Title: City of Angels

Author: Jigoku Shoujo12

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. I also disowned the title, I just got it from the movie of Mr. Nicolas Cage, one of my favorite Hollywood actors, and it is really a nice movie, I can't think of any title that would fit in my story…

Author's Note:

Hi, I hope you like this even though it is just two shots only; I was inspired by the movie, so I decided to do this fanfic …Please don't forget to leave a review…

Chapter 1:

Sakura's POV:

They said loving someone is the best thing in this world, but what if being together with someone you love will just cause pain, is it the best thing to let it go or to be with that person even the fate doesn't allowed you to be together, this is what happened to me, I love that person very much, but he doesn't belong in our human realm, he did belong to the angel's realm…


My name is Haruno Sakura, 18 years old, I was born with a weak body, even when I was a child, I always got sick, I am not allowed to go out to play like an ordinary children, I am always in my room, filled with toys, but even I am like this I still thank God for giving me the chance to live in this world and to be with my parents. I am always in the hospital, I here right now, my mom had just leave for work and the same with my dad, I know my situation, I also accepted it, I had leukemia and have only few years to live. I hate to see my mom and dad got worried about me, so I always act cheerful in front of them.

To be honest I am just sad, but I am not blaming God for what I am, I am thankful. I had met someone who made me glad and happy; he was always on my side ever since I was born, protecting me, guarding me, and the last thing that I was really glad for it, he love me…

It happened when I am in near death experience, I almost died that time, it was the time when I saw him, he gently touched my hands, I am the only one who can see him, he is the perfect creature that I ever seen in my life, he is after all an angel, and his name is Uchiha Sasuke.

I thought it was just only a dream, mixing the fantasy to reality, but l could feel my heart racing in my chest, the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins, when he touches and kisses me. The sweet scent that came from his skin it filled through my lungs. Even though he didn't say it, I know he broke the law of Angel's Realm; it is where the angels live as he said to me, and Michael is the leader of angels. The law he broke that I was thinking, it is to fall in love with a human, it is forbidden, I think…

How I miss him, nowadays, I haven't seen him; did he get punished for loving me? Did Michael, the leader of the angels, forbid him to come at my side, just thinking at these things, it makes me sad, I do not want to be part with Len, he is one of my reasons why I didn't want to leave in this world, but what if he was a human, am I able to meet him, am I allowed to love him as he love me much.

I can feel him, when he still didn't show to me, I know he was there, I always feel his presence and I had always the feeling of being watched, but it is not with murderous intent, it felt like I was protected. I truly miss Sasuke, where are you right now? Suddenly, someone kissed my cheeks, and I know who it is, the sweet scent that I love, he is here.

"Did you just call me?" he said in his melodic velvet voice, and then he smiled at me.

"Sasuke!" I said. The happiness filled my heart. I embrace him tightly, how I missed him. "I thought you were punished by Michael and you will not see me again." My eyes betrayed me, the tears fall. Sasuke suddenly kissed my eyes, and I feel comforted by it.

"As I thought, you will be worried and I am here, don't worry and please don't cry, I don't want you crying." He said and then this time he kissed my lips. How gentle his touch is. "Get some rest, Sakura." He put me into a comfortable position.

"I don't want to sleep yet." I said childishly, and then he smiled at me.

"It is alright, I won't leave your side again, I'll be here, now get some rest." After hearing those word from him, I felt sleepy, perhaps he made me sleep again, before I completely fall in my slumber, I reached his hands, I am making sure not to leave me alone, and for the first time I am afraid to be alone, I always thought dying would be good, it makes you completely rest in peace. But when I met Sasuke, I am now afraid to die, afraid to be part with him…


As they said, dreams have do ending, morning's means the dreams had ended… The day I fear most had come Sasuke wasn't anymore at my side, he had gone, and I felt my heart just broken into pieces, where is he now? Days, weeks, months had been past, the days without him, I always cry in my room every night, even in my dreams, I was alone. When Sasuke was with me, in my dreams we are together, he always brought me into the Angel's realm in my dreams. But now, I was alone in the place that I didn't know, it is a scary place, a place filed with darkness, no one was there except me, perhaps it was hell.

My condition had become worst, I started to feel despair, I am alone; I always makes my parents worried, what a troublesome child I am. I do not want to see them crying. Right now I wish to disappear, or in other words, to die, I am tired of living; the medical practices are painful and tiring. Oh, please God, take me away… Give me my rest… Then, I know I am not yet dead, I can still hear voices, and I am in comatose.

In my sleep, I saw stairs, is it a stairs to heaven or to hell? I don't know what it is, but I want to go there, perhaps it is the place where I can see him again, is it the way to Angel's realm? When I was about to go there, someone hugged me from my back, the sweet scent that I know, the warm and gentle arms and hands that I always love, it was Sasuke, then my tears fall down…

"Don't give up yet, Sakura." He said to me, my heart is pounding in my chest, I know he can feel and hear it.

"I am tired, Sasuke, and if living without you, what is the point?" I said. I know I hurt him in my words, but it is true, I just want to be with him, and if dying is the key I will take it.

"No, you should live, I know you can forget me, and you will be fine, I'll do whatever I can to make your illness gone, even if sacrificing my love for you, I will do it…" he said to me in his velvet voice, did he just say that I can forget and go on in my life? He is my life; I don't want to lose him.

"I don't want to lose you Sasuke, you are my life, please don't say that." Then I release from his embrace. "If I can I just want to spend eternity with you." I smiled at him, then I walked away from him, and I am towards to the stairs. "I love you very much, Sasuke." When I am on the last step of stairs, someone take his hands towards me, he had an ebony hair, like Sasuke, and he wore black coat, and everything, opposite from what Sasuke is wearing, an all white coat. He also had an angel-like appearance, perhaps he is a death god, ready to take me, and then he smiled at me.

"Come here, I'll take you to my realm." He said to me, what did he just say? To his realm, am I going to hell? Is he Satan? My body is moving on its own! "It is the place where you should belong, Sakura," he said but his voice was something and as if it was something you can resist. I just wanted to have rest, but what is happening to me?

"Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Sai, and I am the one who lead the death god realm, if you go there you can spent your eternity with him" he said. I know it is my wish, but somehow I am not happy or glad about it.

"I don't want to go there." I said, and then release my hands.

"So you want the hard way, then I shall tell you, it needs Len to fall, and become one of the angels who was homeless and wandering through the eternity, and let me remind you, once they fall, they cannot go back, is it that you wish? To see him wandering in the middle of the realms and also he won't be able to find you," he said, I was frozen from he said, I don't know anything about it; I don't want Sasuke to become a homeless and wandering angel.

"Is there no other way?" I asked.

"Oh, there is another way, it is to make you go back, and live to the fullest, but you will not remember anything about him, as punishment for him, he need to guard you until you die, of course he will suffer from the pain of unrequited love." He said. After hearing those words, my heart feels like it was pinned by thousands of needles.

When I was about to take his hands, Sasuke grab my wrist… He takes me away from him…

"Where are you going to take me?" I asked him.

"To the Angels realm and I will ask Michael for permission. I was surprised by hearing that… I just put my arms to his nape; it is the first time when I see his wings…


I was allowed to spend eternity with him, I become an angel like him, a lot of things and trials before I became an angel, Sasuke almost died protecting me, he was punished to death when he faced Michael, but my love for him was the one who protects him from death. He just said the words I wanted to hear…

"I offer up my eternal love to you and I also offer every part of myself to you." He said to me. Perhaps I don't need those words because I am able to be with him, at last…

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