L and Light

By Eevzee

"Misa, I can't be with you anymore. I think I love some one else." sighed Light. Misa stared at Light with wide eyes.

"But – but – I thought you loved me." Misa whined. Light just shook his head and stepped out of the room.

He walked back down to headquarters to meet L. He searched the whole area and couldn't find him so he went outside into the pouring rain to see L standing by the satellite receiver.

"L! WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE!" Light yelled and had to repeat at least five times until he ran out to get L out of the rain. The two stopped on the steps after fetching towels. As they were drying off, L offered Light a foot massage. Light wasn't sure at first but let him do it anyway. L gently lifted Light's foot into his hands and began the treatment. Droplets of water fell from L's forehead and hair.

"Ryuzaki, you're still sopping wet. Here, let me help you." Light took his towel and dried off L's forehead. L looked up at Light with a blush covering his whole face. Light got closer to L's face and put his hand on L's forehead.

"Are you coming down with something Ryuzaki? You're burning up."

L's face darkened so dark, he invented a new shade of red. Burning up for you Light… He thought. Light got even closer as if hearing his thoughts.

"Are you falling for me Ryuzaki? Cause I'm falling for you." Light breathed in L's face. Light kissed L on the cheek.

"You will always be in my heart Ryuzaki."

L snickered. "A kiss on the cheek is all I get? If you give me at least a real kiss, I'll clear you of suspicion."

"That's the least of my cares Ryuzaki." Light got closer and kissed L passionately for at least five minutes. Little did they know, Misa was watching from a distance.

"If I can't have Light, no one can." She whispered to herself. Two weeks later, L was killed by "KIRA" and Light was devastated. Misa took this chance to try and get him back.

"Light, I assure you that you can come back to me and I'll have a place for you to stay."


Light was found dead in L's room and a note was found with his body. It read;

Dear Everyone,

I have decided that without my lover, life is not worth living. In case you haven't found out yet, Misa is KIRA. I told L that I couldn't live without him and it turned out to be true. Now I know what true love is and I'll never love another like I do L. Now I'm in Hell and God only lets me see Ryuzaki on Tuesdays, but that's our date night so things are going sort of good. Misa, you failed in your mission to keep me away from L.

The X – KIRA, Light

Now Misa is in jail and L and Light still love each other very much. Nothing, not even Heaven or Hell, can keep the two apart.

= _ = *^* ---END--- *^* = _ =