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Dearly Beloved


Another lazy Sunday afternoon, and Ryosuke exhausted of studying medics went outside for fresh air. Keisuke and Takumi are at the track as usually since they are professional racers. He didn't regret retiring, but he still misses it. Home alone is not on his agenda; unless Keisuke is home .He went outside to the front lawn, his bluish hair rippled in the breeze. His eyes searched everywhere until they landed on the white coupe parked on the driveway. Smiling silently at it, he began to recall his short but eventful past.

Act 1

4 years earlier

Only a few more weeks until summer break. Ryosuke sat along at the library, reading and finishing his essay for English. A couple of school girls gaze at him with dreamy expressions. His hand is writing but he let his mind wander: Well since I got my driver's licenses. What kind of car I should get? Nissan? Toyota? Honda? Mazda? So many choices! He thought. His parents haven't come home early from the hospital. His younger brother Keisuke runs off with his gang and himself with his duties. His life is nothing but duties. Seeing enough magazines he is convinced to race for fun but at the same time taking it seriously, at the thought his heart rate increased. He doesn't understand why his body reacted when racing. Maybe it's why people race, for the adrenaline rush. Father and Mother will disagreed but on the other hand it's not street racing instead it's a well organized circuit race Plus he won't become famous there. Considered his options he decided to go visit the dealerships this evening. Pulling his mind back to the task before him, the essay is pretty long but it will work. Closing his books, he passed the admiring girls and turning heads of students. Hopefully this kind of attention will lessen.

Later that evening, Ryosuke's head circled wildly at the surrounding dealerships. Every Japanese car maker company displayed their best models to interested the young car enthuse. Nissan's GTR R32, a Honda NSX, Toyota surpa, Lancer EVO, Subaru's WRX etc. They only intruded him not interested. Ryosuke started to wonder off to the Mazda dealerships with used cars besides the building. At the parking lot he spotted a man around 40 years of age parked a White Rx7 savanna Infini. Supposedly this model is new but, the once handsome features are rusted on the rear and front bumper; dented along the sides and the sounds coming out of the exhaust are not musical to Ryosuke's ears. The man handed his keys to the dealer and venture off with his new FD. At the young age of eighteen, he can distinguish the modification by listening to it. H frowned, that can't be right that FC hasn't got a clean transmission filter, running on cheap gasoline, brake pads are not changed. Judging by the condition this guy didn't' kept proper car maintenance. Greeted by the dealer, he bowed politely to Ryosuke who did the same. "Ryosuke-kun is there anything you are looking in peculiar?" asked the dealer "Well nothing to flashy, not too slow, challenging, and good balance" answered Ryosuke "Can I interest you with the new Rx7Enfini?" "An FD3s?" "Yes an FD for short, so far the FD can go over 200km/h if tuned properly, good balance for the cornering and it's best next2 to GTR and Lancer Evolution. Ryosuke was speechless though out the process. They walked past numerous FDs and the last old white FC. The dealer became embarrassed when Ryosuke glanced at it. "Oh you don't want that car, it's old and outdated. It won't go fast enough like the current FDs" "but it's a rotary" said Ryosuke quietly. At first impressions, the car look old and rejected, but it burned a smallest possible of potential. "What's wrong with it?" He asked the dealer consulted his checklist: "blown values, engine failure, transmission is history; brakes needs to be replaced, suspension are bent, blown mufflers and a much dented body. Personally this car is going to the scrape yard and it's expensive to fix it." Ryosuke sighed inwardly Father and Mother isn't going to like this. He turn to the dealer "I take it" he said to the awe struck dealer

"Are you sure about your decision?" asked the dealer passing the contracts and the keys to Ryosuke. He signed it to show his answer. "Nice doing business with you Ryosuke –kun" said dealer offering his hand. "You too" said Ryouske shaking it. The dealer watched as the youth takes the keys and exited the dealer ship. A strange aura wrapped around him and connected to the badly damaged FC.

Time to get to work thought Ryosuke as he striped the gloves on and stared at the checklist of all the parts and upgrades. It's going to be midnight before he is finish this project. Not only the performance, but both exterior and interior. The leather must be replaced and the body needs a new paint job.

Next day at school: Ryosuke had already established an reputation at the school. People who know him is either to-be-doctor or the top of the class only Fumihiro remain to be the closest to Ryosuke. Ryosuke-kun! called Fumihiro at homeroom, "did you get your car yet?" "No" lied Ryosuke he didn't want his friends know it just yet. "oh that's too bad. I got one it's a old red MR2." " An SW20, a mid-ship. Good handing" "yeah, I took a spin last night on Mt Akagi but... " but..." pressed on Ryosuke "but it only goes 6000rpms and it lagged badly. Honestly I don't know what's wrong with it ." finished Fumihiro Ryouske can think 10 different suspects but he would need to confirm his suspicions. "Takahashi-sama!" "Oh god" moan Ryosuke he isn't in the mood for girls today. He packed his bags and mention his friend to follow him. "poor guy" thought Fumihiro Being followed by fan girls is extremely annoying. He follow Ryosuke to the top floor glazed at the mountain loomed ahead, Mt Akagi was beautiful as ever. Cars zooming in and out the streets, skyscrapers towered small business below and a large Clinic or hostpial rises from the east. "Fumihiro-kun do you have anything planed this afternoon?" he shocked his head "good keep it that way, I take a look at your MR2" Out of his bag he grabs a computer magazine, reading an article about car settings and racing simulation. He might need it with him on the circuit. Once more the image of rejected FC played his mind again. Everyone will be blown off the circuit with this unexpected surprise.

Author's note

Okay this my first fan fic. I'm a perfectionist so bring on the reviews. It can be good or has flames, on second thought maybe foward to Keisuke's gang and let them do the dirty work for me. lol I promise I update sooner than later.