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This chapter is based on "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

Mondays are always the worst day after break. It was the week after summer break. It was finally over. Summer vacation was over until next June and Randy couldn't wait that long. He had the best summer with his gang. They had girls, drinks, parties and everything else a guy needs.

Randy dragged his feet across the school yard looking for his gang, Evolution. He had happened to catch some glares from the rival gang, Domination.

"Yo, Orton!" yelled John Cena. Cena wore his jacket with the words, Evolution, printed on the back. As a matter a fact, the whole gang wore the jacket. Evolution contained Randy, the leader, John, Jeff,Chris, Dave, and Phil. The rival team, Domination, contained Johnny Nitro, the leader, Ken Kennedy, Mike who calls himself the Miz, Carlito, Adam Copeland, and Shelton Benjamin.

Randy smirked and walked over to the waiting guys. Giving each guy handshakes, he heard some girls giggling and pointing at them.

"Of course they would be looking at us, I mean look at us." bragged Chris with the smirk. The guys laughed but they knew it was true.

"You got that right. So what's the lastest news on our little Dominations?" asked Randy.

"Well they want to meet us behind the bleachers at the usual spot. They want to schdeule something stupid." answered Dave.

"Well did they say what it was?" asked a curious Randy. Domination couldn't be trust when there was no one else around.

"Nope." reassured Jeff.

"Well..." Randy was interuppted by someone bumping into him from the back. The next thing he heard was papers flowing down and books dropping to the ground and a loud thud at the end. Randy turned around and looked down to see a girl on the ground, turning to gather her papers.

Randy never seen the girl before but he thought she was really hot. She wore a pink mini shirt, a black holter top and her hair was a kind of redish-brunette. He knew it was hair-dye because by the telling of her roots, there was black hair. The girl looked up and saw the guys just starring at her with curious eyes, then she looked back down at her things.

Randy kneed down and started helping her with the papers and books. He handed them to her, grabbed her hand and helped her up as well. The girl was pretty shy and nervous. She look at her hand which still had Randy's hand attached to it. She made a small smile.

Randy realised he still had his hand on her's. He quickly removed it and cleared his throat.

"Hi." greeted Randy.

"Hey." greeted the girl.

"So..." Randy was interuppted by the girl once more.

"Look, I'm really sorry about running into you. It's just that I was in a rush to find my classes before the first one. I didn't mean to run into you, I wasn't looking where I was..." Randy interuppted her this time. Apparently, her pleading and apologies, surprisingly to him, were actually kind of a turn on. He smiled.

"It's okay. It's no big deal." he reassured her. Just then, the bell rang.

"Well I guess I have to go. Well um, bye." the girl walked away leaving Randy with the guys.

"Who is she?" asked Randy turning to face the guys.

"Her name is Melina." answered Dave as the guys turn to face him. "She came here like at the end of the school year. That's why we have never seen her before."

"How do you know this?" asked John.

"She lives right next to me. Her, her one brother, mom and dad." Dave continued asnwering questions about Melina.

"Well she's hot, so I'm good." Randy said smirking to himself.

"Yeah she is but there is one problem." Dave said

"What is it now?" asked a irritated Randy.

"She has a boyfriend." Dave told Randy.

"Nobody I can't..." Dave interuppted Randy.

"And her boyfriend is Johnny Nitro. Her brother is Carlito." explained Dave. Randy's smile turned into a mournful frown. He liked a girl that was going out and family with two of the members of Domination.

"Oh. Well, we should get to class. I'm sure Mr. Long would be pissed if we were late again." They agreed and the gang walked into the building with all eyes on them.


Melina walked around through the halls looking for Domination. She got through almost all her classes in one piece but she felt alone. She didn't like being alone, let alone being new to a school. Everywhere she went, whenever she turned a corner or entered a classroom, she would get weird stares like she was some kind of alien.

Melina finally found Domination in her fifth class, english. She went over to them.

"Hey." she greeted them and stood up next to a seated Nitro.

"Um who are you?" asked Jillian, linking arms with Mike.

"Oh right. Guys this is my girlfriend, Melina." Nitro introuced her.

"Oh hi." said Maryse in a smug voice.

"Well um..." Just then, the teacher, Mr. Long walked in.

"Okay class. Sit take your seats." Everyone took there seats except Melina. She walked up to him and whispered in his ear that she was new to the school.

"Well class we have a new student in our school today. This is Melina Perez." Mr. Long said as she nervously did a small wave. "Melina, you may take a seat at Randy's table." Mr. Long pointed to the table where Evoulution was sitting. Domination took one look at them with glares. Evolution returned a stare back at them.

Melina slowly walked towards the table, keeping her down head in the process. Setting her books and papers down on the table, Melina pulled out the chair, took her seat and scooted back into the table still keeping her head down to avoid the stares given to her.

"Okay, We will be starting a project next week." The class groaned except Melina, who wasn't paying attention what so ever. She could still feel Domination and Evolution starring at each other and some were starring at her.

"The project is about Romeo and Juliet. You will be partnered up and each of you will have to type two pages containing what is the purpose of the play and how does it affect Romeo and Juliet's lives." Mr. Long wrote the things on the board as he went on with it. "And you well also be playing the part of the balcony scene because that's the scene with the most character and emotion." Mr. Long continued.

"I will be picking the partners, so let's begin. Okay, John with Mickie, Brie with Jeff, Nikki with Dave, Maryse with Nitro, Candice with Phil, Ashley with Matt, Torrie with Chris." The list went on and on until Mr. Long reached Randy's name. "And Randy Orton with..." he took couple of seconds to think of a name until he got one in his mind. "Randy Orton with Melina Perez."

Randy looked at Mr. Long with shock. It was bad enough he had to deal with Domination's leader but now he had to deal with Domination's leader's girlfriend. Randy then looked at Melina. He could tell she was really shy and nervous. He made a small smile because it was kind of cute that she was so shy.

"Okay class, find your partners and get to work." Just then, everyone got up from their tables and headed to the partner. The only ones at Evolution's table were Melina, who still had her head down, and Randy. He tapped her shoulder. Her head rose up and looked around to see no one at the table except Randy.

"Glad you could join me." Randy said. He could have sworn he heard her giggle a soft giggle.

"Sorry about that. I'm just really shy when I'm around new people, let alone being new." Melina answered.

"It's okay. By the way, I'm Randy Orton." he said extending his hand.

"Melina Perez." she shook his hand. Her hand was really soft in his warm touch. "So you're the Randy that they are talking about?"

"Depends. Who are they?"

"Nitro and his friends. They call themselves..."

"Domination." Randy finished her sentence for her. "Yeah I am. I'm the leader of Evolution. Domination and Evolution are the biggest groups in the school and they are rivals as well."

"Oh I'm sorry." apologized Melina. "Johnny can be a little um, what's the word?"

"A stupid ass competive bastard?" answered Randy.

"Um a little, kind of, okay maybe." Randy laughed at her remark.

"Yeah. Well we should get working on this stupid project." Randy suggested.

"What project?" asked Melina. She completely tuned out Mr. Long because she was too embarassed to be sitting with Evolution.

"We have to do this project with Romeo and Juliet. We have to type a two page report on how it affects Romeo and Juliet's lives and what is the purpose of the play and we have to do the scene with the balcony." Randy explained.

"Oh. I love the book and the play so this should be fun." said Melina.

Randy laughed. "Yeah maybe for you." Melina giggled as Randy made a smirk. "So who do you want to be?" Randy asked.

Melina smiled. "I think I want to be Juliet." Randy made a fake pout.

"Aw man. I wanted to be Juliet." Randy said in a disappointed voice.

Melina laughed. "Yeah, I don't think that will happen." Melina reassured him. Just as they were about to talk about the project, the ball rang.

"Well I'll see you at lunch." said Randy as he got up from the table. Melina got up as well.

"Yeah. Bye Randy." she walked away. Randy watched her leave. The rest of Evolution joined Randy and walked out of class to the cafeteria.


Evolution sat at their usual spot outside in the courtyard. Some of the girls joined them. The girls were Mickie, The Bella Twins, Kelly, Torrie, and Candice.

Randy was busy starring at Melina from across the yard with Domination and their girls, Jillian Hall, Maryse, Victoria, Rosa Mendas, and Amy Dumas. He never thought that he would like a girl that was with another guy. The girls usually liked him and came running to him. Melina, she was different.

"I'm serious guy. How does a toothpick like Nitro end up with a girl like Melina?" complained Randy.

"I got to agree with you on that, Randy. She is hot." said Phil. Candice ended up hitting him. "But not as hot as you, babe." Phil kissed Candice.

"Well speaking of the toothpick, here he comes with Domination." pointed Chris. The gang was walking over to Evolution. Evolution stood up and told the girls to stand next to them. Johnny Nitro signaled them to meet them behind the bleachers. They all walked over there.

"Alright, what is it now?" asked a irritated Randy.

"Oh someone is a little spunky today." Nitro said sarcasticly. "Look this friday is a return to school dance and this I have to look hot for the dance that means I can't kick your asses." Randy was about to say something but was stopped when he saw Melina move her way between Nitro and her brother, Carlito.

"So I want to make sure we don't fight before the dance so..." Nitro was interuppted by Dave.

"So you don't want us to beat the living hell out of you and your punks? And gas boy calls us cowards." Evolution and their girls laughed.

"Shut up Gorrila!" yelled Johnny. "You know what, screw this whole thing. We do what we want and you do whatever you monkeys do. Out of our way." and just like that, Domination pushed Evolution out of there way leaving Melina behind. Evolution stared at until Domination was gone.

"Melina!" yelled Nitro. Melina was startled by him. She took one last look and walked away. Then they heard Mr. McMahon's voice on the loud speaker.

"Will Randy Orton please come to my office. I repeat, Randy Orton please come to my office." Then it went off.

"What did you do now?" asked Jeff.

"I don't know." answered Randy and walked away from the group towards McMahon's office.


Randy eventually got to the office after a few mintues of talking to some of the girls that were checking him out. Before he could knock on the door, it flew open.

"Ah, Randy. You may take a seat." Mr. McMahon inisted. Randy did what he said and sat down in front of his desk. Randy waited for McMahon's explaination on why he was here on the first day of school.

"So Randy, how many times have you gotten in trouble for the past 3 years you were in high school?" asked Mr. McMahon.

"I don't know. I stopped counting after 92." Randy answered.

"Well I'm putting you as a volutneer for the library." Randy was shocked.

"Why? I haven't done anything this year yet." Randy was confused and angry.

"That's the point. You haven't done anything yet and before you do I'm putting you in the library for community service for the times that will eventually come soon." McMahon explained.

Randy wanted to fight back but he couldn't. Mr. McMahon made some good points. He just sat there and continued to listen.

"You will start today after school. You may go now." Randy stood up from the chair and walked over to the door. He opened it to see Evolution sitting there waiting for him. He wasn't so happy by the look on his face.

"So?" asked Chris.

"I got community service for the future events I might do to Nitro and his punks's heads." That was the last thing Randy said to them before leaving.


It was after school and mostly everyone was gone except Randy and a couple of other students still getting their stuff together. Randy walked into the library. It looked different from the last time he was there. But then again he hasn't been there since 9th grade.

"Ah Randy, there you are. Your helper will be here any second now." said the Librarian.

Just then a girl walked in. She looked familiar from earlier today. Then it hit him. Randy finally firgured out who it was.

"Melina, so glad you could join us. This is Randy Orton. He will be helping us for a while. Could you show him around before I leave?" asked the Librarin.

"Sure Mandy." Melina turned to Randy with a smile. "Hi again Mr. Orton."

"Hey again. And it's Randy to you, young lady." Randy joked.

Melina giggled. "Well let's get started." Melina took Randy by his arm and walked down the hall. "Okay, this section is the Non-fiction area. So this is where..." Randy interuppted her.

"How do you know the librarian's name? This is your first day right?" Randy asked.

"Yeah it's my first day but the librarian was my baby-sitter from when I was little." answered Melina.

"Oh. That's...weird." Randy asked.

Melina laughed a little. "Yeah. It is kind of weird seeing your baby-sitter working at your school."

"Yeah. So how's life dating a Domination?" Randy asked. He was running out of things to say so he came up with that becasue he didn't want to stop talking to her.

"It's fine I guess. I have the feeling that he is seeing someone else behind my back but I guess it's just in my mind I have been in bad relationships before and I don't want it to happen with Johnny." Melina answered truthfully.

"I haven't been in a relationship since Maria." Randy added.

"Why? What happened with her?" asked Melina.

"Well, we were dating for a year and a half and I was really falling for her until I caught her with my former friend in the guys locker room. I told myself that I would never fall for another girl again because I was so hurt that day." Randy explained.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Melina apologized and hugged him. Randy couldn't help but to put his arms around her as well. "Well what do you do now when a girl asks you out?"

"Easy. I go out with them for one day, sleep with them then leave." Randy laughed and ,surprisingly, Melina laughed as well.

"Wow. So Mr. Big Shot, how many were there?" asked Melina still giggling a little.

Randy counted on his fingers. "Hm, there was Stacy, Maria, Victoria, Mickie, Kelly, Torrie, Dawn, let's just say I slept with almsot every girl in this school." Randy laughed.

They spent almost the whole afternoon talking in the library. They eventually left and talked all the to the Melina's locker. Randy carried her stuff for her showing her that he was a complete gentleman. He walked her home as well.

"I think you better go before Carlito sees you with me. He doesn't like me hanging out with a Evolution." suggested Melina.

"Yeah. I'll ssee you later." Melina hugged him and he left. She smiled and walked inside.

"Where were you, Melina?" asked a worried Carlito.

"I was at the library but I'm here now so don't get you tights in a wad." Melina said as she walked upstairs into her room.

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