Charlie just died, em and bella are humans and siblings.


Bella's POV

How can Charlie just die like that? Leaving us here, alone? Emmett's comforting me while driving, I tried to stop, but I kept crying. Oh my god.. "EM! Look at the road!"

" Don't worry, you know I'm great at driving, you're freaking out!" He smiled at me and chucked. "NO EMMETT! STOP NOW! THERE"S A DEER" Then everything went black.

Emmett's POV

She's so upset.. I don't know what I can do.. watching her cry like that.. "EM! Look at the road!" haha, I'm her big brother, she shouldn't feel embrassed crying in front of me.. "Don't worry, you know I'm great at driving, you freaking out!" I smiled at her, attempted to cheer her up. I chucked at her being over-worried. "NO EMMETT! STOP NOW! THERE'S A DEER" holy.. SHIT.

Edward's POV

If it wasn't for Esme I wouldn't have came out to hunt.. sigh. She's right though.. I haven't hunted in months.. I'm fucking thirsty.. Then I smelt blood, tasty, sweet, mouthwatering blood. I didn't have time to think what is it, I ran and ran till I bit hard into that animal's body. I slowly pull myself back to see the rest of my prey before finishing it.

It's a human. I jumped back right away. How could I.. Oh my.. I can't believe I did that.. I don't know what to do..

Someone's hands were on my shoulders, I turn to attack. I realized it was carslie. I stared at him for a second. "I'm so sorry.. im so sorry..i'm really sorry.." He looked at me, and was about to say something before I ran into the woods.

Carslie's POV

I noticed Edward leaving the hunting area, I looked at where he was going.. to the main road. I tried to catch up with him, but he was too fast. When I got there, I was too late.. he kept telling me he was sorry. "Edward.." He ran away before I got to say anything. I looked at the girl.. She's not dead yet.. there's still heart beat.. I knelt beside her.. she was bitten already.. it's too late for me to suck the votum out.. it's already in her heart, stopping it slowly. "em.." she whispered. Then I noticed there was someone else in the car, I carefully took him out. He's dying. Should I turn him as well? They seems so close, siblings perhaps..or couples.. By any how it seems they can't live without each other.. I can't.. I don't know… "Turn him" a voice told me. I looked back.

It was the rest of my family, I looked at my wife, then alice, jasper.. and then realized it was Rosalie who said that. "turn him" she repeated. I didn't wait for another second. I bit him.


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