Marvin walked into his girlfriend's house Betty Sue.

"Hey Betty Sue," He smiled "I thought we could watch a film,"

Betty Sue grinned "Okay, have you got one on you?"

Marvin nodded "I'll think you'll really enjoy it,"

The truth was that Betty Sue wasn't going to enjoy this film at all. Marvin had already watched the strange film which was never going to get an Oscar lets be honest. It was a shit film in truth but it cursed you and some freaky, hairy girl came out of the TV and got yah! This of course came after the scary call that said "Seven days,".

Marvin had already watched the video in his attic when he thought he was going to watch the prequel to Lord of the Rings (what an idiot haha).

Marvin received his phone call which resulted in shitting his pants. He now planned for girlfriend to watch it so that he would get of free.

"Stick the film in then Marvin," Betty Sue smiled.

He nodded and wandered over to the TV. He took the haunted videotape out of his back pocket and went to put it in. But he hit a snag! Betty Sue had a DVD player.

"Betty Sue don't you have a VHS?" Marvin asked.

Betty Sue shook her head "No, no-one has one. Don't be silly,"

The blood drained from his face. It was the worst fate ever! The DVD had killed off

the VHS!

So in the end the evil little girly that lived in the video tape killed Marvin and spent her life trapped in the tape. Because lets face it, even if someone did have a VHS player why would they randomly buy a crappy videotape which isn't a mainstream or cult movieā€¦ answer no-one.

Da End and the end for the sucky videotape