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Reese Wilkerson was lying on his bed reading the latest wrestling magazine, lost in his own world and simply relaxing, for the first time in what felt like forever. Reese ran his hand through his brown spiky hair, letting his hand rest behind his head, while he read about the latest developments in the wrestling world. Of course he could watch these developments on the television, but sometimes he just preferred to read about them, and the inside stories of the wrestling world to boost both his intellect and his understanding of the wrestling business that he loved so much.

Reese was eighteen years old and he was about to start his final year at school. He hated school and he had never been very good at it, partly because of the fact that the teachers were prejudiced against him, believing that he should be a genius like his younger brother Malcolm, but that he was just lazy. Another reason why Reese wasn't very good at school was the fact that he just couldn't absorb the information that the school tried to hammer into his brain every single day, even though he could absorb a ton of information about wrestling. Reese did find a lot of the information that the teachers tried to teach him interesting, particularly when it came to subjects like History, but for some reason, even though he tried, Reese could not absorb the information and translate it into decent grades, even though he was very intelligent and very capable, despite what other people thought.

Although Reese was not very successful at school, he had a lot of practical skills and had developed a very practical and sensitive mind, which had made surviving in the crazy world a lot easier. Reese had quickly learnt that in his family and in the world in general, it was survival of the fittest. In order to make the most of this, Reese had become a bully. If he was honest Reese did not want to be a bully, he hated hurting people, but he had done it for so long that it was the only was he knew how to do to survive. Besides, because of his healthy understanding of the wrestling business, Reese had learnt how to fight and how to survive to such a degree that some people even feared him, even though he didn't want that.

Reese was very good looking for his age. He had brown spiky hair with blonde highlights in it, and an incredibly toned body. However, it was Reese's face that was the most endearing feature about him. His face was incredibly expressive and often revealed all of his emotions even if he did not want it to. He had a cheeky grin and excitable green eyes, which would allow anyone who looked deep enough into them to see directly into Reese's heart and soul.

Despite being renowned for being a bully, Reese was really a nice and genuine person with a kind-hearted personality; it just didn't show because people didn't care enough to look. Reese would always stand up for someone when they had no one else to do it for them, and he was always good at giving advice and just sitting a listening to someone's problems. He loved to cook and could be very romantic and quite idealistic and innocent at times. He would never leave someone in their time of need and if he had a girlfriend he would treat her like she was a princess and would make her his entire world.

Even though these qualities were present in Reese, and it was evident that he would make a great boyfriend, he had never had a girlfriend, and had never been kissed, because no girls ever wanted to go near him, which was a fact that had upset Reese for a long time. In fact, it was a well known fact that Reese didn't have any real friends, perhaps because people were scared of him, or perhaps because people thought he was weird. Again this fact had haunted Reese for a long time, but it was the reason that he had developed such a strong survival of the fittest instinct, even to the point where he had built up a lot of defences around his heart because it had been hurt so many times before.

A moment later, Reese heard a door slam. He jumped, as it had jolted him out of his reverie so suddenly. Reese wasn't sure what had caused the door to slam, but he had a pretty good idea that his brother Malcolm may have come home in a foul mood once again.

Malcolm had been in a strange mood all week. He snapped at everyone who tried to ask him what was wrong, and he stayed out late all the time. In fact, the night before, he had even been brought home by the police, who had arrested him for vandalising a disused warehouse. This behaviour was very unusual for Malcolm, because although he could be a bit of a rebel, he had never mindlessly vandalised anything. Reese sighed as he heard Malcolm storming around the house, and Lois, Malcolm and Reese's mother shouting at him, telling him to have some respect for his house and his family. Reese hardly ever agreed with his mother about anything, but this time was different, he believed that she had a point and that Malcolm should appreciate what he has and have respect for his life and home, because after all, everyone, including Reese knew that one day Malcolm could the President of the United States.

Malcolm stormed into his and his brothers' bedroom and slammed the door noisily behind him, before falling onto his bed, and throwing his globe at the wall, smashing it into a million tiny pieces.

"Do you mind?" said Reese in an annoyed tone "I'm trying to read here!"

"Since when did you read Reese?" asked Malcolm viciously "you're IQ is well below average, I'm surprised you have the mental capacity to be able to read!"

"I've read for quite a while thank you!" said Reese defensively, who had been hurt by Malcolm's previous comment "I usually just do it when you're not here, so I can avoid comments like that!"

"You know what I said was true Reese!" said Malcolm angrily.

"That's what you think!" said Reese quietly.

"No, that's what I know Reese," sneered Malcolm "and you know that I'm always right!"

"No you're not!" said Reese "yeah you're right a lot of the time, but sometimes you make stupid decisions that get us into trouble!"

"Excuse me," said Malcolm, with an air of superiority in his voice "I am always right, and you know it. That's why I'm a genius and you're just a stupid idiot who'll never amount to anything!"

"I'm not stupid!" said Reese in a hurt voice.

"Oh yeah," sneered Malcolm "well why do your grades say different then?"

"I don't know," said Reese quietly "I just can't seem to absorb the information they drill into me at school!"

"Because you're an idiot!" breathed Malcolm maliciously.

"I am not an idiot," said Reese defensively "who is it that comes up with the plans to make money all the time? Me. Who is it that finds us a hiding place from the cops if we get into trouble? Me. Who is it that can cook an entire three course dinner perfectly? Me. Who is it that can recite every wrestler in any company and their finishing move? Me! I am not an idiot Malcolm! Yeah I'm not a genius like you, but I am not an idiot! I am clever in my own way and that's fine by me!"

"Wow," shouted Malcolm sarcastically "you come up with schemes, you find us hiding places, you cook meals, you can recite stupid wrestlers! You are so intelligent Reese, next thing we know you could be the President of the United States! Oh wait, no that's not going to happen, is it? Because that's what I'm going to do!"

"No need to be sarcastic!" said Reese looking down, as he felt sadness overtake him "my intelligence might be different to yours, but it's still there!"

"See Reese, that's where you're wrong," said Malcolm in a voice with an air of superiority in it "what you have isn't intelligence, it's just stuff you've picked up over the years of being around me, and through watching TV!"

"What you think I picked up how to cook from you?" asked Reese in disbelief "Malcolm you can't cook to save your life, I have a talent for it and it takes intelligence and you know it!"

"No Reese," said Malcolm "cooking isn't about intelligence, none of the stuff you mentioned takes intelligence, because you don't know what intelligence is. Intelligence is when you can get good grades at school and go onto a good college, which you will never do because you have no intelligence!"

"That's not the only definition of intelligence," argued Reese "intelligence is also about having the practical skills to survive this world, or being able to listen to other people and their opinions or problems and give them advice on things!"

"You're so deluded Reese!" said Malcolm smirking "I think there's a lack of oxygen to your brain which is why you have absolutely no intelligence or potential!"#

"Shut up!" argued Reese "you know I have as much potential as you or maybe even more, but in different walks of life and you know what? I think that scares you!"

"Scared?" laughed Malcolm "why would I be scared of you? You are no threat to me; I will always be the genius in this family!"

"Maybe so," said Reese diplomatically "but really I think you're scared of me because while you are smarter than me in some aspects of life you know I'm smarter than you in other aspects of life!"

"That's what you think!" said Malcolm quietly.

"No Malcolm that's what I know!" said Reese imitating Malcolm's worlds from earlier "being intelligent in terms of books isn't everything, sometimes the best intelligence to have, is that which will help you survive in the world, and you know what I'm saying makes sense!"

"See Reese, that's you're problem," said Malcolm in a slow and patronising voice "you think everything you say is intelligent when actually everything you say shows just how much of an idiot you really are! It's quite pathetic really, especially when I have an image to keep up of being the biggest genius in the history of our school, the world and the entire universe too!"

"Well you know what?" said Reese, trying very hard not to show Malcolm how upset he was "the fact that you rely on books so much for your intelligence and have hardly any survival skills or other talents, makes you really pathetic too!"

"Whatever you say," sighed Malcolm "but I know I'm not pathetic! I know I'm going to amount to something in the future. I know I'm going to have a worthwhile job. But you, all you'll be doing is a dead-end pointless job like flipping burgers in the nearest McDonalds or being a janitor, because you have no intelligence!"

"No, Malcolm, you're wrong!" argued Reese defiantly "I will amount to something. Yeah sure, I might not be doing the same high-flying jobs as you but I'm going to have a good job and I'm going to earn lots of money from it, and then you'll be forced to admit that you were wrong about me!"

"Really Reese?" asked Malcolm sceptically, as he rose his eyebrows "well tell me, what job are you going to do? What job will employee an eighteen year old idiot with no intelligence and no potential and no qualifications to his name?"

"Who says I don't have any qualifications to my name?" asked Reese angrily "I still have one year left at school, so I can still get the qualifications I need!"

"Oh Reese, everyone knows that's never going to happen, so why can't you just accept it!" laughed Malcolm viciously "you've got F's all the way through school so what makes you think that anything is going to be different this year? Nothing will change; you will still fail at everything you try to do!"

"You wish!" said Reese, although thanks to Malcolm's constant berating of him, Reese was finding it difficult to find the confidence that had been present before.

"What job would you like to do anyway!" asked Malcolm nonchalantly.

"I don't know," said Reese "maybe a psychologist!"

"What makes you think you can do that?" laughed Malcolm "there's no way on this Earth you could do that!"

"Yes I could!" said Reese "I like to listen to people's problems and help them through things. I like to talk to people. I'm sensitive, far more sensitive than you, and I think I would be good at it because I would never ever let anybody down!"

"Reese you're not sensitive!" said Malcolm who was now openly laughing at his brother, while Reese could feel himself becoming more and more upset "you get angry over the slightest thing and you never try to comfort anyone!"

"I am sensitive!" said Reese "it's just that no one knows that because they don't care about me enough to look deep inside my heart to find that sensitivity. I'm going to be a psychologist so I can show people that sensitivity that has remained hidden for so long, that I so desperately want to use for good!"

"OK, OK Reese!" said Malcolm, in a sarcastic and patronising voice "you're going to be a psychologist, you keep telling yourself that!"

"Just because you're scared that I actually will succeed and end up being a threat to you and your success does not mean you have to be sarcastic!" said Reese in an annoyed, but hurt tone "you know what Malcolm? You've really changed! I don't know why, but you really have changed!"

"So?" asked Malcolm.

"So you've become horrible in the worst way!" said Reese "I know I'm an idiot and I probably will never make anything of myself, but I thought I could always rely on you to not point that out to me!"

"What are you talking about Reese?" asked Malcolm nastily "everyone always points out the fact you're an idiot to your face, and you never seem to mind!"

"Well I do care!" shouted Reese "it really gets to me. I do try to be intelligent but I find it difficult when it comes to school! I know everyone calls me an idiot all the time, but I always thought you were different. I always thought that even if I had no one else who accepted me for who I was I would always have you, because you never seemed to say these kinds of things to me before you changed. Do you know how much it hurts me Malcolm to hear you say these things? Do you know how much it hurts my confidence?"
"Well deal with it Reese!" shouted Malcolm "this is me, this is who I am and you can't change me, no one can! Because this is just me, you of all people should know that by now!"

"I hate you!" said Reese.

"Trust me, the feeling is mutual," sneered Malcolm "I hate you too!"

"Why?" asked Reese "what did I ever do to you?"

"You didn't do anything to me," said Malcolm "I just hate the fact that you exist and that I always have to put up with you and get you out of trouble because you're such an idiot!"

"You don't always have to get me out of trouble," said Reese "sometimes I get us out of trouble too!"

"And then there's the fact that I always have to be around you," ranted Malcolm "I mean I can understand at home, but I even have to be around you at school! I can't escape you Reese!"

"I am not always around you!" said Reese defensively "it's inevitable that we're going to see each other because we're brothers and we're at the same school too!"

"Yes I know that!" sighed Malcolm angrily "but it's the fact that you're always with me because you have nothing better to do and maybe it's also because of the fact that you have no friends in the world! You're alone in this world aren't you Reese? So you have to latch onto me instead!"

"I…I…" said Reese, who was at a loss for words.

"Exactly," said Malcolm nastily "you have no friends and no girlfriend. You've never even been kissed in your life! That's so pathetic, and you've realised how pathetic your life actually is so you've started latching onto mine, which therefore makes you even more pathetic!"

"Have you ever stopped to think that maybe I don't have friends because I like the solitude?" asked Reese "or that I don't have a girlfriend and I've never been kissed because I'm waiting for the right person to come along before I do fall in love? And that when I do fall in love it will be forever, rather than for a week or two like it is for you?"

"But we both know that's not true don't we Reese?" said Malcolm, smirking "we both know you crave attention and you want friends which is why you're a bully, and we both know that you've never had a girlfriend because girls hate you and they don't want to be near you!"

"Shut up!" shouted Reese in an anxious voice "what do you know about my life? What right do you have to judge me?"

"Oh I know more than you think I know," sneered Malcolm, knowing full well that he was getting to Reese "I know how desperately unhappy you are, and how all you want is a friend who'll be nice to you and accept you for who you are!"

"Shut up, shut up!" shouted Reese covering his ears in anxiety.

"No Reese," shouted Malcolm "because someone needs to tell you this so that you know it's true! And so you know that you will always be a failure at life and will be second to me in every single aspect of your life!"

"I hate you!" shouted Reese, who felt tears prick up in his eyes.

Reese blinked repeatedly in order to stop the tears from falling from his eyes and revealing his vulnerability to his younger brother. Once he had the tears under control, Reese looked up at Malcolm, who was smirking at him and gave him a death glare. Malcolm however, did not flinch and said in a vicious voice,

"You know what I said is right Reese!"

"I hate you!" said Reese, in a hurt voice "you're no brother of mine. No brother should ever say that to his other brothers!"

"Well too bad, I'm saying it!" said Malcolm "you need to know it and if you don't like it well you can just accept it because it is not going to change at any time in the near future, or at any time in the far future for that matter either!"

"I have got to get out of here!" said Reese in an exasperated voice.

"Fine by me," said Malcolm simply "I won't miss you!"

Reese got up off the bed, and without a second glance at his brother, he grabbed his jacket, put it on and walked out of his room. Reese bumped into his mother in the living room and said,

"Mum I'm going out for a while!"

"Why?" asked Lois.

"I have to get away from Malcolm, he's annoying me, so I need to cool down!" said Reese truthfully.

"All right then!" said Lois "but don't be back late!"

"I won't!" called Reese, as he grabbed his wallet, keys and phone and walked out of the door.

Reese was so wound up he just had to get away from his house for a while. He didn't understand why Malcolm's words had affected him so badly, because after all, like Malcolm had said, a lot of people called him and idiot all the time, and he always took it on the chin and brushed it off, but Malcolm's words had hurt Reese more than anything before, maybe because in Reese's mind, they had a ring of truth to them.

Reese shook off the thought and ran though to the place where he always felt safe and accepted. When he got there, he breathed a sigh of relief. Reese had come to a small park. It had various swings and slides that were often in use by young children and their parents, but they never paid attention to Reese so he just sat on one of the many benches or under one of the many willow trees and just thought about life, or tried to forget about everything that had happened.

Today Reese decided to sit under one of the willow trees, as it was incredibly sunny and he wanted to sit in the shade. As soon as he sat under the tree, Reese felt the tears prick up in his eyes again, but this time he let a stray one run down his cheek, making no effort to stop it. This made him feel a little bit better, and as he leant back against the tree trunk and caught the familiar scent of the bark, he finally felt at peace for now.

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