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Before You

Chapter 2

Bella before Emmett


What the hell?


Is that….?


Oh fuck!

I groaned as I and rolled back over realizing that I had just fallen on the floor. I huffed as I untangled the blankets from around my legs. Every morning for the past, however old I am, I have fallen out of bed. It's fairly annoying and slightly psychotic.

I stood and threw my blankets back on the bed. I grabbed my robe from the hook on the door and threw it on before leaving my room. I followed the hallway and the smell of coffee hit me as I came closer to the kitchen. I heard singing and giggled at my sister's usual morning demeanor.

"Good morning dear sister," She sang happily.

"Morning," I said, and yawned. I walked over to the cupboard and pulled out my favorite mug. It had the NYU logo on it from where I had graduated.

Alice and I lived together ever since she moved out of Dad's. It was nice to be together, but independent. Dad was more than happy that we stayed together. After Mom died he saw how close we were and how much I really seemed to take over as mother for Alice.

"What's on the agenda for you today, dear sister?" She asked as she handed me the creamer.

"Well, dear sister," I said, and she giggled at me using her own sentiment. "I'm going to go look for a job," I said and then yawned.

"Where you going to look?" She asked and put some pop-tarts in the toaster; not the best cook.

"I'm going to go grab a paper. Maybe just make some calls," I said, and set at the bar in the kitchen. We had a great little place for just the two of us. And since our dad is chief, we got a great deal on it too.

"Ok, well, I have my internship to get to, and then classes in the afternoon," She said, and grabbed her pop tarts in a paper towel and grabbed her traveler mug of coffee.

Alice interned for Michael Kors designs. Living in New York afforded her a lot of opportunities in the fashion world. She had been working for him for the last year. She also went to Parsons The New School For Design. My sister was a talented artists and she received many praises for it. She deserved all that she got because she worked hard for it.

"Bye," I waved as she left. I sighed as my forehead hit the countertop.


Why can't I just figure my shit out? Should've taken that fucking job I was offered after graduating.

Because you didn't want to relocate.

Yet again, FUCK!

I groaned as I stood, flinging my robe around to wrap tighter around me in frustration. My attitude with the world seemed to get worse and worse. Every little thing made me more and more pissed off.

My door to my bedroom getting stuck every fucking time.

The eyelash curler left out. AGAIN!

My shampoo left almost empty. LOVE YOU SIS!

I walked out the door for the day and realized my blackberry was almost dead. Great!

I walked down the sidewalks of the city with the crowds. My black pencil skirt and silver silk top with my grey jacket over it making the walk interesting. Whistles and catcalls were made in my direction.


I walked to the corner and found the stand I usually go to for papers and magazines.

"BELLA!" Tony shouted out at me in his thick New Yorker accent.

"TONY!" I shouted back with my own coming through slightly.

"Damn girl, that's a nice outfit. What you off to do?" He asked, and winked. I laughed at his flirting.

He was about 300 pounds, and very married. His wife, Tory, was a very nice woman with her own flirting habits with the younger male population. It was all in good fun. Tory even flirted with me a few times.

"Off to conquer the world. What else?" I asked, in a serious tone. He laughed loudly and nodded his head.

"With looks like that you could rule the world, sugar." He said. I laughed this time and grabbed a paper.

"I'm looking for a job. Need something to pay the bills, ya know?" I smiled. He nodded in agreement, knowing the hard times.

"Well, if all else fails my son Jr. is looking for that right woman." He winked again. We had had the discussion numerous times of his son. It was an interesting issue. One I joked about a lot.

"Still looking for that trophy wife, is he?" I chuckled.

"Yep, offer still stands Isabella." He laughed, only joking.

I waved my goodbyes and took off with my bag and newly bought paper. I made my way to a little café and ordered my favorite, iced peppermint latte. I got it quickly and sat down at a table by the window. I set up my laptop and put the paper next to it along with my phone and a pen.

Time to get a job for Bella.


"Thanks Mrs. Kirkpatrick. I appreciate your help, and I hope all goes well with… that." I said, and hung up. A scowl was permanently making its way to my face.

I grabbed the paper again, and looked at the classifieds. I guess I'd have to expand a bit. I looked and saw something intriguing.

SECRETARY, COLLEGE DEGREE REQUIRED; Hard working, multi task, excellent typing skills; great people skills; bilingual preferred.

Pleas call 555-2146 to set up and interview time.

I pondered that one for a moment. My degree in communications would come in handy and my minor in Spanish would be a huge plus. It said for Cullen Architectural Designs. I knew of them but not much. This could be a great opportunity.

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number.


"I'm home!" I heard from the front room. It was about 6 p.m., and Alice was home for the day. I was sitting on the couch watching some weird show with a guy trying to drink a fish from a fishbowl.

"Oh Steveo, be still my heart," I said as Alice entered the room. She made a gagging sound and came to sit next to me.

"Oh my God! Turn it off. How can you sit here and watch this?" She asked, and took the remote from me. I dived over her for it and she pulled her arm away trying to keep it from me.

"Come on Munchkin, Give it back!" I yelled. Her other hand attacked my side and I collapsed in giggles. "Stop… tickling!" I said, in between breaths.

"You called me Munchkin!" She said, and continued tickling my sides. "No one calls me Munchkin!" She said, menacingly. I knew she was only kidding, but that voice and face always scared me. Reminded me of dad way too much.

"Ok, ok," I said breathlessly.

She smirked as she grabbed the remote changing it to TLC. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye as she watched intrigued at the tips Stacy and Clinton were giving the badly dressed soccer mom who had just lost a bunch of weight and didn't know how to dress her now smokin' figure.

"MUNCHKIN!" I yelled, and then ran for the door to my room. She squealed and then jumped over the back of the couch to chase after me. I screamed in surprise at how close she was before making it to my door, shutting and locking it.

She pounded on the door for a few seconds before giving up.

"I'm gonna order pizza, BELLARINA!" She giggled as I heard her footsteps retreat.

I huffed in frustration at the name. She came up with that one because of my lack of coordination when….. well, ever. I got ready to yell at her through the door when she stopped me.

"With just cheese on your half. I know, I know." She said, from what sounded like the kitchen.

I walked over to my dresser to find something to change into for a night in. My yoga pants and Yankees tee were always a favorite. I changed quickly, and then walked over to my bag to get my laptop.

I walked into the living room and plopped down on my side of the couch as Alice finished calling the pizza place.

"About an hour. Not too bad," She said, and turned her attention back to the soccer mom who was now balling her eyes out after they cut off her horsetail of hair.

"Does she even wash it?" I asked as I booted up my laptop.

"Not everyone is as blessed as you and your perfect soft waves." She smiled. I blushed and typed in my password. "What are doing?" She asked me without taking her eyes off the screen.

"I got an interview for tomorrow and I wanted to check my resume again to make sure it looks good," I said.

"For where?" She asked, still captivated by the words of that bitch Carmindy.

Seriously, the bitch is sooo annoying.

"Umm….," I said and looked around for the paper. "For Cullen Architectural Designs."

She finally tore her eyes from the TV and looked at me. She squealed and jumped up from the couch bouncing up and down. I just watched her with a raised eyebrow and giggled at the sight.

"What the fuck, Al?" She stopped bouncing and then ran to her own room. I stood and watched her run back through her door. She had an old shoebox in her hand and a smile on her face.

She sat on the floor next to the coffee table where she also sat the shoebox down. She opened it and I gasped.

"Are you fuckin kidding me?" I laughed… ok, maybe guffawed is better.

"What?" She asked, innocently while she sorted through her pictures. "It's my dream wedding. I'm a girl leave me alone." She pouted, then smiled. "Ok, where are you?" She asked herself, and continued to go through the stacks of pictures. I sat down on the other side and looked at a few.

Floral arrangements.

Song lists.



Do dos?

I chuckled to myself.

Bridesmaid's dresses? WTF?!?

"You seriously can't expect me to wear this?" I asked her incredulously. She looked up and smiled.

"Nope. That was from a few years back. Way out of style now," She said, and then continued her search.

"Oh," I said, like it made perfect sense. "How long have you been planning this?" I asked, then found a picture that had to have been from the 80s.

"All my life," She said with a shrug. "Here it is!" She announced happily. I smiled at her and then took the picture as she handed it to me. I looked at the picture and then back to my sister.

"Do you like the tux or something? Because I would think that the guy would want to……." I said, and she stopped me.

"No, not his tux. The guy," She said in a duh tone. I looked at the picture again.

It was a handsome guy. He looked tall. He had blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. He looked like old Hollywood personified. He looked exactly, if not more handsome, like Errol Flynn.

"The guy?" I asked slowly. She nodded enthusiastically and smiled. "The guy?" I said again. She rolled her eyes.

"This is the man I'm going to marry!" She clapped happily.

I stared at her incredulously.

"Don't look at me like that," She demanded. I just kept staring at her. "Seriously, I know it's meant to be," She defended.

"But still, what does all this have to do with tomorrow?" I asked, and started putting the pictures back in the box.

"That's the youngest son of the Cullens. His name is Jasper. They own and operate the design company. The father, Carlisle, is CEO but the three brothers help and are being groomed to take it over," She told me. "They are the hottest bachelors in NYC."

"How do I not know this?" I asked dumbly. She shrugged.

"Because you watch shit like Jackass rather than ET," She laughed, walking back into her room with her shoebox of doom.

"Bitch," I muttered.

"Ho," She shouted back.


I walked out of my apartment building onto the busy sidewalk. I wore a cream colored suit with a dark purple cami underneath my jacket.

I carried my bag with my laptop, resume as well as a few other essentials inside. I walked thinking about all that I would say. I didn't even know who was interviewing me. I was a little nervous, but I knew I could do this.

You can do this.

You are kick-ass Isabella Swan.

You have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications.

You can do this.

No puking.

Please no puking.

I walked through the glass doors and walked to sign in at the security desk.

"Hey sweetie, where you off to?" I heard the security guard say. I put the pen back in the book and smiled at him.

"Job interview for secretary position," I told him.

"For who? I know just about everyone here." He smiled and he reminded me a lot of my Papaw.

"Emmett Cullen."

He smiled widely and nodded, "He's a good, nice young man. He'd be a great boss. Brings me leftovers from his mother's all the time. The whole family is great."

"That's great," I smiled.

"Well, good luck sweetie. You seem like a nice young lady." He waved as I walked to the elevators.

It was crowded as I made my way to the correct floor. Businessmen and women all crowded along with a young man who looked to be from the mailroom. His IPod was blasting and with the elevator being small and quiet I could hear Hinder playing. I laughed at the song choice.

We're gonna be up all night

Gonna get you fuckin high

We're gonna be up all night

Never make it out alive

So far from sober that I'll have to slam

Through my hang over

It reached my floor and I got off along with a few others. I walked to the front desk where a kind looking young girl was sitting there answering phones. She smiled at me and gave me the universal sign for 'give me just a second.' Which, that shit usually pissed me off but she looked so nice I couldn't really get mad.

"Ok, sorry about that. What can I help you with?" She asked, with a genuine smile.

"I have an interview with Mr. Emmett Cullen," I said back, and looked around the buzzing office. Everyone seemed to be doing something urgent. It would be fast paced and I really seemed to like that idea.

"Oh, ok, Isabella Swan?" She asked, while looking down at an appointment book. I heard the elevator signal more people entering the floor and turned around.




I think I creamed my panties just at the sight of the godlike man in front of me. His clear, sky blue eyes looked around at the sight in front of him. The whole time he walked time seemed to slow down and my mind seemed to get carried away. Marvin began to sing to me.

I've been really tryin', baby

Tryin' to hold back this feelin' for so long

He looked back at me and our gazes locked in a heated battle. He smiled sexily at me and I gave him a come hither smirk. His perfect brunette hair flopping as he walked towards me. All time stopped as he came closer to me.

And if you feel like I feel, baby

Then come on, oh, come on

I took one step forward and so did he. His eyes raked over my body and mine went down his. His shoulders were broad and muscular. He looked to be about 6" 5'. My petite frame of 5" 4' never stood a chance next to this Zeus.

Whoo, let's get it on

Ah, babe, let's get it on

Let's love, baby

Let's get it on, sugar

Let's get it on


Even with his suit you could see how much this man took care of his body. His chest just seemed so lickable. I wanted every single inch of him. Looking down to his….

"Ms. Swan? Ms. Swan?" I shook my head out of my thoughts, and looked up to those same blue eyes. I blushed as I realized what had just happened. "Are you alright?" He asked politely with genuine concern in his tone.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired and zoned out a bit. Sorry," I mumbledas I looked down.

"This is obviously Ms. Swan and she's here for the interview," The receptionist said. I smiled at her and she nodded, as if knowing exactly what had just occurred. I mouthed a 'thank you' and she smiled.

"Thanks, Ange," The god said to her in his deep, sexy voice.

Dammit, get a grip Swan!

Fuck, he's fiiiiiine!

"Follow me," He said, and smiled. I nodded and waited for him to pass me. I walked behind him trying really hard not to stare at his perfect glutes. The way his pants stretched across them as he took a step forward. I really, really thought I was doing fine. Until I tripped from being so lost in perfect ass land.

"Umph," I grunted, and fell into a blonde baby faced guy. He caught me barely but not before copping a feel.

"You ok?" He asked, while he looked me over for "injuries." His pervy ass was just looking at my tits. "I'm Mike," He said with a cute smile. He had that whole frat boy look about him. I'm sure he wore his visor just a little to the side when he was a legacy in the Alpha fraternity.

"I'm Bella, and I'm fine." I said and took a few steps back. The god stepped next to me and looked at the frat boy named Mike.

"Thanks Mr. Newton for all your help," He said, and I felt his hand lightly rest on the small of my back.

Fuck, he's touching me.

He's touching me.

He's touching me.

He's touching me.

He led me to an open door, and I walked inside. It was a big office with huge windows over looking the city.

"This is beautiful," I said, and walked further into the office. He walked past me and then around his desk.

"Take a seat. Let's get this show on the road," He smiled a big dimpled smile and I melted. He gestured to the seat in front of the desk and I took it.

"Will Mr. Cullen be joining us?" I asked as I sat down in front of him. He looked up at me with a curious expression on his face.

"Why would my father be joining us?" He asked.




This perfect specimen of man could not be the one I would be working for and seeing all day everyday.




How could this man be the brother of the one I saw in that picture?

They look nothing alike.

"So, you're Emmett?" I asked to clarify. He chuckled a low deep sound.

"Yes, I am," He said still chuckling.

"Oh," I said stupidly.

"Well, let's get this started, shall we?" He smiled at me. His eyes seemed to light up as I smiled back.

This could get interesting.



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