Day Three

It has been two days, six hours, and thirty-seven minutes (because counting the seconds is too obsessive, even for Inui, who kindly noted this fact) since Ryoma last saw Karupin. Lately, Ryoma has been sulky and lonely and cold and lazy.

Atobe hates it.

After all, how can playing tennis with someone so sulky be enjoyable?


He has to think of a way to get a satisfactory tennis match out of the brat.


The next day (the third day, as Inui kindly points out again), Ryoma finds Atobe in his bedroom, smirking.


"Huh?" says Ryoma.

At this, Atobe says: "Your cat left you, and the glorious gift I have given you is more than enough. Now get up and play tennis with me."

Ryoma is still sleepy, and he really doesn't want to deal with Atobe right now. He feels nauseous. It must be Atobe's presence.

"I said I've got you a gift, brat." says Atobe.

Ryoma grunts, and closes his eyes. The next thing he knows, some big wet thing is licking his face, and he's being pushed down the bed. He sneezes. He knows that scent very well.

"I'm... allergic to dogs."


I'm not really a big fan of romance, and it suprises me that I wrote this (if this can even be considered as romance). Anyway, what do you think? Concrit will be appreciated.