I do not claim to own any of the content in the Twilight saga, it belongs to Stephanie Meyer. I wish that I owned Jasper though :(

Jasper was lay on top of the bed, in the room he shared with his beloved Alice. He was placid, simply letting his thoughts run through his mind at ease. The house was quiet; the rest of the Cullens were out hunting. Except for Alice. She was downstairs, Jasper could smell her lovely scent from here. He sighed. Alice had snapped at him before, when Jasper had very nearly scraped her shiny yellow Porsche. They never argued, and even on the rare occasions when they did it was never anything serious. Alice hadn't been upstairs to see him yet though, and Jasper wished that she would. He missed her.

Suddenly there was a creak on the stairs, and Jasper grew rigid. There were light footsteps in the hall, and then the door opened. Alice glided in, as graceful as always. Jasper looked at her, and knew that his heart would stutter if it were not already enternally still. He had always wondered why everyone seemed to think Rosalie as the most beautiful woman on the Earth. Alice was so glorious, petite with an array of black spikes. Jasper loved her cute, quirky little smile the most though. Their relationship wasn't very flamboyant, but they knew how much they loved each other. They didn't feel the need to make this clear every five minutes.

"Jasper" She said quietly, pausing at the side of the bed.

Jasper smiled at her, "Sit down" He said.

Alice smiled back, just the way Jasper liked. She sat cross legged by his side, looking down at her hands. "I'm sorry for yelling at you" She said finally.

"I'm sorry I was so careless" Jasper returned.

Alice looked up and stared at Jasper for a while. There was a moment of love and understanding that so few people in the world could share sucessfully. Then she slowly crept forwards on her hands, until she was almost right on top of him. She leaned down to press her lips against his. Jasper rested his hand on the small of her back. Alice lifted her head back up and smiled again. She lay down, curling herself against Jasper's side. He took her hand and played with her fingers.

"What are we going to do today?" He asked her.

"A new malls just been built in Olympia, we could go there" Alice suggested hopefully.

"Whatever you want" Jasper said.

"You're sick of shopping, aren't you?" Alice grinned.

Jasper paused, "In truth, yes. But if its want you want to do, we'll go".

"Lets just stay here" Alice said, closing her eyes.

"All day?" Jasper said, slightly amused.

"All day" Alice confirmed.

Jasper closed his eyes too.