31 days—

. . .

October 04, 19xx – Tuesday

Somewhere along the way he had pushed himself too far, and in the middle of the night Harry snuck away into the darkness. He turned back only once, to see the peacefully sleeping figure of his husband silhouetted against the moon light. Sweat slightly glistened across the other man's pale forehead, plastering strands of platinum blonde hair on his skin. Draco looked happy; regret ran deep through his chest. Nonetheless, he looked away and forced himself to walk away.

There was still a lot of thinking that needed to be done.

When Draco woke up, naturally Harry wasn't beside him. The cold space beside him indicated that the man had left in the wee hours of the morning, abandoning him yet again. He frowned but said nothing; no emotion betrayed his face as he walked towards the bathroom. He let the door quietly shut behind him, whispering a soft silencing spell before crumbling to the floor.

A Flashback.

"Harry!" Draco called his husband from the upstairs balcony. "You're home!" He greeted, immediately jumping from the second storey terrace and into his husband's waiting arms, with a little bit of magic of course! He had felt Harry's magic wrap around him like a safety blanket the moment his feet left the stone barrier. It was Saturday morning; Harry hadn't come home the previous night. He guessed it must have been another all-nighter in the firm.

"Draco!" Harry welcomed his husband into his arms with much surprise. "What the devil were you thinking?!" He exclaimed just as the blonde man wrapped long slender arms around his neck. He could feel his heart threatening to burst from his chest as his palms grew clammy from seeing Draco jump from such heights without a broom!

Draco cheekily sniggered from the brunette's neck. "I am giving you your welcome home kiss, husband" He replied just before pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. Harry responded on instinct, allowing his senses to calm as he encircled his arms around the other man's waist. The blonde moaned into the kiss, hooking a leg behind him and then another. He tightened his told.

"Your lighter" He murmured against his lover's skin with a light frown. The man had lost a bit of weight and he wasn't very pleased with it. "Is there something wrong in the shop?" he asked with concern, slowly moving Draco into a bridal hold seeing as the said man left his slippers on the second storey floor.

"Not much" Draco shook his head with a smile. It would have been easier to summon his slippers, but his husband kept steady hold on his as they passed the threshold. "I feel like a blushing bride" he confessed with so much honesty that would make Salazar Slytherin choke, but then again, he hasn't been a Slytherin in years! "This reminds me of our wedding night"

Harry's chest vibrated from beneath him as his husband laughed heartily. "There something else that would remind me of out wedding night" He shivered as his husband's husky voice flowed like music into his ears. Immediately a reaction emanated from his body, calling for his husband's touch. He was slowly lowered onto a daybed.

"Harry" he cooed, desperately trying to think of something other than his fiercely sexy husband standing right in front of him. A hot mouth was beginning to worship his skin, starting with butterfly kisses on his finger tips. "You know I have low blood in the morning" He tried to reason yet Harry remained stubborn. Despite logic being one of Harry's strengths as a muggle lawyer, he absolutely refused to listen when it didn't come from him.

"You don't seem to mind" Harry breathed along his lover's skin, eyeing the man's reactions like a hawk. From the subtle facial expressions and the small noises the blonde was making, it was clear to him as day that his husband wanted this as much as him. He made his way to other parts of the delectable man.

"Harry" he heard his name being groaned when he began his exploration of the blonde's skin. Draco smelled of vanilla and herbs, fresh from a morning shower. Harry smiled to himself, inwardly thanking the gods that his lover was only clothed in a bathrobe and nothing else. Pale legs parted before him, to expose the creamy flesh straining for some release. He licked it, playing with the tip like a lollipop.

"Harry!" Draco began withering in pleasure as his husband began pleasuring him from below. He felt a thick finger slick his entrance and enter him. "God Harry! Please!" He didn't know what exactly he was asking for but he kept asking while the intensity of orgasm closed in on him. He exploded into Harry's warm cavern, shooting hot cum down the brunette's throat.

"What a breakfast" Harry commented as he licked the last droplets of cum from his husband's flesh. He smiled a lopsided smile when he saw the other man's glaring scowl. "I love you" he muttered in amusement before placing a kiss on Draco's nose.

"That wasn't fair you oaf!" Draco complained, covering himself up and standing up to face his husband. Instead of a fight, Harry scooped the man into his arms and kissed him against. Thus another series of kisses began.

. . .

Harry loved him—or at least that was what he was forcing himself to believe. In return he loved Harry back with everything he had; it was his ultimate weakness. Emotion was never particularly valued in his childhood and the only love he ever received was his mother's. When it came to his heart, he seldom listened. He took the risk with Harry and for a while they were happy.

What happened was expected. Long before they were together Harry only dated women—women with long brunette tresses who were oblivious to the magical realm. Harry dated young, curvy women who were a head shorter than him. Sure the man had tried experimenting with his own gender but only the slick flesh of females could satisfy Harry's urges.

Cynthia was Harry's only exception to the rule, as far as he knew. She was a bit older, blonde and smart—the epitome of Harry's opposite. She would oppose him, push for her own ideas and exert her independence even if she was only a secretary to begin with. She had her own opinion and she always made sure that she was heard. She was different.

Draco sat on a reclining leather couch in the family which was situated against the tall French window. It was the same one he has been sitting on when Harry asked for a divorce. In front of him were papers—documents which Harry had typed up shortly after their agreement. It seemed that the man wanted nothing more to do with him and knowing that made his heart wrench tenfold.

I would sacrifice my happiness of his.

His eyes were dead, emotionless as he stared at the single sheet of paper that could legally break his marriage. Not that it could be broken any farther. They had fallen apart long before the parchment was ever made. They had stopped connecting for a long time. He was a fool—a stupid fool to think that Harry genuinely wanted to spend time with him not because their son was here. He was mistaken.

Harry was only doing it because he wanted to walk away.

. . .

October 08, 19xx - Saturday

The streets of muggle London were relatively quiet. It was mostly composed of the older bracket of the populous since schools were still having their classes though there were a few notable faces which Scorpius recognized as students from Hogwarts. He gave them a friendly smile and an enthusiastic wave of hand as he and his father walked.

"Friends from school, Scorp?" His papa inquired from beside him. He nodded as they entered a store. It was a humble boutique which sold a variety of bags—from handheld clutches to messenger bags. Draco wasn't with them today, claiming that he had import work to do at the labs. Harry knew that was a lie, but he didn't question it. Instead he led his boy out into town as if nothing was wrong.

He hasn't spoken with his husband since that night. Neither of them wanted to acknowledge the deed; it was like nothing happened. They easily fell back into routine, much like the one before the agreement—before the divorce papers were drawn up, before Scorpius returned his break. They went tumbling back to square one—only this time Harry felt lonelier.

He couldn't admit it, but he missed the blonde terribly. Being with Draco, not as a husband but as a friend only began to rekindle the flame that once burned with their love. Harry actually enjoyed spending time with his husband and he craved it all the more. Something inside him sparked again—bringing him back to life. There was only one question remaining; will Draco still take him back?

"Yes, Papa" Scorpius answered, striding into the aisle with backpacks while his father went to the ones made of leather. "A couple of Hufflepuffs and a boy from Ravenclaw" He informed.

"You don't seem to have limited yourself to the Gryffindor tower, have you son?" Harry joked from afar. Okay, maybe they were cheating a bit—using an enchantment that allowed them to hear each other without having to shout. They found this cheaper than using mobile phones and more low profile than other spells.

"Not at all, Papa." Harry smiled at his son's reply. His heart grew with pride knowing that Scorpius did inherit the Malfoy charm without the superiority complex that he grew up with. He liked going out with his son—it took him long enough to remember just how grateful he was that he had one.

Growing up with the Dursley's didn't count much for a childhood—that's why he always wanted to start his own family. Draco had given him that with so much more. Draco loved him not us the wizarding champion, not as the Gryffindor golden boy, not us the one who saved the world but as Harry—just Harry. There were no ill-intentions or obnoxious about the way Draco loved him. Draco just did and he loved Draco back.

"Papa?" His boy called him much later, breaking his thought.


"You still love Dad, don't you?" Scorpius had to call again for his father to reply. Immediately Harry's heart burst into butterflies while sirens rang inside his head.

. . .

Draco signed the papers.

He knew he would have to pack soon. He looked around the house; it was the home which Harry and he had built for their family. It was the house which he intended die in but that would be far from reality. In a matter of days, his name would be magically removed from the mailbox—Potter Residence. He wouldn't know what to tell Scorpius when he came back for Christmas. They would have spent it apart; surely Harry would celebrate the holiday with his woman.

He looked over the painting on the wall bitterly; it had been a painting which Harry had made for their 10th anniversary. It was of him, quietly reading a book in the library. Every detail was clear, up to the individual strands of hair on his head. His heart swelled—Harry must have painted this with love. He inhaled a heavy breath. That love was no longer alive and Draco felt like he was dying with it.

There was another picture that haunted him, this one on the stairway-- it was a snapshot of Harry towering over heaps of documents for a trial and he lovingly draped around his husband, long arms wrapping themselves around the brunette's shoulders. He smiled at the tender moment which was captured by the house elves. Funny what magical creatures so when you let them have a bit of freedom.

"Pixie" he called out. Moment later, a house elf appeared before him with a pop.

"Master Draco is needing Pixie? Master has not called Pixie for a long time, is Pixie doing bad? Has Pixie upsetting Master?" The small female house elf began to stutter wildly. Truthfully enough, Draco could barely remember the last time he had called on Pixie. It was around the time Scorpius was born when Draco decided not to spoil his child.

"No, no Pixie. Everything is fine" he assured the frightened creature. "May I ask you to do something for me?" he asked, softening his voice so not to scare her any further. The house elf nodded wildly.

"Pixie is happy to do anything for Master Draco"

Draco smile up a bit. "Would you please bring me all the pictures that you shot of Harry and me?" Pixie nodded with a loud pop. In his hands, Draco was holding a smaller version of the picture which hanged on the stairway. His thoughts were disturbed when Pixie came back with another pop. In her hands were a small box, filled with picture of Harry and him.

"These are all that Pixie took, Master. Pixie is arranged them" Draco nodded, mumbling a thanks and she was gone yet again.

It was an enchanted box which was filled to the brim with pictures. Skimming over them, he noticed that they were arranged in year—ascending in order. It started on their wedding night, Harry had carried Draco thought the threshold and onto the bed. The picture after that was of Harry looking over him while he slept. Harry's eyes loomed over him, gently stroking his shoulder and finally brought fingers to his lips as if telling the photographer to stay quiet.

The first few years were of them being happy together but somewhere along the way the picture began to feel more and more distant. With each picture it was them drifting farther and father apart—the pictures were only a documentation of the feelings that were fading away. It saddened him. The next picture that caught his eyes was of Harry yelling at him, over the burned divorce papers. He almost wanted to burn it to ashes but he didn't.

Finally as he almost finished the pictures, he came to a particular picture that pulled on his heart strings more than any other—it was of Harry gently looking over him, stroking his shoulder gently while he slept. He couldn't believe it. They were older, much older. He realized that this was taken only a few days ago when Harry had made love to him. The brunette didn't at all look intoxicated—he looked almost like he was in love.

. . .

October 11, 19xx – Wednesday

It was like any other work day in the firm, only this time there was a peculiar head of platinum blonde hair bobbing around the office. His employees didn't seem to mind the perky young lad who was strolling about the halls. On the contrary, they were fascinated by blonde. Of course everyone knew about the young boy, but no one had actually seen him in person. Harry had long stopped bringing his son to work when Cynthia became his secretary.

Scorpius was the center of attention; his blonde hair was the most unique shade of platinum that anyone had ever seen before, his eyes were that of Harry's tantalizing emerald and his face was sculpted in a refine, nearly aristocratic features. Even in casual clothes, one could see the prestigious background he belonged to. He was definitely the son of Harry Potter but with whom, they never wanted to ask.

Most, if not all, the people were aware of the steamy relationship that was building between Harry and his secretary—all of them decided to turn a blind eye to it. He was the boss after all, the very powerful and very much married boss so no one dared to appose him. Most—no all—of them knew that their boss was married and now they were seeing a very handsome lad as proof to it. To whom, always left them in wonder for Harry never talked about his family life.

"Papa!" Scorpius called out to his father, who was currently in his office with a staggering pile of documents on the table. Harry looked up and greeted his son with a warm smile before inviting him to enter. "Close the door" he reminded, and his boy dutifully followed. As the door closed in his ward guarded workspace, he flicked his hand and the papers magically flew into place with his quill doing all the signing for him.

Scorpius broke out into a huge grin and laughed. "You cheater!" He accused in amusement, eyes momentarily fixated of the enchanted quill which his father controlled as if it was nothing. "No wonder you get so much done and in the muggle world at that!"

Harry roared with deep laughter from his belly. "Shh!" he said as if he were a small kid about to get caught. "You use muggle here, remember?" he reminded with a warm smile. He stood up and walked over to his son, sidestepping a few pieces of flying parchment at that. The blonde smiled and nodded his head.

"So you've been bothering around the firm, my little monster?" Harry asked lightly, moving his fingers to mess up the boy's blonde locks. To this, the other protested prying Harry's fingers away with a chuckle.

"I'm not a monster!" he fought back in jest. "I'm telling Dad that you use magic in the office!"

Harry chuckled some more before raising his hands in defeat. "I fold" he gave in "but you promise not to tell your dad about this, okay?" He said with a smile.

"Okay, Papa"

Harry gave Scorpius a grateful look then flicked his hand once more. This time he transfigured the leather armchair into a couch that would fit too. He took a seat, patting the space beside him for his son to sit down. They proceeded to have an animated conversation.

"He seems nice" Harry said out of the blue, making the blonde look up at him with curiosity. He scoffed, raising an eyebrow. He knew full well that Scorpius knew whom he was talking about. "Your friend, Luis" he continued. This time, the blonde's reaction said it all—his cheeks flushed a bright read when he tried to look stern.

"Oh him" Scorpius muttered under his breath. He tried to hide his embarrassment by looking away but Harry wasn't buying it. Déjà vu again; Harry could definitely see himself at that age—it was around Cho's time. She was Harry's first love. Maybe this Luis boy was Scorpius'?

"Luis Gray, I haven't heard of him before."

Scorpius shook his head. "He's pureblood Papa. He's not from London. He used to study in Dumstrung during first year and transferred only when we were in third year" He stuttered out as if he was confessing a crime. With this Harry gave a hearty laugh, looking over at his son's innocence. But they were interrupted before they could continue by a knock on the door. Harry, on instinct, looked his son in the eye and nodded. There wasn't anything to be said as they set out to work.

First they transfigured back the couch into an armchair. Harry stopped the enchantment on the quill and parchments before releasing the locking charm on the door. Scorpius took the hint and sat down obediently like he was there the whole time.

"Come in" Harry spoke in the gruffest voice he would muster. This was then followed by the sweet voice on the other side of the door.

"Harry-kun~" Cynthia called out as she walked into her lover's office.

"Cynthia?" The brunette was surprised. "What are you doing here?" He asked almost too quickly. Now this was a predicament—his lover whom he was leaving his husband for pranced into his office where his son was currently seated.

"I'm still your secretary silly" She cooed, walking over to him like it was nothing. She completely missed out on the head of blonde locks which was seated on the arm chair. That was until Scorpius made a coughing sound that almost mimicked Harry's; they were father and son after all. Needless to say, it was awkward.

. . .

October 15, 19xx – Saturday

Sometimes life posses for us, the greatest challenges.

It was a cold Saturday morning as expected during the '–ber' months. Scorpius would be leaving the day after tomorrow. On that day, Draco would be returning the divorce papers—signed and ready for filing. With the speed of London's legal system, they should be legally single before November. Somehow, Harry wasn't too keen on the idea as much as he was nearing a month ago.

Today he promised Scorpius that they would go ice skating as a family—or rather, the two of them would be ice skating and Draco would be on the sides watching. Apparently, the older blonde didn't know how to skate on ice and preferred flying miles above the ground as a safer alternative. After all, Draco did grow up in the wizarding world and skating on ice was a muggle activity.

"Dad!" Scorpius complained as he tied the last knot on his skates. "Why don't you join us?" He had been voicing out this particular grievance for over an hour now but his father still had a valid argument.

"I don't want to" was Draco's only reply before turning back to a book he had brought along. The young boy folded his head and went off to the lake in defeat. Draco could only stare as the depressed back but do nothing. He would if he could but he didn't know how to skate. Harry had never bothered to teach him.

"That's quite unfair, you know" A deep voice he knew very well came from behind him. Familiar arms wrapped around his shoulders and a spicy scent filled his senses—it was all so Harry. He froze, stiffening up so he didn't move. Why was the bastard being to affectionate when they would be legally divorcing in a matter of days? To torment him? To make him miserable?

"Get your hands off me Potter. Our son isn't looking" He replied in the coldest voice that he could muster but it came out as a chocked sob.

Harry pulled back, a bit surprised at his husband's reaction. Emerald eyes saddened as he stared at his beloved's back. He could feel the sadness that it was holding, the heavy burden that those frail looking pale shoulders were carrying and he just didn't want to see it anymore. Draco deserved to be loved.

He tried again, wrapping his arms around Draco, he whispered. "He deserves to have one last good time before leaving" Wait that didn't come out right, it almost felt like he was saying good bye. He looked over to their son's lonely figure skating along in the ice. There was a strong tug in his heart—he wanted them to feel like a real family again.

"Please, for our son, let's go on the ice?" He offered, this time it worked. He managed to lead Draco into the ice without much difficulty until the blonde lost his balance.

"Bloody Harry Potter!" Draco screamed on the top of his lungs. It was his boyish instincts that were instilled in Hogwarts—when something goes wrong, blame Harry Potter. At this, he slowly burst out laughing. Harry joined in moments later.

"Blaming me again, ne?" Harry joked lightheartedly and pulled his husband closer. He liked it, this atmosphere of them being closer together. He wanted more of it.

"It's always bloody Harry Potter's fault if I fall!" Draco continued with a smile.

Somehow, they managed to finish the entire day without fighting once. It was like they had forgotten about the papers which were laying in the library.

. . .

October 17, 19xx – Monday

"Here" his husband's voice pulled him back from his train of thought. A smooth cotton scarf was handed to him by cold pale hands. He looked over his husband; it was the scarf that Draco had been wearing when they left for the station. On further inspection he noticed that it was the same one which the blonde was wearing when they came to greet Scorpius a month ago. "It's colder now, winter is fast approaching"

Draco didn't say another word and walked away. The station was bustling with people, mostly families who had gone to bid their children goodbye—until the holidays at least. Hogwarts would only be releasing the kids again in Christmas time and some wouldn't even go home. Many said their farewells, Draco was one of them.

They stood near the end of Platform 9 ¾ waiting for the Howarts train to arrive. Beside them were their son Scorpius and his friend names Luis, who had already bid his parents goodbye until the holidays. The pair was chatting animatedly, talking about the Yule ball this year and who they wanted to ask out.

It was a cold morning; everyone was wearing think overcoats and gloves to battle the weather. Harry looked around and saw Draco amongst the crowd, his blonde hair still stood out against the other purebloods who were saying goodbye to their children. He wrapped the warm scarf which was handed to him and immediately inhaled the sweet scent of vanilla from his husband's skin. Warm hands wrapped around his shoulder, easing the tense muscles on his back.

"Thanks" He hummed at the pleasurable experience. It was only when those fingers began massaging his flesh did he realize how anxious he had been. He still didn't like going to the wizarding world because there was far too many painful memories of the past which haunted him for seventeen years. "Don't worry" his husband's smooth voice came over him, "He's gone now Harry. He won't be coming back"

He relaxed into the touch with a nod. Shifting his head, he moved go press against the fingers on his neck. Draco's hands were ice cold. "Aren't you cold?" he asked softly but the blonde didn't reply. Still as stubborn as ever.

"Come here" he said, pulling the man close. He placed them both underneath the warm scarf before Draco could protest. "I don't want you catching a cold" Draco folded, relaxing into the embrace. He welcomed the touch which he had missed so much and the affection that he had craved for. It was a sweet gesture, he thought with a boyish smile creeping onto his lips.

Why are you being so nice to me?

"Papa!" A youthful voice rang from the crowd. They sprang apart like they were caught doing something terrible. The Hogwarts Express had already docked and now the students were beginning to fill the train. Scorpius sprung out from the hoard of students to say his goodbyes. "Dad! We'll be going to France for the holidays, right?" In a cheery voice he asked them.

Draco was the first one to regain his composure. "Yes, yes, baby. Didn't I promise you that?" He told his son warmly with a smile. His façade completely fooling the younger blonde but inside Draco was crashing. He held Scorpius by the shoulders and gave him a long hug, which the latter had to strain for release.

"Dad! I thought Malfoy's do not show affection?" Scorpius kidded with a smile, ruffling his hair back much like Draco's.

With this, Draco couldn't help but form a smile. "But you forget, I'm a Potter too" At least for now, the latter part went on unsaid.

. . .

Harry immediately felt the shift in magic when he entered their home.

"Draco?" He tried to call out, but his husband didn't come to answer him. This time, he came looking. Draco was still inside their house. He could still feel the blonde's magical signature lingering. "Draco?" He tried again but still he didn't receive an answer. The magic disappeared, the only thing which remained was a piece of signed parchment.

'To Harry', it said. That was it. There time was up. The thirty one days which Draco requested for was over. Now he had to face the consequence for his decision almost a month ago. This was what he wasn't, wasn't it? To get a divorce with Draco and go off with Cynthia instead? A normal life? With a normal family? What has he waiting for?

A flashback.

"Harry love" The man of whom he so loved called to him affectionately. He turned around and saw that Draco was there smiling towards him, arms opening to an inviting embrace. He walked to his beloved slowly before filling those pale arms with his hard body. "Is something wrong?"

Draco's scent invaded his senses and he loved every moment of it. He couldn't think of anything further than the handsome young man in his arms. He loved Draco so much. He couldn't bear the thought of ever loosing him again. "Harry" This time Draco called him, with much anxiety in his voice. Harry could hear how worried the blonde was.

They were in a small clearing, away from people—muggles and wizards alike. This was there small paradise on the edge of London. It was far beyond the countryside, deep into the forest. Out here, they were just Harry and Draco—no titles, no glory for they were nothing more but themselves. For this reason, they loved this place.

"Yes love?" Harry replied softly against pale skin.

"Are you worried?" This time Draco let the words come out slowly, carefully—trying not to invoke wrath from his partner.


"Marrying me? Binding with me?" This time Draco's voice betrayed him. He was scared. Harry felt this and released the man. He wanted nothing more than to be Draco's husband. He wanted to hold him every night and wake up to him the next morning. He wanted Draco—in sickness and in health, no matter what the situation was. He wanted them to stay together.

"Draco love" He spoke slowly, lowering the blonde so that they would see eye to eye. "Don't think of such" He whispered. "I love you" he confessed, taking a hand to his lips and kissing it delicately. "I want to marry you" Dare he say the words that passed his lips, it was what his heart wanted to say.

Draco took Harry's hand which held his and brought it to his cheeks so tenderly. "But do you not want a normal life?" As he said the words, his voice broke. Not really wanting for the brunette to answer. "A family with a wife and child? I could never give you that. I could never grant you kin that would be truly of our own. Don't you want that?"

Harry stood in silence, waiting for Draco to finish. He never uttered a word but instead he listened. "Are you done?" He murmured to his lover's shoulder. Barely making out a nod, he spoke in return. "You are the only family I need. I don't mind if we aren't normal. As long as I have you"

For Draco that was enough.

. . .

Draco knew his thirty-one days were up and by wizard's oath; he should no longer be bonded to Harry. Now, here he was again; sitting alone on the very same clearing where Harry promised to marry him. He didn't know where else to go. His emotions had controlled his actions yet again and he apparated here without much thought. Here no one would bother him—no one would dare.

A gush of wind and a very notable crack came from behind him and a familiar presence made itself known. It was a person whom he knew to well. He didn't flinch and he didn't move. He remained quiet whilst his back faced the known intruder. "It has been long, hasn't it?"

Draco looked so—what was the word?—sad. Reaching out, Harry wanted nothing more but to pull that body into his arms and comfort him. But he knew that it would not be accepted now. He stroke over, taking careful and calculated steps towards his husband.

We used to share a common language.

But now, we've lost it.

"Yes it has" He replied, taking a seat beside Draco. "A very long time" With this, he placed a hand over the pale one which was on the grass. He smiled at Draco, who simply smiled back. "Would you like to come here more often in the future?"

"Why?" The chocked question came from Draco's throat.

Harry looked slightly confused but replied. "Don't you want to?"

"Want what Harry?!" Draco yelled as he stood up quickly. His fist shaking beside him, silver eyes glared at Harry fiercely. "For god's sake you have no idea what I want!" He shouted on the top of his lungs. There was no one around to hear him but if they did he didn't care. I didn't want this. He only wanted Harry to be happy but why did it have to hurt this much.

"Why are you being so goddamn nice to me?" He whispered, breaking down in sobs to the ground. This was pathetic—a Malfoy falling to the ground in tears. His father would have his head if he were still alive. Right now, he didn't care for it. He didn't care if Harry saw him crying. He just didn't.

It was Harry's strong hand on his cheeks that made him cease the tears. His face was lifted up to face his man. Emerald met silver eyes once again. What was he supposed to see? Love? Something in Harry's eyes made him want to hope. "Why?"

"Because I love you" That was the only answer he received before lips came crashing into his own. The kiss overtook him—body, heart and soul. Harry was kissing him!

"What are you doing?" Draco managed to breathe out when they parted. Harry was didn't respond. Instead the brunette stared at him intensely. There was something behind those emerald eyes—something which he had seen once before.

"I'm trying to win you back." Harry replied nonchanlantly.


"Because I was a fool, Draco. I'm sorry. Please give me the chance to make you happy again. I want to make you happy" Draco let go of his hands and walked away.

"Harry, you don't love me!" The blonde tried to reason, hands gripped together while he tried to hide the pain. "You're leaving me. How dare you say that you want to make me happy?"

Harry bit the inside of his cheeks. He knew it wouldn't be easy to win Draco back but he still wanted to try. He wanted to love the blonde once more like he did before. He didn't want to stop. "Draco" he called out, but the man didn't even move to turn around.

Harry urged closer, closing the gap between their bodies. He encircled his arms around his partner in an embrace. "Tell me love, does this not feel right?"

Draco didn't answer.

"I miss you. God Draco, I miss being with you so much" He murmured against platinum blonde locks as he placed a tender kiss. "Stay with me?" Draco turned around and said nothing. Instead he placed his pale arms around Harry's neck and pulled their lips into a kiss.

It caught their breath. He felt like he was melting under the weight of Harry's mouth on his. The taste of Harry was still as intoxicating as before. He wanted more. God, how much did he miss it? He could feel that hands coming to caress his back like a fire that ignited his whole body.

"Please" he muttered against Harry's mouth "Never leave me"

That night when they came home, Harry smiled once again at his band before lifting Draco into his arms. The parchment was long gone—faded into ashes by Harry's own magic.

. . .

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