"Come on Bella, we have to get going or else we are going to be late!" Renee always had to be at an event early, even if that meant we were leaving 3 hours before the play in Seattle even started.

I couldn't blame her though, living with Charlie did mean that we were more than likely to be late to anything and everything we were invited to.

Of course, in typically teenage fashion I fought with my mother about the logistics of arriving to Seattle 3 hours early, but she would not hear of it. We got into the car and started heading down the 101.

Of course, like any other day in this state, it started to rain… or should I say slosh. It was November and the rain was mixing with the snow. Renee insisted on taking my truck because of the new radio I had gotten for my birthday, even though I knew it would only make our trip longer. We would be lucky if my truck didn't start to buckle if we ventured into going over 55 mph.

I remember passing the Port Angeles exit, and my dad slamming on the breaks… After that everything else is a blur. I woke up at Seattle Grace Hospital 3 days later to find that I was the only survivor from my car. Apparently, Charlie was following a little too closely, (which was hard to believe because he was a police officer and definitely knew the consequences of reckless driving), combined with bad tires resulted in this. Me. Isabella Marie Swan. 18. Orphaned.

The weeks following the accident I remember in a haze. I didn't have any other family, so all of a sudden I had to grow up, decide my parents funeral arrangements, take care of bills, meet with lawyers, etc. The small town that I grew up in was Forks, Washington, and everyone knew my situation. Luckily, the school gave me an extended absence and told me that I could take as much time as I needed before I came back.

I graduated that June, with no one taking my picture, and no one to clap as I crossed the stage—it was just me. Sadly, I had grown to like the idea of being independent, that way I had no one to burden with my issues. My boyfriend Jacob couldn't handle my depression and way of dealing with my parents death. He ended it… on Renee's birthday. At that point, I thought I was a joke for the cosmos.

I started at the University of Washington that September, and expected nothing… After all what is there to expect when you are all by yourself with no family?

I was lucky that I was paired with Alice Brandon as a roommate. She had her own set of issues when it came to parents, but was very understanding to my situation. She became my best friend, and was the only person who was able to help me really overcome the accident with my parents. She took me in, and made me come to every Brandon Household holiday, and for the first time, in about 9 months… I felt like I had a family again.