas burning?" He asked joking as he took a seat next to the fire

"Yep." Nick answered with a smile. "But we should be able to make it to Arizona by noon the day after tomorrow so we'll be far enough away they can't link it to us."

"Actually the place I had in mind was Monument Valley." Joe suggested. "It is a perfect place."

"Yeah," Brian agreed. "I think we went there once already when we were stationed in New Mexico."

"It has been a while and that place had some excellent rock formations." Nick said in approval.

"Monument valley it is." Joe concluded.

With that, they bedded down for the night as Nick took first watch. Although the other two were not far behind him in their personalities, he still was more implosive in his actions. He also took greater risks, but most of them turned out fine.

Nick looked up at the stars. How had it come to be that we would spend our lives together? What is the purpose? What will be left behind when we are gone? It was human nature to want his works and labors in life to be remembered. What about that thing that had been seen near a neighboring galaxy? Was it possible for there to be life on another planet? Science said it was impossible, but recently there had been strange objects spotted by Satellites. Even though he could tell you every scientific thing about the stars, Nick still felt as if he knew very little.

Information was endless, and the universe immeasurably vast. He would never have the time to discover the deep regions of this world he lived in. Even the sea! It was said to have been completely mapped out, but there were still things, and even creatures, that baffled all the experts, himself included. For now, he would enjoy what he could get out of life and not worry about what would be remembered. The night passed quickly as his thoughts traveled from one thing to the next.

His prediction of reaching their destination by noon two days later turned out to be true. Once there they quickly set up camp, and ate lunch before getting the gear ready. By three O'clock, they started scouting out a way up one of the gigantic formations that thrust themselves out of the red earth. It was going to be tricky because most of the surface was smooth from years of rainwater that would run down the side of the soft red hued sandstone; however, there were clefts and edges that could be used.

It would be finger holds all the way up, but they looked forward to the challenge. Luckily the sandstone was soft enough that it was easy to hammer in their pegs, but that meant a greater chance of them falling back out. They had cheated death enough to know that this was more than likely on the dumb list of things they had done, but that was what made it fun; after all, where would the thrill be if there were no risks? It was five O'clock by the time they found and chose the best path to the top, but they would wait to start the climb in the morning so as not to get stuck halfway up the butte when the sun went down.

As the day expired, the sun began to dip its bottom edge under the horizon casting a brilliant orange glow across the landscape as the stars poked out from their hiding places to play in the night sky. The shadows grew deep and long while the sand released the heat of the day as the sky turned gold around the setting sun until it was gone, leaving their fire the only light in the dark landscape. None of them knew that this time… they would never make the climb.

The stage is set, but only time will tell what awaits our adventerus heroes. What could possibly keep them from making the climb? And what will it set in moition? Find out in my next posting which is comming very soon.

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