ETitle: Keep Away from the Windows

LaPaige's Challenge Prompt: #4 – Fairytale

Genre: Camp Rock

Type: One-Shot

Character(s): Caitlyn, Mitchie

Author: angellwings

Rating: K+

The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair

Says, "I would have cut it myself,

If I knew men could climb hair.

I'll have to find another tower somewhere,

And keep away from the windows.

Cause I don't care for your fairytales…

-"Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles

Caitlyn groaned as Mitchie slipped a DVD in the player, and tried to think of a way to entertain herself for the next 90 minutes. They were, apparently, watching Mitchie's favorite Disney movie. Personally, Caitlyn could have cared less about "Cinderella", but Mitchie loved it.

"Mitchie, next time I come visit you can we NOT watch a princess movie?"

"What? Oh, come on, princess movies are fun! There's a handsome prince, a lovely maiden with a beautiful gown or two, and victory over evil! That's like-"

"Summer at Camp," Caitlyn said with a smirk.

"Huh?" Mitchie asked.

Caitlyn blinked at her in shock, "Are you kidding me? The Cinderella fangirl hasn't figured this out yet?"

"Figured WHAT out?" Mitchie asked impatiently.

Caitlyn sighed, "YOU are Cinderella. I can't believe I caught on to that before you! I HATE fairytales."

"Why am I Cinderella?" Mitchie asked in confusion.

"Mitch, the Prince Charming of Pop-Rock spent weeks looking for the lovely maiden who had this magic voice. Tess, the evil witch of Camp Rock, attempted to thwart you at every turn. You defeated her, and now date said Prince Charming of Pop-Rock. YOU, my friend, are Camp Rock's very own Rock and Roll Cinderella," Caitlyn told her.

Mitchie rolled her eyes, "I am not."

"Yeah, sure, okay. Whatever, Mitch," Caitlyn smirked patronizingly.

"And Shane is no prince," Mitchie chuckled. "I love the guy, and even I know that."

"I really do NOT want a prince," Caitlyn told her friend. "Not that I need a guy…but if I had one he would be at least a little rough around the edges. If I had a prince I feel like he would be too perfect for me. I need somebody just a little tainted."

"Tainted?" Mitchie asked with a grin. "Oh, Caity, do you have a bad boy complex?"

"Says the girl who is dating the bad boy popstar," Caitlyn said as she playfully rolled her eyes.

"Ex-bad boy popstar, thank you very much," She smirked. "And, I don't know you might do better with a prince than you think."

Caitlyn gave Mitchie a disbelieving look, "What does that mean?"

"I think you're a little tainted and jaded enough for one relationship, don't you? I think someone a little more upbeat might suit you," Mitchie told her brightly.

"Gee thanks, I think?" Caitlyn said with a blank face and a sarcastic tone.

"I just mean that while you are my very best friend and a TON of fun that you can be a little dark at times, and relationships are all about compromise and balance," Mitchie clarified.

"But where does it say that my lighter balance HAS to come from a romantic relationship? Why can't my best friend be my lighter balance?" Caitlyn asked with a smile.

"Aw, Caity," Mitchie smiled as she hugged her friend tightly. "But seriously…you need someone who is a little more idealistic than you."

"Wow, Mitch, I love that you totally just brushed off my compliment," Caitlyn laughed.

"I love you, but you know as well as I do that your TRUE best friend should be the person you're in a relationship with…if it's a serious relationship that is. Not a Tess relationship."

Caitlyn laughed loudly once again, "Ouch, That last sentence was almost mean. I think you've been hanging out with me too much. "

"Shane's been telling me that A LOT lately," Mitchie smirked.

"Since when did you become the relationship guru?" Caitlyn asked her friend.

"Since I started listening to my mom," She chuckled.

"Uh huh, so maybe I should ask your mom to give me an example of who SHE would hook me up with?" Caitlyn asked teasingly.

"Oh, I already know the answer. She and I talked about that the other day!" Mitchie said excitedly.

"And what did she say?"

"Nope, not telling," Mitchie smirked.

"Is this one of those 'you need to figure it out on your own' things?" Caitlyn asked in annoyance. "I have no patience for those."

Mitchie rolled her eyes, "Fine. I'll give you one hint. It's not Shane."

Caitlyn glared at her friend, "Gee big hint, thanks a lot."

"Just think about it. If it's not Shane then who's left?"

"Sander, Barron, Andy…"

"No, Caity, who is Shane ALWAYS around?"

Caitlyn gave her friend a confused look, "Jason or Nate? Really? You think?"

"Like I said, think about it," Mitchie said with a grin. "You never know what you might realize. By the way, you're coming to Shane's Camp Rock reunion thingy over break aren't you?"

"Of course, I mean it's not like I have choice anyway," Caitlyn said as she lightly shoved Mitchie's shoulder.

"No you really don't."

Caitlyn gave Mitchie a suspicious glance, "You're not going to like…try and set me up or anything are you?"

"Me?" She asked as she feigned innocence. "I would never."

"Mitchie," Caitlyn said in a scolding tone.

"Okay, maybe I might have been planning on it…"


"Oh come on! Don't take away my fun!"

"Look, if something happens in my love life then I want it to happen on it's own and not because of any pushing from outside parties. Got it?" Caitlyn said as she raised an eyebrow at her friend.

Mitchie sighed in disappointment, "I guess."

Caitlyn turned back to the screen and scrunched up her nose in disgust, "Can we please watch something with a little more action? Or at least something with a little less animation? Like a Jane Austen marathon."

"We should so watch 'Pride and Prejudice'! I so want my own Mr. Darcy!" Mitchie exclaimed as she hopped up to find the DVD.

"You already have Prince Charming, let ME have Mr. Darcy!" Caitlyn said playfully.

"Ooh! And then we could double date!"

Caitlyn let out a loud laugh and shook her head at her friend. Right now she could care less if she had a boyfriend. Hanging out with her best friend was way more important at the moment. Although, Mitchie had given her plenty to think about.

So, this came from the prompt and my Caitlyn shipping struggle...I never know who I like her best with...*sigh*, and the Mitchie-Cinderalla comparison was eating at me too. Enjoy!