Ienzo skidded down the pavement and ended up by the wall separating 3rd street and the 'ghetto'. Cautiously, he peered over. He came by here every weekend, just to see how they lived. There used to be an old man living around here who he gave money too. Then he realised he was being naïve and the guy was probably spending it all on fuelling some drug habit. So he gave him food until he stopped showing up- it turned out he died of cold in the winter along with tens of others.

Kadaj looked up. A tall, overweight man was waddling toward him. Kadaj sneered. 'Yes?'

'You can't go through there.'

'Why ever not?'

Health and safety mate'

Yazoo sped past so fast the man staggered backwards, mouth opening and closing again. 'who was that?'

'My brother'

'Call him back'

'It's too far away- he'll never hear me'

'Don't be smart with me, kid- phone him'

'He can't answer a phone while he's driving'

'Why not?'

Kadaj raised a silver brow. 'Health and safety, mate'

Before the man could respond, his sword came out and punched through his stomach. On the backward stroke the man's head rolled to the ground.

John Bird ended with a supercilious smile.

That must be just SO hard for you… living on the streets, a fully grown man in one of the least violent cities in the world, Reno growled.

Living with the guilt of killing your parents, said Fakir impassively.

Being molested and abused said Axel.

Being neglected, sighed Ienzo.

Being experimented on all your life. Attached to cords. Electrocuted and burned just to show it doesn't kill you, Snarled Kadaj.

Because we mollycoddled little lambs have absolutely no idea what you went through Josh grinned.