+ Category: Fantastic Children

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+ Genre: Friendship

Author's notes: My side-cut from "As Rain falls along the Road", which gives hints of how Helga got the doll. :)

You knew it! I knew it! I own NOTHING!!!


Two college freshmen - one was a beautiful young lady, another a quite good-looking young man walking side by side on their way home. From undernerth her wide-brimmed hat, her face, so beautiful with its expression of grace, kept turning up to him and sometimes smiled at what he said. The guy, in his fine and confident poise of a professional fighter, smiled down at his companion heartily while his warmth gaze locked into hers, showing much protectiveness. That was the way he always talked to her, never daring to show much full, strong feeling.

As they passed by the playground, she noticed two children by themselves, playing some toys.

"You see? It's always been like that." The little brown-haired girl said, seemingly showing something to the boy around her age.

"Hurgh. I'm hungry." He just turned away, uninterested.

"So let's go home neh." She stretched her hand to the boy. The boy seemed skeptical at first but later took it with a smile. Then they left together, hand in hand.

Curious about the subject of their conversation, the two adults walked to the playground where they spotted an abandoned weighted doll in the sand.

"You know..." She picked the doll up. "I once had something like this...from my parents. It gave me the strength to move on without them."

Pausing a little to recollect her childhood, she continued. "It may sway, but it would not fall no matter what..."

Then the thought of returning it to the children hit her, she immediately ran after them. However, they were already nowhere in sight.

On the way back to where her friend was waiting, she unexpectedly tripped!

And she braced herself for the impact only to find strong arms wrapped themselves around her.

"Are you okay?"

She looked up at her savior's face and smiled.

Just as she tried to stand up, a pain shot through her leg forcing her back. "It..it's hurt."

Suddenly, he cradled her without a word.

"Thomas wha..what are you doing? Put..put me down!!" She exclaimed, a hot sensation found her cheeks.

"No Helga, your leg is bleeding." He paid no heed to her complaint and continued carrying her home.

"But what about the doll?"

"Just leave it over."

"Please Thomas! It's just a scratch; besides, I wouldn't fall again ok?" Her voice soften at some points, making him stop on his track.


"Promise." She smiled up at him.

He then released his hold on her, smiling.

Just as she returned home that evening, a Russia-originated doll in pink had long sat in the corner of her bed. She smiled knowing well where it came from.

The End


Author's final notes: Yeah yeah... Short. But fun to write since the two are really CUTE together right? :)