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"Ngg," Ciel moaned as hot flesh slid against his own body. The now 15 year old couldn't believe this was finally happening. Three years of innocent seduction and finally his iron willed butler had allowed himself to break and crawl into bed with him. Now he had said butler's teeth pressed against his throat, marking the boy with more than just the contract.

"So anxious," Sebastian muttered, gently running his hand up and down Ciel's length. The butler looked down at his charge and smirked at the delicious moans that spilled from the boy's lips.

"Well, I've never done this before," Ciel bit back, propping himself up on his elbows to watch the dark haired man's progress.

"Oh?" The butler smirked, "Your first time? You've never even tried this with your own hand before?" His fingers drifted up the cock in his hand, slowly playing with the slit on top.

"No," Ciel chocked out between moans, his head falling back at the intense pleasure he was feeling.

"Or this?" Sebastian asked, his free hand gliding up the boy's stomach, and lightly pinching a nipple. He rolled the pink bud between his fingertips, taking pleasure in the boy's ever changing emotions.

"N... No," Ciel gasped, his eyes falling closed. He was so close. So fucking close.

"Do you want to come?" Sebastian asked, his fingers slowly touching his young master's shaft. Ciel nodded feverishly. "Then beg."

"No!" Ciel bit back, his eyes snapping open. He never begged. NEVER.

"Alright then," Sebastian let go of Ciel's body and began to get up. "If you don't want it, then I might as well leave." He was halfway back into his pants before Ciel finally spoke up.

"Wait, come back," he ordered, sitting up in the bed. Sebastian turned to look at the boy, but didn't move any closer. "Finish what you started," Ciel commanded, glancing down to his weeping member. Sebastian still didn't move. "Please?" Ciel finally sighed.

In a flash Sebastian dropped his pants and climbed back on top of his Young Master. He captured the boy's bruised lips in a passionate kiss, rewarding him for finally learning his lesson.

"Good boy," he murmured, kissing the corner of Ciel's mouth. The boy opened his mouth to protest, but at that moment one of Sebastian's hands began toying with his cock again, effectively shutting the boy up. Within a few jerks, Ciel's seed gushed over Sebastian's hand, his back arching as the electricity raced through his body.

"Now that your done, you can leave," Ciel muttered after his orgasm finished washing over him.

"But we're not done yet," Sebastian chucked, his fingers still playing with the boy's flaccid member. It was then that Ciel felt the demon's own cock pressed firmly against his thigh. He shuddered, not knowing what Sebastian was planning to do with it. Sebastian's mouth covered Ciel's in a lazy open mouth kiss as his hand coaxed the boy's cock back to attention. His hand groped towards the jar of lotion he had left on his Young Master's bed side table.

"What the hell is that!?" Ciel yelled as he felt Sebastian's lotion covered fingers massage his hole.

"Lubrication, Young Master," Sebastian replied, slipping the finger in. "Relax," he coached, trying to get the muscles to loosen up.

"It hurts," Ciel muttered, backing up slightly.

"It will get better soon," Sebastian soothed, kissing the boy on the forehead. His fingers stilled as he kissed his way down Ciel's face, finally capturing his lips in another kiss. The hand that still rested on Ciel's now flagging cock resumed its movement, slowly helping the boy relax into the feeling of having one finger in him.

Only when Sebastian felt the hole around his finger relax did he resume the stretching. His finger wormed in and out of the hole, just as his tongue did to the mouth. He searched and searched, trying to find the one thing he knew would have his young master squirming beneath him.

He finally gave up with just one finger and added the second. Ciel tried to pull away again, breaking the kiss.

"Sebastian, stop. It hurts," Ciel muttered.

"Just a few more minutes. It will feel good," Sebastian reassured him, covering the boy's mouth again.

The demon finally found the small organ he had been looking for. As he pressed on the node, Ciel arched into him. Breaking the kiss to groan.

"Do you still want to stop?" Sebastian asked, his fingers still mercilessly rubbing Ciel's prostate.

"N... No," Ciel responded, squirming beneath the demon. Sweet moans began to fall from his lips as Sebastian began to thrust his fingers in and out in earnest, hitting the prostate each time.

Sebastian added the third finger. Ciel didn't notice. He was too wrapped up in the pleasure assaulting his body. The demon scissored his fingers a few times, making sure that the boy was absolutely ready before pulling his fingers out.

"Sebastian," Ciel moaned, "Why'd you stop?" The demon shushed him. Sebastian slathered his cock in the lotion, hissing as the cool cream hit the hot flesh. He lined himself up, stroking his master's face as he prepared to enter the boy.

"Sebastian," Ciel keened, wanting more movement. More friction. Something more. He needed it!

The demon smirked, slowly pushing into the boy. He watched as the boy's face twitched at the pain. It was almost satisfying to see.

"Relax, Young Master," Sebastian ordered, stopping for the moment. The boy just glared at him. Sebastian shrugged before pushing forwards again. If the brat was going to be obstinate about his advice then why should he show any grace?

Sebastian stopped again when he was fully sheathed. He looked at his master's face. The boy's eyes were scrunched up in pain, and a single tear had escaped them. Sebastian kissed away the tear, his hand slowly coaxing pleasure back through the boy's cock.

"Tell me when you're ready to continue," he told his master. Ciel's eye's opened in surprise at the demons words. He hadn't expected that once he had finally realized what was going on. After a few minutes of adjusting, he finally nodded his head.

Sebastian began to slowly piston his hips back and forth, building up speed. He changed angles a few times, searching for his young master's prostate. He knew he had found it when Ciel's eyes shot open again.

"Again," Ciel ordered, finally beginning to enjoy this again. Sebastian quickly obliged.

There was just something so different about this time than with any of his previous times. Sebastian couldn't tell what, but there was something. He could barely control himself anymore. He began to quickly jerk the boy's cock. He would not be the first one to come.

Unfortunately Ciel held this same mindset. He refused to come till his butler did. After all, it would be so embarrassing to come twice before his partner even came once. Sadly Ciel was extremely under experienced in comparison with the butler, and couldn't hold it in.

The boy's back arched as he came again, his muscles spasming as pleasure rushed to his brain. Stars filled his vision as he felt Sebastian finally give in, releasing his own seed inside the boy's body. Ciel felt the man collapse next to him as he slowly came off his high.

Suddenly things felt awkward. Ciel had never done that with someone before. What should he do now? Was Sebastian expecting to stay? Or would he get up and leave. Would they ever discuss this again? Was it just a one night thing? Or the beginning of something better?

He feared he had his answers when Sebastian rolled to the edge of the bed and stood up.

"Let's get you cleaned up, Young Master," Sebastian said, wandering over to the bathroom. He returned with a wet cloth, which he used to clean the come and some of the sweat off the boy's body.

"Are you going to stay?" Ciel asked, propping himself up on his elbow to watch the butler wander around the room.

"Do you want me to stay?" Sebastian asked, smirking at his master.

"I... uh... No... I just... Didn't know... " Ciel stuttered out face growing slightly red. Sebastian smiled, kissing the boy's lips to shut him up.

"I'll stay," He told him, crawling back into bed. He wrapped his arms around the teen. Even though he didn't need the sleep he would stay with Ciel. Within 5 minutes Ciel was asleep. It was the best night of sleep he had ever had.

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