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A Home


"Alice, are you sure about this?" It had been months since I had any social interaction. I wasn't even sure if I knew how anymore. I had thought that when vampirism sucks the life out of you, it sucks all personality and humanity. Alice, however, seemed to prove that wrong.

"Bella, come on! I promise they are going to love you."

"You never know," I muttered as she pulled me through the last of the trees.

"Oh, yes I do," she smirked. I decided not to ask.

There house was beautiful. It was a giant white mansion that was right on the outskirts of the forest. A giant glass wall faced the sun.

Alice dragged me inside. "Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmet, Rose," she called. Her soft, musical voice flowed through the entire house. In the blink of an eye, the five vampires were standing before us.

"Alice?" The oldest of the females asked in confusion, looking straight at me.

"Everyone," Alice grinned. "I'd like you to meet Bella."

I studied each of them separately. There was a tall, muscular boy with dark brown curls. He had his arm around a gorgeous girl, silky blonde waves like a waterfall down her back. Next to them stood a blonde boy, staring at me with deep, topaz eyes that seemed to hold the entirety of life inside them. There was an attractive man in his mid thirties, with a head of blonde hair and a warm smile that nicely contrasted his cool body. At the end of the line stood the one who spoke to Alice, long hair with mild curls, curious and caring eyes and a small smile that only mothers wear.

Alice motioned to each as she spoke their name. "Bella, this is Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme."

I smiled shyly as they all greeted me; well, except for Rosalie, who just grimaced with her arms wound tightly cross her chest.

"Um, Carlisle, Esme? Can I talk to you guys for a minute?" The three walked outside too where even vampire hearing couldn't break the sound barrier created. Carlisle sent a small smile my way before closing the door behind him.

I stood awkwardly in the bright main room, the other three mentally judging me.

"So where'd Alice kidnap this one from?" Emmet asked conversationally to no one in particular.

"Emmet, shut up. She's totally freaked out right now."

Jasper looked out me sensitively. "You don't have to be afraid, you know," he said, and suddenly, I wasn't. "Alice is only trying to help you."

Rosalie snorted. "No, Alice is only trying to help herself. You think she'd give a crap about her if she didn't see them as best friends in a year or two?"

"Rose," Emmet murmured. He ran his hand through her hair, but she pushed him away aggressively and rushed up the stairs. Emmet rolled his eyes at me before running after her.

"Sorry about them," he smiled.

I smiled back shyly. "It's okay. They seem um…" He laughed as I struggled to find a word. Eventually I joined in. I liked him.

"You don't have to like them to live here. None of us do."

Rosalie hissed from upstairs and Emmet growled, "I heard that and you are SO DEAD!"

Crap. I forgot they could hear us. I looked at Jasper nervously, but he just laughed and soon calmed down. I felt almost right at home here. Maybe living with a family wouldn't be so as bad as I predicted.

As Alice neared the house I heard her bubbly voice screaming, "thank you thank you thank you!"

"Uh oh," Jasper warned. "Watch out. It's coming."

Alice was a flash of light through the door and almost knocked me over. "Come on Bella! Let me show you your room! Come on, we have so much to talk about! I have to tell you about everything and everyone and oh my god we're going to have so much freaking fun!" She put her arm around me and began to lead me upstairs. Then, without slowing the pace, turned to Jasper "I'll get you later for that." She stuck out her tongue and then looked back ahead of her.

She led me to an empty room at the end of the hall. It faced south, one entire wall made of glass. Through it you could see the river winding through the forest. The mountains were so close I felt like I could touch them. "Wow."

"You like it?" She beamed. "I knew you would! It's pretty much the best room in the house, I'm surprised no one has claimed it. Anyhow, it's all yours. We'll go furniture shopping tomorrow, you can hang in my room until then."

She continued babbling, and I walked to the glass wall, placing a hand on the window. It was nice how open it was. Standing in here with the sun beating down on me, making my skin shimmer, it almost made me believe I was a one with the world instead of a monster destroying it.

I looked down on the lovely river and bright green earth below. "Alice," I asked. "Where are we anyway?"

"Forks. Washington."

I turned to her, eyes wide. "What? No. I can't-I can't be in…I have to go!"

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