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After running away, Ciel and his children had found a a tiny English village, that had never heard of Ciel Phantomhive, the Queen's watch dog. The townfolk had immediate accepted them, assuming that the children's mother had died in childbirth, and that Ciel was just some poor single father, trying to make a good home for his children. Ciel, of course, did nothing to discourage this reputation and even used it to his advantage whenever one of the local lasses would come to court him. He'd just claim that he was too devoted to his dearly departed "wife" to see another. It worked quite well actually.

And now here he was, three years later, slaving over the stove, cooking dinner for his two over active children whom he assumed were out playing with the village children. Honestly his children were too much for him to handle. Angelina was a little demon, 6 years old, and constantly in trouble. If she wasn't making a mess of the house, she was out and about stealing the grandmotherly neighbor's pies, or cheating other children out of their toys. Not to mention that she was too damn cute about it to actually get punished. Then there was Adrien, with his blue eyes, and such soft blond hair. He was painfully shy, but slowly his sister was influencing him in the art of getting free stuff.

Ciel sighed. He honestly didn't know what to do with the two of them. It was hard not having Sebastian there with him. Not having the servants around. Heck he'd even take having Sohma there to help him, if only that meant Agni would be there to actually run things.

He was interrupted from his inner angsting when the door to the modest house slammed open and his two little demon spawn came running into the house.

"Daddy! Daddy!" They yelled in unison. Ciel immediately took stock of the situations. Both of the children were wrapped tightly around his legs, Angelina crying, and Adrien just hyper.

"What's wrong?" Ciel asked, attempting to pry them off his legs so he could continue to cook before dinner burned.

"There's a stranger in town!" Adrien shouted. Ciel cocked an eyebrow. Sure it was unusual to see strangers here. After all, he and his children had been the last new comers. But surely it wasn't something for Angelina to be in tears about.

"And! And! And!" Adrien continued bouncing up and down in his eagerness, "He looks just like Angelina." The girl gave a particularly loud wail at that.

"He doesn't look like me!" She sobbed. Now Ciel saw the problem. For all of her life, Angelina had been comforted by the fact that no one else looked like her. After all, how many people wandering around England had red eyes? It was her pride in her individuality, and to have someone else look like her must have made her feel unspecial.

However to know there was someone who looked like his daughter, who carried so many of Sebastian's demonic genes, was in town was unsettling.

"Shhh," Ciel soothed, gently petting his daughter's hair, "It's okay. I'm sure he doesn't look that much like you." Just then there was a knock on the door, and Ciel pried himself away from his children and went to answer the door.

"You!" he seethed, as he saw who was standing there. He promptly slapped the person and slammed the door in their face, before stalking back to the kitchen.

"Who was that?" Adrien asked curiously.

"Your father," Ciel growled, harshly pouring himself a cup of tea, and adding a splash of some liquid from a bottle kept on the top shelf out of the children's reach.

"Daddy?" Angelina asked perking up. She ran to the door and threw it open. Squealing, she tackled Sebastian who was still standing stunned on the door step. Adrien ran and hid behind Ciel's leg, as Angelina dragged Sebastian, who was still a stranger to the three year old, into the house.

"I've missed you so much," Sebastian sighed, kneeling down to hug his daughter. Angelina hugged him back before running over to her brother and dragging him back over to Sebastian.
After finally meeting his son, Sebastian stood and turned to face Ciel, only to be greeted by a half empty tea cup that had been chunked at his face. The porcelain shattered against his face, a shard cutting his cheek quite nicely, the left over tea showering his shoulder.

"I take it you're mad at me then," Sebastian said, wiping the blood away from his cheek.

"Three years!" Ciel seethed, stalking towards the other man. He grabbed Sebastain and dragged him towards a side room. Sebastian raised an eyebrow questioningly as he looked around the room. Bedroom.

"We will not fight in front of the children," Ciel told him sharply, "Don't get any ideas. Where have you been for the past three years?" He growled.

"The contracted ended. I was sent home," Sebastian explained.

"It took you three years to get out of hell?" Ciel asked in disbelief.

"No, it only took a year to get out. It just took another two years to find you since you ran away from home," Sebastian growled.

"To protect our children!" Ciel yelled back. "Everyone wanted me to claim they weren't mine and move on with their plans for my life! I couldn't do that to them! They were all I had left!" Ciel had slowly stalked closer to Sebastian while screaming. As his rant finished his shoulders sagged slightly. "I couldn't lose my only memory of you."

"Young Master," Sebastian muttered in surprise as he pulled the young man into a hug. He had never known that Ciel felt that way about their children. He had always thought that the earl had just put up with them since they had come from his body.

"I'm not anymore. I'm not your master," Ciel sobbed quietly into Sebastian's chest, "Weren't you listening! I had to give it all up." Sebastian bent down and gently kissed Ciel on the head.

"Shh," he comforted, "It's okay. I gave it all up too." He told his young lover, nuzzling his head slightly.

"Wha?" Ciel asked softly looking up into the human eyes. "That's why you didn't dodge the tea cup? You're no longer a..."

"No," Sebastian interrupted, "It was the only way I could get out of hell without waiting to be summoned again."

Ciel stood on his tiptoes to kiss Sebastian gently on the lips. "I love you," he muttered, kissing the ex-demon again. He lost his balance, falling forwards, but Sebastian caught him, pulling him closer.

"I love you too," Sebastian breathed, setting the younger man back down on his feet and leaning over to kiss him gently. His hands slipped through dark hair, as he pulled Ciel deeper, impossibly close, trying to cover every inch of Ciel's body with his own.

"I told you not to get any ideas," Ciel muttered, pulling back slightly. But his eyes potrayed the true love and lust he felt.

"You started it though," Sebastian replied, pulling the young man closer for another kiss. It quickly grew heated, reaquanting their mouths to the taste and feel of each other.

Meanwhile outside the bedroom, Angelina and Adrien stood with their ears pressed against the door. They had been listening ever since their parents had disappeared into the room, taking in every scream and even the few whispers that they could hear.

"Do you think they're done fight?" Adrien asked his older sister.

"No," Angelina said, carefully listening to the sounds echoing from within.

"But they stopped yelling,"Adrien argued. Angelina didn't respond for several minutes. "What are you thinking?" Adrien finally asked, anxious for a response.

"We're going to have a new brother or sister soon," She commented, pulling back from the door. "They won't be done fighting for a while, we should go play." She remembered how long it used to take her parents to fight the last time they had been together. They had a while before they'd be through. She grabbed her brother's arm, and dragged him out of the house, and back to the village.

"I missed you so much," Ciel moaned as the kiss finally broke. His fingers found their way to the ex-butler's shirt, slowly undoing them. His lips soon followed, caressing the freshly revealed skin. He stopped to worship every single new scar he found on the once perfect flesh, not leaving it till it had been thoroughly molested.

He reached the bottom of the shirt, but still his mouth did not stop. He slowly kissed the hem of Sebastian's pants, fingers digging in, ready to finish disrobing his lover. Ciel shuddered, as he unfastened Sebastian's pants, and the ex-demon's manhood sprang forward. He pulled the pants down slowly, his eyes never leaving his lover's cock.

"Y... Y... Young Master," Sebastian stuttered. His master had never done anything like this before. The boy had always claimed that it was too undignified for someone of his status.

"I'm not your master anymore," Ciel stated, looking deep into Sebastian's eyes. He looked back down, before taking a tentative lick. He recoiled slightly, shocked at the taste. After a moment of hesitation he opened his mouth and swallowed the head.

Sebastian shuddered as he felt the hot moist cavern. It just felt so amazing ans Ciel's delicate tongue explored his flesh.

Ciel slowly took in more of his lover's cock. It wasn't half bad, actually. Not exactly something he wanted to do on a daily basis, but perhaps just for special occasions. But unfortunately Ciel knew nothing about gag reflex, or how it could happen to be triggered. He started to gag on Sebastian and pulled back, looking up curiously, still coughing slightly.

"Shh," Sebastian soothed, gently petting Ciel's head, "You don't have to swallow all of it."

Ciel glared at the cock, much like a cat glares at cold ice cream the first time he tries it. But he eventually stuck out his tongue and licked the slit. Deciding finally that it wasn't going to bite him, Ciel continued his licking.

Now Sebastian had been very faithful to Ciel while they were apart, so it had been over 3 years since his last sexual experience. So it was totally understandable for his control to be lacking somewhat. He could feel that familiar tugging, the warning of an orgasm, coming like a speeding train.

"Ciel," he muttered, taking a step back away from that glorious tongue. Ciel however just followed him forwards.

"Ciel stop," He repeated, taking another step back. The younger male continued to follow him, till the back of Sebastian's leg's met the bed.

"Sebastian," Ciel muttered, pulling back slightly.

Now normally Sebastian had pretty damn good control over his orgasms. However, three and a half years is a long time to go without any sexual contact, and hearing the younger man's sinful mouth say his name like that was just too much.

Ciel spluttered as the salty come filled his mouth. He hadn't expected quite so much, quite so pulled back, chocking on the hot liquid. Of course he didn't take into account that Sebastian wasn't done yet, so he yelped, as the warm liquid splattered over his face.

"You're a mess," Sebastian chuckled, pulling Ciel back to his feet.

"S'not my fault," Ciel muttered, attempting to wipe the goop off his face.

"Come here," Sebastian pulled the boy forwards that they were sitting on the bed. He held Ciel's face in his hands, pulling the younger man closer. He slowly started to clean the come off Ciel's face with gently licks. His tongue swirled over his ex-master's right eyelid, the eye that had once signified their contract.

"Sebastian, that's gross," Ciel commented, once he was ex-demon just smirked, drawing the young man into his lap. Their lips met in another kiss, fiery and passionate, their hands running up and down each others heated flesh.

"Missed you so much," Ciel murmured as Sebastian rolled him on his back. He subconsciously spread his legs, "missed having you in me."

Sebastian settled between his legs, "Did you now?" Sebastian smirked, "Do you want me in you then?" He thrust his hips against Ciel's.

"Yes!" Ciel hissed, trying to spread his legs wider.

"Do you have anything to make this easier?" Sebastian asked.

"Yeah," Ciel muttered, wanting nothing more than to skip this part. He reached over to the night stand and felt around for the small bottler. "Here," He put the bottle in Sebastian's hand, almost dropping it because of the slick residue on the sides.

"This has been used recently," Sebastian muttered, coating his fingers in the oil.

"Ahh!" Ciel asked as the first finger slipped in, " I thought of you," He gasped as the finger thrust in and out, "often." A second finger joined the first. "And used it," a shudder wracked his body as he adjusted to the fingers, "When I think of... Oh my god!" Sebastian smirked. He had found the prostate. "You," Ciel finally finished his thought.

"That's sweet," Sebastian gently kiss Ciel's forehead, gently licking away a little of Ciel's sweat. He accompanied the next kiss with a sharp thrust of his fingers that left Ciel writhing in pleasure.

"More," Ciel moaned, thrust back against the fingers. Sebastian was happy to oblige. He quickly pulled out his fingers and coated his cock with the slick oil. He poised himself to thrust, read to end then.

"Wait," Sebastian ordered, "What if you get pregnant again?" He rolled off the smaller body. His eyes drifted closed as he cursed to himself. This had been a stupid idea. Their relationship was already rocky enough. The last thing they needed was another child. He opened his eyes as he felt Ciel straddle his hips.

"It has been three years since were last together," Ciel chided, as he slowly sank onto Sebastian's cock. "Frankly I don't care if I get pregnant again. All I want is you." He bent over and and kissed Sebastian before slowly moving his hips up and down.

Pretty soon he sped up, talking Sebastian in deeper and harder as he went. Sebastian's hands latched onto his hips, helping to lift him and drop him back down. He had missed this. Missed being surrounded by such amazing heat. With one final thrust, waves of ecstasy crashed over them.

Ciel rolled off Sebastian and cuddled close, basking in the warmth of having another man in his bed again. A gentle kiss was pressed to his forehead, warm arms wrapping around his waist.

"Why did it take you so long to find me? " Ciel muttered, his face pressed into Sebastian's chest.

"It took me a year to negotiate my way back to earth," Sebastian replied slowlyly. "I went to the manor first, but it was deserted. "He pressed a kiss into Ciel's hair. "I then went to see Prince Sohma and Agni and see if they knew where you were. Luckily they were still in London, but they didn't know your whereabouts . About a year and a half ago I left them and began my search for you again." He ended his speech with a kiss on Ciel's lips.

"You're not allowed to leave again," Ciel told him, "That's an order."

"Yes, my Lord," Sebastian smirked. He captured Ciel's lips in a searing kiss, rolling on top of him, ready for round two.

They had just separated. Ciel's hands were running down Sebastian's chest when the resounding "Papa! We're hungry!" Echoed through the house.

"Sorry," Ciel sighed, gently pushing Sebastian off him and sliding off the bed. "The children need me."

Sebastian watched from the bed as Ciel got dressed and went to tend to the children. He was finally home.

~*~ Epilogue ~*~

One month later, Sebastian was sitting in the kitchen, drinking his morning tea. He had already feed the children and was going to leave for work as soon as Ciel was awake. He was bent over Adrien's plate, helping the child cut his food when Ciel wandered out of their bedroom.

Ciel took one wiff of the kitchen smells and went running back out of the room, one hand over his mouth to keep from puking all over the floor.

"Told you so!~" Sebastian said, going to take care of his retching lover.

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