Chapter 26

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Tolejaros wasn't backing down that easy. "Don't you want to know where those doctors are?"

"Yes," Elliot replied firmly. "But if you think that you're not going to spend any time behind bars for this you are insane."

"I don't think you understand." Tolejaros argued. "I could help you find them."

Benson circled him and then laid her hands firmly on the desk. "And now that you've told us that, not telling us the rest would be an obstruction of justice."

"I know where Zach sends most of his favorites."

"Funny how not a half hour ago you, 'honestly didn't know where they ended up'." Benson sneered.

"Well, now there is something a little more valuable on the board here, now isn't there?" Tolejaros glared at them.

"Where is the plane headed?" Stabler asked. "If you tell us," He glanced at Benson. "We'll be prepared to make a deal."

Tolejaros' lips curled into a satisfied smile.



Thirteen crossed her arms over her chest. She was huddled against the headboard of the bed. Suri hadn't tried to sleep in it last night. She gladly took the floor. Now, the two women were looking at Zach will exhausted faces. Thirteen wouldn't look in Suri's direction.

"You two are needed downstairs." Zach repeated with much less patience than the first time. "I don't want to force you. Bruises aren't pretty."

Suri leaned her back against the wall, closing her eyes. She was satisfied enough with what she had gotten out of the brunette last night. She didn't need round two just yet.

"If you don't," Zach tugged. "I'll just go get Allison and Kelly." The glimmer in his eye told a different story.

Thirteen's head shot up. She was off the bed within seconds. "No, don't." Without thinking she clutched Suri's hand pulling her to stand next to her. Suri looked at her with a face that could only be described as confusion and shock. Thirteen gulped silently, begging Zach to reconsider.

"Smart girl," Zach said, turning around. "Come now."

Suri's lips formed a devious smile. She leaned into Thirteen's ear. "Didn't get enough last night?" Thirteen's eyes shot to the floor.

"You know exactly why I'm doing this." She hissed and then pushed Suri away from her lightly enough that Zach wouldn't notice.

"Whatever you say, Remy." Suri drawled as she followed her out of the room.

Again, Thirteen was being led down the darkest hallway she had ever seen. Her eyes scanned every door, wondering which one Cameron was sleeping behind. She shoved her hands in her pockets as she continued to follow the man with a gun in a holster. Her eyes began to burn, promising the few tears that began to form. She began feeling dizzy, much like when she was drugged just a few days before. She felt her stomach lurch at the anticipation of what was to come.

So is this the rest of my life? Thirteen thought as she passed through more hallways, and down staircases. Being raped. Being raped? It wasn't rape. Was it? Is this my fate? Is this some punishment for who I've been? Is this going to kill me before Huntington's does? And Allison. I couldn't have just pushed Suri away? I'm stronger than her. I should've… It didn't need to happen the way it did.

Thirteen was snapped out of her thoughts when she ran into Zach's back. When she looked up they were in front of a large curtain. She could hear voices and slow music coming from the other side of it. Actually, a lot of voices. Thirteen shivered.

"Alright." Zach nodded to the curtain. "You two are going to go in there and do whatever is asked of you." He pressed the two forward. Suri was looking at the ground as she began to pull the curtain back when she was stopped by Zach's voice. "And just so you both know." The women's heads snapped up to look at him. "I've told them that you two are sisters."

Thirteen fell to her knees and emptied the practically nonexistent contents of her stomach on the hard wood floor. It hit the ground with a horrifying splash sound. It was all liquid.

Zach snapped his fingers and a man appeared from behind the curtain. "You," He pointed at one. "Clean this." He motioned to the bile on the floor. Then, he looked at Suri. "You, clean her up."

Suri nodded awkwardly, still taken aback by what had just happened. She bent down to the ground and surprisingly gently lifted Thirteen from the floor. Thirteen coughed and looked away from Suri, taking her help anyway.

"There's a bathroom inside." Zach said as he turned around and made he quickly made his leave.

Suri held Thirteen by her waist as she pulled the curtain open. The large room was dark enough that no one could see them entering. Scants of light were distributed around the tiny stage and the different little nests made by customers and their current entertainment. Without a word, Suri led Thirteen to the bathroom.

Empty and sad, the bathroom was for one person with a toilet and a sink. Dirt stained the walls and the light gave off a crooked orange glow.

"Sit down." Suri told Thirteen as she began to pull toilet paper off of the roll. Thirteen quickly slid down the wall. Her head was spinning. She wouldn't speak if she could help it. The sound of water flowing in uneven beats could be heard when Suri turned on the rusted faucet.

"Look," Suri said as she let the toilet paper be dampened by the water. She quickly pulled it out to make sure it wasn't too soaked. "I know you hate me…"

"No," Damnit, Thirteen cursed herself for talking. "No, you don't get to play the card of the victim here." Her head was still pounding and she could feel that her stomach may be ready to expel more bodily fluid.

"That's fair." Suri rolled her eyes as she leaned down to Thirteen's level. Thirteen's eyes met hers as Suri lifted the paper to her mouth wiping away the little bit of bile left on her lips.

"Are you trying to say it's not?" Thirteen grunted out when Suri stood up to throw away the paper.

Suri didn't reply as she began pulling more off of the roll. Thirteen closed her eyes. Before she knew it she felt a cold compress on her forehead. Her eyes opened slowly to find Suri gazing at her. She looked almost transparent in the murky light of the bathroom.

"No." Suri responded softly, placing the compress on her cheek. There was a heavy silence in the room for about a minute before Suri spoke again. "I didn't think it was going to go that far last night." Silence, again.

Thirteen grunted, spinning the air between their faces. "Me neither."

Suri moved away again, to throw away the wet paper and repeat the process. Thirteen's eyes followed her as she kneeled back down next to her. Thirteen's eyes were dry and red. She didn't get any sleep the night before.

"I only kept going…" Suri cut herself off. Thirteen's eyes quickly shifted from the ground to Suri's face, waiting anxiously for her continuation. "I," Suri adjusted the compress again. "I thought you wanted it." Suri closed her eyes in anguish though continued to gently slide the compress over the older woman's forehead.

Thirteen closed her eyes as well, enjoying the chill of the water on her face while she tried to digest what Suri was saying. She replayed the moments in her head, like she did many times last night.

I said, "Suri… you've proved your point." I was struggling, but not refusing. I pulled her hips closer to mine. I moaned at her lips on my neck. Thirteen's eyes clenched closed tighter. She shook her head, forgetting for a second that the compress was on her.

"Hold still…" Suri mumbled as she tried to gently still Thirteen's head.

Thirteen opened her eyes to see Suri staring down at her. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't decide now if she wanted to slap the young blond nursing her or tell her that everything was fine. But that was the problem. Nothing was fine.

Thirteen gulped, afraid of what she was going to say. "I came." She whispered.

Suri's mouth opened slightly, surprised by her bluntness. She stood up, unable to stay in such close proximity to the older woman. She threw away the paper and sat on the toilet seat, facing Thirteen.

"I know," Suri said, unable to omit a slight chuckle from her tone.

"So, I don't know." Thirteen ran a hand through her hair, catching the tiny knots as she went. "Maybe I did. Maybe I did want it." Another silence filled the tiny room. Thirteen stared at the sink, unable to look at Suri. She could feel eyes burning into her.

"What would be so wrong with that?" Suri asked. Her tone was soft and non-offensive. She sounded more crestfallen than anything else.

Thirteen glanced at her and without any words spoken, Suri understood.

"Allison," Suri nodded. "Look," She continued, the lightness still in her voice. "Love doesn't get you very far here. You become soft," Her hand clenched into a fist. "Vulnerable."

"She's all I have connecting to me to my old life." Thirteen held her stomach. It was feeling better, just empty. "She's my only hold onto reality."

Suri leaned her head back against the wall. "This is reality, Remy."


Cameron sat down in one of the nests, eyeing Kelly on the other side. A few of Zach's men had come to collect them early that morning. They both had gotten no sleep because last night they were taken to servers at a strip performance. Luckily, Kelly's information had been incorrect and Cameron and her were only supposed to be hired waitresses in skimpy skirts. Cameron decided that it was much better than the other possibility.

Kelly was getting a lot of attention from two men, one on either side of her. She cringed as she watched Kelly make fake moaning sounds as their lips latched onto her supple neck. Cameron shifted uncomfortably under the gaze of passersby.

The room behind the curtain was a dark, intimate space. The nests were set into the floor, covered in pillows and surrounded by candles. It was meant to feel surreal, almost so erotic that the women couldn't help but be turned on. At least, this is how it was described to Cameron and Kelly before they were brought there. Other women and customers were scattered in other nests around the large room. The only light was coming from the candles. This is why Cameron and Kelly didn't even notice when Thirteen and Suri slinked into the bathroom earlier.

"Hey," One of their customers mumbled as he reached out for Cameron's arm. "Come join us, beautiful."

Cameron froze as the man's strong arm pulled her from a sitting position to a kneeling one. Kelly immediately spoke to Cameron with her eyes, begging her to come closer. She would definitely rather have Cameron to focus on then the man currently attached to her earlobe. From her experience, Kelly has found that sometimes the men will be satisfied enough watching her get some girl off and they won't want for anything else. She told Cameron this last night, in order to calm some of her nerves. It only made Cameron shakier.

Kelly's body was bathed in the candlelight. Her and Cameron had been given new lingerie. Cameron's eyes scanned over Kelly's blood red lace bra covering two modestly sized breasts. She couldn't get Thirteen's face out of her mind. She couldn't help wondering what the younger woman was doing right now.

"Allie," Kelly breathed out, reaching her hand to run a finger down Cameron's flat stomach. Cameron's stomach muscles twitched under the light contact. The man's hand pulled a little harder on Cameron, bringing her closer to Kelly.

Cameron leaned over Kelly, her hands on either side of the younger woman's waist. Kelly nodded, begging again with her eyes. Cameron glanced at the younger woman's lips. They seemed to mouth slowly, Trust me. The man's hand let go of Cameron's arm and reappeared on the back of her neck.

Before Cameron could protest, the man had pushed her far enough that her lips began moving against Kelly's in a very slow, rhythmic fashion. The man's hand left her neck and the other's man's lips left Kelly's ear.

Kelly knew that it would only be convincing if she made it so. With either hand on Cameron's hips she pulled them down to meet her own. The skin to skin contact made Cameron gasp slightly against Kelly's lips. With Cameron's hips in Kelly's control, the younger woman flipped the older on her back.

Kelly moved her lips from Cameron's to suck and nip at her neck. Cameron's hand found one of Kelly's and they intertwined tightly together as Cameron's legs parted without her control.

"Kelly," Cameron groaned as she began to feel the young blonde's toned thigh rubbing against her center. "Kelly," This time it came out almost like a warning and Kelly chuckled against Cameron's ear, then took the lobe into her mouth.

Cameron threw her head back as Kelly continued sucking on her ear and rubbing her thigh against her. The friction was absolutely delicious and every time Cameron felt Kelly's tongue run along the shell of her ear she shivered.

After a little while of this Cameron's center was heated and very damp. Kelly could feel her glistening juices coat her thigh through the panties. She knew Cameron was ready.

Kelly removed her lips from Cameron's ear and neck to whisper, "I'm gonna go down on you." Cameron's grip on the girl's hips tightened and she gasped.

"But I never…" Cameron began to protest.

"Shh," Kelly soothed. "You'll like it, I promise. You can picture Remy if you want." Cameron's hands trembled under Kelly's body as it slinked down her own. When she felt Kelly's breathing against her soaked underwear she moaned and arched her back.

Kelly chuckled. I haven't even touched her yet.

Slowly Kelly pulled Cameron's panties down her thighs. Cameron quickly forgot about the men and possible others watching them when Kelly lips began leaving open mouth kisses on her inner thighs.

Kelly then slid her tongue up Cameron's slit to suck gently on her already desperate clit. A groan came from Cameron's lips as her back lifted off the pillows and her hands clenched whatever they could hold onto.


"So he told you everything?" Munch looked surprised when the two detectives came to find him.

"Yea," Benson looked as though she didn't believe it either. "They're in Singapore."

Stabler ran a hand over his hair, looking a little lost.


Cuddy's needed her hand to steady herself on her desk. Herself as well as House, Wilson, Taub, Kutner, Foreman, and Chase were huddled in her office. They all wore the same sullen face.

"Singapore." House said. Detective Benson and Stabler nodded.

"So- so what's your next move?" Cuddy said, bringing herself back.

"The only thing we could do is make the police in Singapore aware of this. But even with that… I'm afraid we've hit a dead end here." Stabler replied.

House stood up from the desk, anger etched in his features. "A dead end?! I'll get on a goddamn plane myself if I have to."

"Dr. House," Benson held out her hand, trying to calm him. "We believe that Dr. Hadley and Dr. Cameron were flown out of the U.S. over two days ago. It would be impossible to find them if we added another twenty-four hour flight to that."

"So you're just going to call them?" Taub interjected.

"You're just going to let them know that kidnap victims are now on their soil?" Foreman spat. "This is Singapore."

"Their emergency task force is our last hope in finding them," Stabler enforced. "We need to give them a chance. We have already called and they have a large fraction of their force searching through the city's most notorious sex houses."

"I don't care what they have to do." Cuddy mumbled. She then walked up to Stabler and Benson, clear-cut fire in her eyes. "But they had better bring them home."