Yes! My first Ranma ½ fan fic! I'm excited. Somehow I think I like Rumiko Takahashi. XD

I originally came up with this idea in a waiting room. Yes, I was extremely bored. However, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, inspiration came from the monotony. And then, it was written on a very long plane ride. :D

I love Ryoga and Ukyo. :)

Also, sorry about the craptastic summery.... it really sucks, doesn't it?

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Waiting- (v.)- The passing of time until an expected event.

Ryoga watched a shooting star disappear over the horizon. As it passed, he remembered the myth that stated, "If you wish on a shooting star, your wish will be granted." HE mentally paged through his dreams for one to wish for, finally picking one.

"I wish for happiness. For me and for Akane and Ranma." He whispered. "Though I doubt I'll find happiness." He added miserably. I've spent my entire life in Ranma's shadow. In everything, he's always excelled, always more than I have. He's stronger, faster, and smarter than me. And now, he's got Akane too.

Ryoga's meditation was interrupted as he heard someone coming through the grass towards him. He glanced up and found Ukyo standing next to him.

"Hey Ryoga. What'cha doin out here by yourself? Not sulking over Ranma and Akane, are you?" She queried, teasing him.

"Just stargazing." HE replied quietly.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Nope." He replied as Ukyo sat on the grass beside him.

"What are you doing out here at this time of night?" HE questioned.

Ukyo smiled. "Just stargazing." She looked up at the star encrusted sky. "Hey look! A shooting star! Make a wish Ryoga!" Ukyo closed her eyes and concentrated for a second. "There. What'd you wish for, Ryoga?" She looked so happy, smiling for no other reason than the fact that she had made a wish. Somehow, her joy was contagious and Ryoga returned her smile.

"I though if you told someone, it wouldn't come true?" He teased her.

She stucked her tongue out at him.

"OH pooh! Fine, I'll tell you what I wished for. Happiness and peace in our little group."

"Our little what?"

"Our group! You know, like Ranma and Shampoo and Mousse and the two of us?"

"I fail to see how we make up a 'group'. Half the time we're trying to kill each other." Ryoga replied dourly.

"Well, yeah. But I think somewhere along the way, we began to bond a little. Even you and Ranma don't fight so much anymore." Ukyo smiled at him again. "So, will you tell me now?"

Ryoga sighed. "You're very persistent, you know that?" Ukyo's only response was her grin widening. Ryoga looked up at the stars again. "I wished for happiness too." He sighed and put his head in his hands.

Ukyo put her hand on his shoulder, apparently guessing the exact specifications of his wish.

"I guess we're both gonna have to wait for our wishes to come true."

Ryoga looked up at her and smiled.

"At least we can keep each other company."