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Chapter One

I never really paid attention to the robot kids in my school, all of them were exactly the same, nothing special about any of them but that all changed the day Annabel Greene sat on my wall. That's silly isn't it? The way I used to think about it as my personal wall, well until Annabel came across it then I guess it became kind of OUR wall. Anyway, that first day when she sat down she instantly got out her lunch she didn't really look very hungry but I guess she felt uncomfortable sat on a wall with the "Angriest boy in school," I mean she probably heard what I did to that kid Robbie and the rumors about that fight at the club, they were the reasons that I went away for a while I needed to learn to calm down and collect myself, a little thing called anger management. Trust me it helped. She looked so nervous as she sipped her water, like she was expecting to get randomly attacked, I noticed her glance towards one of the most popular girls in the school. I say popular I mean feared, ah that's where I had seen her from before, I looked back and vaguely remembered her hanging with the popular girl Sally, Sarah, Sophie; whatever, at the beginning of the year. Sophie smiled at her and to me it didn't look friendly, is that why Annabel had chosen to sit on my wall? Because of some sill school girl tiff. Ahh well pretty soon I would have to begin to admire her from her from afar. Her blonde hair cascaded down her back and from what I could see from her profile she was beautiful. She was thin and looked quite nervous but at any rate that didn't deduct any of her natural beauty. I could feel her enquiring eyes on me I figured it would be best not to look at her because if I did it would be extremely hard to tear my eyes away from her so I sat there as nonchalantly as I could just drumming my fingers to the beat of the music. Most people knew me as the guy with the huge obsession with music so I silently prayed that Annabel thought that too and not just that I was an angry thug. Music had been my release for so long after my parents divorce it was my escape from the constant arguing and gradually I got listening to so many weird tracks and essentially music began to take over my life. It was strange I was Owen Armstrong, I didn't care what people thought about me but here I was hoping that some girl I didn't even know would see me as a music obsessed, handsome young man instead of an aggressive, troublesome bully. I noticed Annabel turn her attention away from me so I decided it was safe to glance in her direction, she looked at that other girl who had sat on the wall I think her name was Cathy or Clarke, that was it. Clarke. Annabel looked extremely wistful and they kept eye contact before Clarke turned away and walked to the opposite end of the yard. Hmm, another little rift?

For the rest of lunchtime Annabel just sat there and stared vacantly at the floor, she didn't eat the rest of her lunch and I began to wonder why but I didn't want to interfere it wasn't any of my business. She kept glancing at her watch worriedly I began to wonder if she was expecting someone and if she was why the hell were they keeping her waiting. With five minutes to go a red jeep pulled up to the kerb and Annabel glanced up, could this be the guy she was waiting for? The guy seemed to think he was something better than everyone else there as he glanced around the yard from down his nose, then he looked at Annabel and I saw a glimmer of recognition, yet Annabel began to lose what little colour she had in her cheeks, this didn't seem good. Annabel kept her eyes on the jeep until it had left the school yard completely. I saw her turn around and throw up onto the grass behind us and instantly I knew something was not right, I didn't put her illness down to a funny tummy, I knew it had something to do with what had just happened. She turned around and caught me staring at her her eyes were full of intensity and this surprised me for the month that I had been there I must have passed this girl a thousand times never realising her true potential beauty. She was truly gorgeous I noticed her eyes were a deep blue she was so pretty she could have anyone she wanted so why was she focusing all of her attention on a guy who made her feel sick? I was flustered that she had caught me looking at her and when she turned away I hurriedly made my way to class. I turned around to look at her one last time before I entered the school building she was sat alone, her head in her hands, her whole body shaking as if she was crying.