"You know Edward you aren't my father—I don't need you to baby me."

Edward's eyes changed color and his face became very pained…

"You're right Bella, I am not your father. Your father is dead. And there is no one else left to take care of you but me."

I looked at him, my mouth agape. How could he say something like that to me? I was wrong to ever think that I had feelings for him… he was still an asshole. But bringing up my dead father was just too much.

"Get out Edward."

He quietly turned and left closing the door behind him.

That is when the tears began to fall, and they didn't stop until evening.


I stayed away from Bella the rest of the day. I felt horrible for what I said, but at the same time I didn't. Her family was dead, and I was all that she had left. Why couldn't she just appreciate everything that I was doing for her? I mean yeah, she said "thank you" all the fucking time, but I thought by now she would have opened up more.

We had spent a good amount of time talking and getting to know eachother this past week but she would never truly open up. I saw the pain in her eyes, hell I saw the scars on her body. I knew that she had to be going through so much, but she would never truly be comfortable telling me anything.

"Edward!" I heard my mother calling from the bottom of the stairs, "Please help Bella get down the stairs, its dinner time!"

I had been dreading this since our fight early this morning. I was the only person who could help Bella get down the stairs, and I knew that this meant that we had to talk. As I approached her room I didn't hear sobbing or crying, but I did hear her talking. To my knowledge no one had come by to visit her, so I pressed my ear to the door to listen.

"Jake… no, he didn't hurt me. I just… I can't be here anymore. It is bothering Edward that I am still here and I have grossly overstayed my welcome---he doesn't want me."

I stood there—shocked—how could she honestly think that? We had one argument, and I had said one thing that I wish I could take back. I had to stop her, I had to tell her how sorry I was and that I needed her to be here. I gently knocked and let myself in.

Bella turned towards me and I saw the total impact that my words had on her. Her glow was gone, her skin was as pale as a corpse, her eyes had no life in them, she had obviously been crying all day because her eyelids were puffy and bright red. Her nose was pink, and her hair was in disarray. I must have been staring at her for more than I moment because Bella said something.

"Please stop staring at me… I know I look like shit. Or better yet take a picture, that way whenever you, yourself, feel shitty you can whip out a picture of how horrible you make me feel."

Shit. Bella was pissed still, and she had every right to be. I had some serious disaster relief to attend to.

"No Bella, you are as beautiful as always… I came in here to apologize to you for what I said this morning… about your father."

Bella's eyes lowered, and she simply nodded. This was my opportunity to tell her everything… no holding back Cullen here I go.

"First and foremost, I am so sorry for even bringing up your father. I will never fully comprehend what has been like for you to lose both of your parents. I will never forgive myself for saying that to you… with that being said, Bella there is something that I want to tell you."

Bella looked up, and in her eyes I saw a spark. Was there any way that she knew what I was going to say?

"Bella… I think that I'm falling…"

Before I could even finish my sentence Jacob Black busted into Bella's room yelling: "BELLS!!!!"

Fuck Jacob Black.