HEY!! Emmett and Bella from the world of Fast and Hard are back! This story will be maybe 12 chapters. Just the stuff of before the office encounter. I will alternate POVs so you can get a glimpse of Bella's thoughts. I think she's gonna be a bit more interesting then some might think. Who knows?

As always, love to you all and thanks for reading. Hope I do the prequel justice.

WARNING!!! Lemon! And it does not involve Emmett AND Bella. If you don't like that I'm sorry, but her is Emmett and my Emmett likes his sex. He hasn't even met her yet, so, yeah.

Before You

Chapter One

Emmett Before Bella

"Hey, you going to the club tonight?" Edward asked as we put away the papers from the conference we just had.

Things at Cullen Architectural Designs were still the same as always but I had a new business venture tat was skyrocketing. My new club was a success and only opened about three months ago. I went there as often as I could to make sure all was going well. I had a great manager and staff so I didn't worry too much.

"Yeah, you want to come?" I asked him. He nodded while grabbing his briefcase and suit jacket.

"I'm just going to stop by my place to change first. Jasper?" He asked my other brother nodded as well.

"Yeah, why not?" He chuckled.

"Not going to invite your own father?" Dad asked sarcastically from the doorway. We all laughed and shook our heads.

"I'm sure you and mom have some sort of pansy fundraiser to attend." I chuckled at his faux hurt expression.

"Pansy!" He demanded we all laughed as we went to the elevators. The place was mostly empty, except for the cleaning staff.

We all talked about our weekend plans and how mom wanted a nice Sunday dinner. We all agreed heartily. Where our mother's cooking was concerned, we were all there.

My life was pretty great right now. My family's business was still on the great foundation my father built. My brothers and I all still had a great friendship and camaraderie. I had my pick of women any night I wanted. My club was a success beyond my expectations and I lived in the city that never sleeps. Things were amazing.

"See you boys later." Dad said and headed to his Mercedes.

"Later, dad." We all said our goodbyes to him and went to get in our own cars.

"When you going to get there?" I asked them.

"An hour or so." Edward shrugged. I nodded and pulled out my keys.

"Same." Jasper said and slid into his Audi a8. That car was phenomenal. We went to an auction for some cars and Jasper outbid me for it to the point of being ridiculous. It was fun though.

"Kay, see ya." I shouted and walked past Edward getting into his Aston Martin Vanquish or his "James Bond" car. We all drove our favorite cars on Friday because they needed to be stretched out every once in a while.

I got into my brand new baby, 2005 Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa. It was sleek and black, and a perfect pussy catcher. I turned up my radio and raced out of our private parking garage. I put my windows down to let in the cool night air as I flew down the streets. I lived out of the busy part of town, so, once I was out of traffic I really let her stretch out.

I parked in my driveway and left it out of the garage knowing I would drive it to the club. I walked into my house. It was way to big for one person but I always had buddies or some family staying over. And I might not have been ready to settle down, but I could imagine living in it with my own family some day. It had 9 bedrooms and 6 baths.

Damn, it was good to have money.

Not to be pompous, but living comfortably was pretty fucking awesome. My whole life I still had to work for what I had. My parents may have had money, but they made us have chores and jobs to earn our own. My first car was bought with the promise of paying the insurance and keeping up my grades. It made me who I am today and I am more than thankful for that.

I bought my house with the money I earned working for my father and everything else I owned was bought with my money. He even had me do a job interview to get to the position I am now at the company.

I walked into my bedroom and flipped on the lights. The maid was here today, so my bed was made and clothes were cleaned and put away. I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of gray pants and a black shirt with gray stripes. I pulled on my clothes and checked to make sure I didn't look like complete fool.

With my teeth brushed and hair tamed as much as possible, I walked out of my out of my house ready for some action. I needed to find something good tonight. Things had not been slow, but I just felt the need for a good hard fuck and tonight I wanted to find it.

Jasper and Edward both texted me saying they were already there. They said it was a great crowd and chicks were everywhere. I was more than ready to get there.

I parked in my reserved spot and walked to the front of the line. It was a good night by the looks of how long the line was of people waiting.

"Emmett." Sam greeted me and shook my hand.

"Good night?" I asked and gestured behind me.

"Always a good night here." He laughed. I laughed with him before heading inside.

The bass was thumping through the speakers. The lights and sounds were putting me on sensory overload and I fucking loved it. I spotted Edward first because of his crazy hair and height. He was dancing with a hot looking red head. She was grinding on him and showing exactly what her mama gave her. I chuckled at his kid in a candy store expression. He was getting lucky tonight. He saw me and nodded before going back to his quest for the night.

I walked over to the bar and ordered a beer. I looked around and spotted Jasper in the VIP lounge upstairs. He was talking to a girl with long brown hair. He looked a bit pissed and that's when I caught a good glimpse of her face.


"Fuck." I muttered and put my beer down. Emily looked at me a bit worried at my outburst. "Have Sam send one of the boys to the VIP. I think things will be getting ugly." I told her. She nodded and went to call her fiancée and my bouncer.

I walked through the people and then up the stairs quickly. I took them two at a time to get up there.

"WELL, I FIND YOU HERE PRACTICALLY FUCKING THIS GIRL ON THE COUCH. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM ME?!?" She was shouting at him. She pointed to a small blonde girl on a couch that looked on worriedly


Jasper and his fucking drama always stayed behind closed doors until Maria came along. The girl was fucking insane. The whole family hated her but Jasper said he loved her, so, we all tried. That was until she started treating him like a doormat even he couldn't take it. She pretty much just wanted the money and the name. She lived with him and spent his money. The bloodsucking bitch. At least he broke up with her, except she couldn't seem to get that.

"HEY!" I shouted. They both turned to me. Jasper looked relieved but Maria just looked even more pissed.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT, CREATIN?" She shouted at me. Well, that was better than some of the names I had gotten from her.

"I want you out of my club." I growled at her. She scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Make me." She sneered. Just then two of our bouncers came up to the VIP area. I let out a sigh of relief at not having to do this by myself.

"Guys, please." I told them. They nodded. This wasn't the first time Maria had to be taken out of here. She huffed and went up to Jasper staring him right in the eyes.

"This is not over!" She said menacingly. She flipped her long dark hair and walked out with the bouncers trailing behind her to make sure she left.

"Sorry, bro." Jasper said. He shook his head and his eyes took on a bit of sadness. He may have hated her now but the love he had for her was intense. It might be gone but he remembers it. He sighed and looked to the scared girl on the couches still.

"Let's go get a drink." He said to her. She took his hand and smiled. Poor girl was still probably terrified.

I flopped down on the couches and groaned. This was not how I imagined spending my night. I clenched my eyes shut and breathed deeply resting my head on the back of the couch.

"This seat taken?" I heard from somewhere close.

I opened my eyes and saw a tall stunning raven-haired woman. It was long and fell down her back completely straight. She was wearing a black dress that came to her upper thigh and her neckline showed how blessed she really was.

I smiled at her and stood. I walked over to her and leaned down to whisper in her ear. I placed my hands on her hips and she shivered from my breaths on her neck.

"How about we go somewhere more private?" I said into her ear. Her hands came to rest on my chest and she leaned up to speak in my ear.

"How about one dance?" She said and her tongue peaked out to touch the lobe.

My hands tightened on her hips and I nodded. She smiled and took my hand leading me down to the dance floor. I walked behind her the whole time watching her hips sway and her ass bounce slightly with her steps.

We walked out onto the dance floor as Rock Yo Hips by Crime Mob came on. She turned to me and brought both my hands down to her hips and started to dance close to me. One of my hands travelled to the small of her back and pulled her even closer. One of her hands went into my hair and pulled me down to her. She whispered the lyrics into my ear as we swayed. One of my legs was between both of hers and she was grinding against me. I could feel her heat through my clothes and I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing panties.

She pulled my face down to hers and crashed her lips to mine. I growled into her mouth and she moaned in return. I took her hand and led her from the club. Once we were outside I took her to my car. She was laughing and trailing behind happily.

"My name is Monica by the way." She said with a giggle. I laughed with her and when we got to my car I pushed her against the passenger door. I leaned down and put my lips close to hers.

"Emmett. Anything else?" I asked.

She gasped as my hand trailed up her thigh to her naked ass. She shook her head and then pressed her lips to mine. Her hands gripped my hair roughly to pull me closer to her. She tried dominating the kiss but I wasn't having that. She relented with a sigh and melted against me. I pulled back and smiled. She laughed lightly and I opened the door for her to get inside.

The drive was silent but charged with sexual tension. She kept shifting in her seat and I think I knew why. I reached my hand over and put it on her thigh. She stilled her movements and her breaths became ragged. My hand travelled further and further until it was just under the hem of her dress.

"Oh God." She groaned and her head fell back against the seat. My hand made its destination and I moaned.

"The name's Emmett." I growled and felt her wetness. I pulled into my driveway and we both looked at each other. We got out quickly and raced to the door. I threw the door open and she rushed inside. Clothes were taken off and thrown everywhere. We didn't even make it to the bedroom.

Her perfect ass was in the air as she leaned over the back of the couch. I reached into my wallet and pulled out a condom. I tore it open and slid it on. I ran one finger through her wetness at her entrance. She moaned loudly.

"Fuck!" She whispered. I smiled and kissed the tattoo between her shoulder blades. She was wild, that much I could tell. The snake went from the top of her back to the small. I would make this rough. I knew that's what I need and what she wanted.

"You want me to fuck you?" I said and ran the head against her to tease her. She pushed back onto me and I groaned. "I'm gonna make this hard. I'm gonna make this rough." I told her. I placed myself at her sweet pussy and thrust myself forward. She screamed in pleasure. I grabbed a hold of her hips and went faster.

"Fuck! Yes! Emmet, faster, harder." She demanded. I gave her her wish and thrust faster and harder. She was grunting and screaming while I was groaning. My skin slapped against hers and we would both most likely have bruises tomorrow but that was okay with me.

"Holy shit." I murmured. She was intentionally squeezing her muscles around me. It felt too good. I was going to come. I needed her to come with me.

I reached around her and played fiercely with her clit.

"I'm…. shit." She said and I felt her come around me. I thrust harder then stilled as I released into the condom.

I leaned over her and rested lightly against her. As our breaths slowed, I pulled out and stood straight. She seemed exhausted so I carried her.

"What are you doing?" She asked and put her arms around my neck.

"Taking you to bed. I plan to do that a few more times and I need you rested." I said with a chuckle. She kissed my neck as I walked.


"That was a lot of fun." She said from my doorstep. I nodded and leaned down to kiss her. Monica and I had a lot of fun. We even woke up and showered together. That was fucking amazing.

"Me too." I said against her lips. I actually gave her my number. I didn't want to date her and she didn't want to date me, but we knew that times would be phenomenal together.

"Later." She called over her shoulder. I watched her leave and then went back inside.

After last night, I could really use some sleep.

I was about to crawl back into bed when my phone went off. I groaned and fumbled for it where it was on the floor still in my pants.

The caller id said Dad.

"Hey dad." I said and walked to the kitchen. Coffee was needed.

"Hey son, I got some news." He said seriously. It made me stop in my tracks.

"What's wrong? Is it mom?" I asked looking for some clothes to throw on.

"No son, nothing happened to your mother. But Charlotte, I'm afraid she quit last night." He said. Charlotte was my new secretary. I had only had her on staff for a few weeks but I had gotten to know her pretty well.

"Why?" I asked and started the pot of coffee.

"I don't know. Too much stress maybe." He sighed. "I'll have my assistant put out a classified and talk to human resources."

"Okay, I'll do the interviews myself. I want to get a feel for the next one, you know?" I said.

"Yeah, son, I get it. We'll have the interviews set up soon. Have a good weekend. I'll see you on Monday." He said.

"Yep, see you on Sunday." I said and hung up.

Well, this should be interesting.



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