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Chapter One: Stranger Things Have Happened


Strange things happen in Cardiff.

But due to the media's influence, many people dismiss it as a hallucination from drugged water.

And for those who do figure out what's really going in their city, Captain Jack Harkness prescribes a dose of Retcon and some sleep.

Once you do that, you'll forget all about him, his team and the aliens.

Nothing says safe like a trigger-happy secret organization, am I right?


Those were Gwen Cooper's thoughts from time to time about Torchwood.

When she was a police officer, she had seen her share of senseless violence, blood, death, but that was child's play compared to what happened here.

She'd seen her friends die, one twice. She'd seen the truth, and secretly, she was terrified.

Weevils, Daleks, they were all real.

No drugs in the water, no hoaxes, all of it existed.

"Gwen, are you even listening to me?" An American accent called drawing her out of her thought bubble.

She looked up at Jack who sat in front of her in the SUV.

"Sorry, I was just...thinking..." She murmured and turned her attention back to the window.

"Think later, we've got a group of alien downtown." He said as Ianto Jones pulled the SUV to a stop outside a dark building.

"Right." She muttered as she slid out.

"Okay, try not to get injured, they often steal weapons and are hostile when they have them."

The two nodded to him as they slipped in.


Jack slid silently away from Ianto and Gwen. The two knew Jack would be investigating alone.

He walked down a hallway being careful not to give his position away.

He felt a tug on his arm, pulled his gun out and spun around.

No one was there.

He pulled again, he was still stuck.

'Great, my coat's stuck.' He thought. He slipped out of it and pulled again.

"Freeze." A voice said.

Jack ignored it, spun around and pointed his gun at the creature.

Before he could shoot, he felt a jolt go through his body he stumbled backwards slightly. Quickly, he straitened up and shot.

He heard the bullet enter and saw a splash of blood. Jack reached over to grab his coat. He was sure others had heard the shot and were now coming.

He pulled his coat off the wall with a little resistance and put it back on.

Immediately, he noticed there was a problem.

The sleeves of the coat covered his hands and the back part touched the floor.

Just then, his Bluetooth beeped.

"Jack, we heard a gun shot, are you alright?" A frantic Welsh woman asked. Jack gulped.

"Gwen, Ianto, get outside, I think I have a little problem, literally." He said.