More oneshots to fuel your fire with. I still don't have my new drive so yeah more of these for you and I'm sorry if you read Chibi Jutsu since I said I was almost done with it! In anycase enjoy the 100 words for my dear Severus... I've been in a real Severus mood so later today or tomorrow I'll post up another oneshot titled something like All That Could Have Been... hope you check it out.

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It is a shame and a disgrace to feel warmth spread again from old limb to old limb.

A heart speeds up at a sight most would find too young (for him).

A single unintentional caress catches his breath.

A simple look weakens his knees.

It is too late...

He is in too deep...

Soon seconds alone become torture

And eventually it will be so much harder to be in a crowd

Where a rare stutter will be enough for all to see...

What a shame and a disgrace it is for one so old to fall in love again.