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I sat in class wondering how I was going to make it through the day. My forearm stung from my injuries. Flashbacks came to me during the lesson. Flashbacks of the blade, the blood, the utter ecstasy of the pain. The adrenalin running through my veins, egging me on to continue. And then the sweet release of my being. I welcomed the blackness. Treated it as my lover. Wishing for it to never go away, and when it did, I would do whatever it took to bring it back. That meant slashing my arm once again to bring back the love of my life.

The bell rang, snapping me out of my flashback. I rose from my seat slowly. I felt dizzy. When I stood up completely, I heard a faint drip, drip, drip on the floor. I looked down and saw the 3 drops of blood pooling on the floor.

Mr. Molina came towards me and said "Bella class is..." He stopped short when he saw that my eyes were glued to the floor. He gasped when he saw the blood. He looked straight at my arms and saw that my right arm was bleeding.

He took my wrist and immediately let go and looked at his own hand. He saw that his hand was covered in my blood. I saw his eyes grow wide in terror.

"Bella, may I see your arm?" he asked.

In a zombie-like manner, I raised my right arm to eye- level and pulled back my blood soaked sleeve. Once i did that, Mr. Molina's eyes grew wider. More blood crept out of the deep gashes. I lowered my arm and regretted it immediately. The blood ran down in ribbons. When I saw this, the tears flowed down my face. Mr. Molina ran out the door to probably call for help. But then the corners of my mouth turned up in a smile. The pain was back, the adrenalin rushing throughout my body, begging me to continue, and i felt the sweet release. Then... nothing...