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Jessup, Maryland

Edward couldn't believe what was happening. He hadn't heard from or seen Alice in years. Not since Jacob Black. Jacob Black. That name has haunted him for the past five years. The name of the man who had taken his best friend away, who had broken his family apart, who he had given up a normal life for so he could put an end to his family's suffering.

Alice, Edward, and Emmett, grew up close to one another. After giving birth to Edward, his mother, Elizabeth, suffered a great deal of trauma and was never able to have any more children. So, instead, he wound up and his aunt and uncles house to play with Emmett and Alice. Edward found the siblings he had always wanted, and was awarded with the satisfaction of not having to live with them. Or share a room with Emmett.

Alice and Edward were closer in age, so of course they had been close. Edward stuck by Alice, protected her all throughout school, walked her anywhere she needed, typical big brother stuff that Emmett always seemed too busy to do. It wasn't that Emmett wasn't a good brother, he was just older and preoccupied, and knew Edward was there if a problem were to arise.

When Alice had met Jacob, Edward was happy for her. That was, until he met him. Edward and Alice had just graduated college when Alice had met her 'soul mate'. She invited Edward and Emmett to meet Jacob and her at a local restaurant one afternoon. As soon as the introductions were given, Edward knew this guy was bad news. His eyes, which seemed friendly enough, said cold hearted bastard, his warm smile said, I can make your life a living hell, his hand shake voiced his hunger for power, and his entire body screamed murderer! Edward immediately didn't like him. Emmett never showed to meet him.

After he told Alice, nicely, that he thought that she find someone else, she didn't take it too well. She screamed at him and told him he was ridiculous and that she loved Jacob. She didn't speak to Edward again until a few months later after she had witnessed the murder and was robbed of her virginity. He was the first one she called.

To say that Edward was furious was an understatement. He immediately rushed to Alice, called the police, and went to find Jacob. He found him at his apartment, which he stole the address from Alice's phone. At first he knocked. When Jacob didn't answer he knocked down the door and searched the apartment. He knew Jacob was there. His bike was outside. He found him in the bedroom when two women, Edward didn't see either of their faces. He lunged for Jacob grabbing his long black hair and threw him out of the bed. He didn't hear the screams of the girls, he didn't hear the pleading, he didn't hear Emmett calling his name. He did hear the grunts from Jacob, he heard the splattering of the blood, he heard the bones in his face break, and he heard the angry cries that left his mouth.

He didn't remember Emmett dragging him outside, he didn't remember Emmett driving him home, he didn't remember Alice in the hospital, and he didn't remember the trial. He remembers Aunt Esme in tears, his Uncle Carlise holding onto Alice, he remembers Alice's last goodbye, he remembers one of the worst days of his life. It was also the same day he decided to devote himself to riding the world of sons of bitches that were responsible for breaking up, not only his family, but every other family that has had to endure the loss of a loved one to witness protection.

The next month he left to train at Quantico.

Now it was happening all over again. Except this time it wasn't just Alice. Alice's friend. A woman who meant a lot to Alice was going to go through the same thing. A beautiful woman with a bright future. A family. A woman who might not have the chance to start a family because of this. Sure it was kind of irresponsible for her to be digging up all of this information, and especially arranging meetings with strange men she did not know. He couldn't believe how reckless she had been. A part of him was mad at her for getting Alice in this situation again, but then again, she didn't know. She didn't seem like the type of person who would cause trouble. In fact, she seemed like the type of person who would go out of her way to help someone.

Her and Alice's episode in the Director's office had surprised everyone in the room. Too much crying. No one wanted to see any crying. Especially these two young women who were the victims of such scum. Now they were being uprooted to a safe house, away from home, away from friends, away from their lives and family. Except Alice, she had Edward and Emmett. Director Volturi had allowed for the both of them to join the lead the protection for the girls. Conflict of interest they may be, but the Director also knew that Edward and Emmett, given the circumstances, would without a doubt be at the top of their game. Aside from the small involvement of the U.S Marshalls, the FBI would be leading every area of this investigation, including protection.

Now here they were, walking into a small secluded house in Maryland. Not knowing exactly how long this would be home. For Alice, just until they found a new place to hide her, for Bella, until after a jury reached a verdict.

While showing the girls their rooms, which were joined by a bathroom that they would get to share, ground rules were being laid down.

'Okay so,' Edward started sitting on the old rough leather couch, 'you cannot have any contact with anyone outside the FBI or any other involved agency. No leaving without an escort and you will not even be leaving this house unless it is a FBI matter.'

Edward was trying to be stern but the gloom on both women's faces was breaking his heart. He continued telling both girls that they could have no contact outside their little circle, not even being able to answer the door for the pizza delivery boy for fear of being recognized by someone affiliated with the La Push.

After asking if they understood all of the rules, Bella spoke, 'Umm…Agent Masen,'

'Edward. Please, call me Edward,' he tried to give her a reassuring smile.

She attempted one in return, 'Okay Edward. Umm…is there anyway, maybe, someone could tell my dad that I'm okay?'

The tears forming in her eyes was breaking Edward's heart. He gently grasped her hands in his and sighed, 'Miss Swan, we cannot let you have contact with anyone…'

Bella cut in before he could continue, 'No! No, no. No direct contact, I just want someone to let him know I'm safe. I'm all he's got and if I just disappear it will break his heart. I can't do that to him.' Silent tears were falling from her eyes now.

'Miss Swan, I'll see what I can do. Why don't you give me his contact information and I'll do what I can,' Edward didn't know if it would be possible, but damn it he would try.

'Thank you,' she sobbed, 'and it's Bella,' she griped his hands a little tighter. He smiled.

Suddenly she let go and turned to Alice her eyes wide. Edward's hands felt a little lonely.

'Alice, what about Jasper!'

Alice felt the sting at the mention of his name. She turned to Edward and then Emmett, 'Can you tell Jasper we are okay, too?'

Emmett looked at Edward and then his sister and sighed, 'We'll see what we can do.'

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