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Chapter 2

"And although beauty can be both wise and cleaver, still a butterfly do not see the web woven in order to still it's freedom."

They ate in silence, the soft notes from the grand piano were the only bit of sound between the two of them. Yura looked up at the man before her, she couldn't think of how to describe how much he seemed to be apart of this atmosphere. It was like he was born to be in such luxury. Her eyes shied back down at her food for the hundredth time that night, feeling quite rude for staring again. "Is there something the matter with your food, Yura?" Keiichi asked, his smooth voice drifted effortlessly over all other noise. Yura looked up upon the sudden intrusion of his words, "ah! No, of course not... I was just lost in thought, I guess."

Everything that the young actress said were always like timid little mirrors of herself, so unlike her mother, so unlike her shachou. Keiichi smiled and his eyes softened, "oh? And what are these distracting thoughts?" His head tilted to left to rest it on his knuckles, with a laid back, common expression, was there nothing that he couldn't make look elegant?

"Shachou-" Keiichi sighed disappointedly, "Yura..." He spoke out before she could finish, reminding her of there earlier agreement. "I mean, K-Keiichi..." Yura stopped once more, only this time it was on her own. She felt her mind become fuzzy and her stomach flip with the lack of formality. Formality kept gaps from closing, it kept things comfortable. She felt like she had been thrown into the deep end of a pool and unable to touch the bottom.

"Yes?" Urging her to continue, Keiichi sipped his wine whilst waving down a nearby waitress for more. "Keiichi, thank you." His eyes widened, placing his glass back down on the table in utter confusion. "May I ask for what, Yura?" He asked, "everything. I don't know the real reason why you took me in when I had decided to abandon my mother, or why, spite not knowing me at the time, you were so kind to me and stood beside me when I needed you the most. And now, here I am... at such a wonderful place. All because of you." She would still be just the daughter of two famous people, and still would be a nobody. No matter how you were to look at it, he saved her. Regardless of how many times he might betray her in the future for her sake... Yura owed him everything she was able to offer, her time, dedication, and her success. It all belonged to Keiichi.

Keiichi simply watched her, and examined her every move and expression. He was just about speak when something in his left pant pocket began to vibrate, it was Yura's phone he had confiscated! Quickly, before it caught the girl's attention, he pressed a side button to silence the call. He knew who it was that was calling her, because he was the one of the few who didn't know she now had his company phone, it was always that boy. Keiichi had made it very clear to the young pop star that any contact with Yura was strictly reserved for the camera only. Whatever sort of scandal or "relationship" he wished to have with his actress to boost his popularity was fine, as long as it was just that, a gimmick. Now with his back turned on Q-ta, he was going to focus his time and energy on keeping Yura busy and her mind away from any thoughts of dating singers for a very long time.

Yura finally began to eat her food, spite her love for her native Japanese food, her Italian dish was quite good. Her mind began to go to other things, such as the people who go here... She wondered if Shachou went here often, the way he acted and how at ease he was, she would have to say very often. Yura swallowed softly as another assurance crossed her mind, I wonder what kind of people he attends to restaurants with... Not that it really mattered to her, it was just that obviously curiosity had yet to kill her cat at home. Yura's smile slumped at her mind, "well that was a dumb thought." The girl whispered under her breathe, she didn't even have a cat.

Keiichi looked up at Yura with a confused look, "what was that, Yura-san?" He wasn't sure what she said, but for some reason he wanted to smile with mock humor. The said person jumped with surprise at being heard, apparently it was only for her ears. "Oh, nothing! Nothing at all... Just talking to myself." She started to laugh of her embarrassment and quickly switched the subject. "So, Keiichi-san... Do you come here a lot? You seem very familiar with this place." She casually asked, watching him stab at his salad a few times and then bringing it too his mouth. "Only on business, when I'm expected to join gatherings with my former talents and other producers." "I see, never for just pleasure? Just because you wanted to?" Keiichi stopped his raid upon his food and looked straight at her, "Only once." Just like that, he closed the door on that conversation.

She should have just nodded and smiled, excepting the possibility that perhaps her manager comes here frequently with another person... Another woman. It's not like she has anything to do with his life, besides what is she even thinking about, she has Q-ta! He loves her, and is kind to her, why would it matter to her who her Shachou is with? Still, maybe it's the thought of her having to share her manager's time with another, it's probably because Yura was so used to having him devote his time and effort to her and making her big that suddenly the realization of the fact that she Isn't the only one he buys clothes for and takes to dinner. Then it struck her, hard. How selfish was she, to think that she could monopolize him like that? Shaking her head, Yura continued eating, until she heard someone calling her name.

"Yura-san!" A boyish yelp came from behind the girl, a figure came bound towards the table. Yura turned around to see none other than Q-ta just a few feet from her table, she was all but shocked that he was even here. "Q-ta!" She didn't bother with getting up because he was by her chair in a matter of minutes, "what are you doing here? I thought you where off somewhere recording." Q-ta cracked a smile, "well, you would have known that I was back in town if you had answered your phone more often." He said accusingly, Yura began to feel a slight shiver down her neck as she knew the reason why didn't return his calls. She was forbidden to tell him, that and her Shachou had confiscated her phone. "Well, you see I-" "Yura has been unfortunately busy, she has hardly had any time for socializing. In fact it was incredibly rare that she had had time for a breather. This was one of those times." And you ruined it... His eyes seemed to had delivered the message quite well to the young boy, but in all his smug glory; just smiled and ignored it entirely.

Q-ta had been trying to get through to Yura for quite some time, he had in fact just come back from France from his recording session as well as his concert ha had there. He had hoped to invite her to this very place, but when he wasn't able to get her to answer his calls he had just decided to come anyways with his producer. The young singer had no idea he would end up seeing her here upon arrival. And with her manager no less... A stab of jealousy ran through him. "Well Yura, since your here, I wanted to ask, are you busy tomorrow?" He smiled handsomely waiting for her answer quite expecting a excited 'yes!' come from her beautiful lips.

Before Yura could even utter a word, Keiichi's voice interrupted with authority. "No. She is very busy tomorrow. As I have said before, she will have hardly any room in her schedule for distractions." Keiichi closed his eyes as he sipped his fine wine, knowing his words left a satisfactory blow to the bow. Q-ta's smile faded, leaving a frown in it's wake. So he was a distraction, was he? "And yet, here she is having enough free time to eat dinner with you?" The older man turned his gaze back to his food and spoke calmly, "I am her manager, and this was a gift to her for a job well done for the many interviews that was assigned to her for today." Q-ta knew that being her manager, he would arrange her time in anyway he saw fit, giving himself the upper hand, and giving Q-ta the worse hand possibly dealt. "Ah... I see." The boy spat bitterly, he then faced Yura once more, and smiled kindly towards her. "Well, until we can meat again, Yura, I hope you have good night." He then bent down and place a loving kiss on her cheek whilst weaving his fingers through her hair.

Keiichi watched the scene play out in front of him, gripping his knife and fork. Well played, boy, well played. His eyes narrowed and his jaw was clenched. Q-ta saw this and stood up once more and shot him a look that was the epitome of cockiness and left.

The evening ended shortly and the two headed home, Keiichi's mood and infinitely soured since Q-ta's unexpected presences. He brooded upon the situation the entire drive home, until a small voice broke through his thoughts. "Shachou... Are you alright?" Keiichi snapped out of his thoughts and faced Yura, seeing her eyes, and how they held concern for him lifted his spirits, and perhaps the hurt in his heart. He knew she cared for the impudent boy... Still, he held onto hope that perhaps, one day she would notice him, perhaps see him as a possible candidate for her heart.

Maybe... Just maybe...

"Yes, Yura, I'm fine. Thank you."