"It's a nice night," Ansem commented, looking up at the stars. The great unknown spread out before them, just waiting to be devoured by hungry eyes like a celebratory banquet. Ansem's hands were behind his back and his face was peaceful. He was, of course, robed in his eloquent silk clothing, hair comb so perfectly that he almost seemed unreal. The mere image of prestige and respect. Such was the image of a king. The king walked behind his beautiful slave and brushed some hair from his face. "My. The moon reflects off of your pale skin perfectly. You're quite the beauty, you know." There was silence from the other. "Your eyes, they shine such a shade of blue, that it seems like I'm looking right into the heavens. And your body. It's so...voluptuous." Ansem ran his long fingers down the other's body, sighing in ecstasy.

The boy, dressed in a nightgown and a silk robe imported from China, looked monotonously to the side, kept the gaze of a plant, then moved his head back to look over the courtyard. He loved to stand on the balcony and look over the courtyard. It fascinated him to see the guards walking back and forth, keeping in perfect unison if they had been in pairs. Or to see the labor slaves, sneaking around to each other's quarters. He folded his hands and waited for Ansem to continue.

"Your eyes would shine even more beautifully with this-" Ansem gently placed a diamond necklace around the neck of the boy in front of him. "-It brings out the blue even more. You'll look elegant with this. I would like to ask for your hand in marriage. I can give you anything you'd like." He turned the boy around, "Sora. Your beauty is too...bewitching. I can't take it anymore."

Sora looked up at him, taking a moment's pause to mock mulling over the question. Of course he could never marry such a cruel and unjust man. He may have had the kingdom fooled under his mighty hand, but Sora, being a slave. A sex slave. Having to witness his cruelty firsthand, and even experience it in the beginning of his stay at the castle. It made him sick to his stomach, just the thought of complying to the man's wishes. He opened his mouth, but Ansem brushed a hand over his supple pink lips.

"Shh, I already know your answer, my love," Ansem's smirk said enough. Either he was really ignorant of Sora's feelings, or he was making the decision for him and wasn't planning for any shape or form of a rebuttal. Well if that's what he assumed, then he was dead wrong. Sora would sooner be tortured than marry such a savage beast.

"I decline." He pulled his hands back to himself, then let them settle at his sides. "I don't love you, nor do I like you. I am a slave, and shall fulfill my duties as one, but this is an offer, or order, I will refuse to take. I will not be suede out of my decision, either." Ansem's smile faded to an unpleased frown. He grabbed Sora by the wrist, and fluidly snatched the hems of his robe, rubbing the silky material in between his slender fingers.

"Well, well, Sora. I've been so very kind to you-" That's a lie, Sora thought as Ansem spoke. "And for you to deny my offer is blasphemous. I am your king, your ruler. I am your Master, Sora. You will obey me, or you will pay the price," Ansem growled out. There was a loud rip as the king tore the fabric of Sora's robe, revealing his more attractive nightgown. "Believe me you little harlot, I will besmirch your very name. How DARE you defy my offer...neigh my COMMAND."

In a swift motion, Ansem pulled a dagger from his belt. For a moment, but only a moment, Sora panicked. His eyes went wide and his heart skipped several beats which brought his stomach to his throat and began a quivering in his legs. The king did not have same intention as Sora, though, which the brunette was grateful for. "Sora! You will love me, whether you like it or not," he hissed, holding Sora by the throat and cutting a jagged line down his white nightgown. In a quick movement, Sora lashed out, somehow managing to have Ansem turn the knife on himself and cut his hand open. The silverette was quick to release his captive, giving him ample time to escape. Ansem held his hand, "GUARDS!" he screeched.

Sora panted as he scurried, barefoot, through the halls, his feet beginning to bleed from the serrated stones below. He attempted to hold up his nightgown, the cut from earlier caused it to become much looser. Hastily, Sora stopped in front of a wall. He began to pull the bricks out of the wall, turning back with wide, and terrified, blue eyes to search for guards. He finally freed up a small space that he had made for himself in an emergency like this. He stacked the bricks, one by one, his fingers getting crushed slightly if he accidentally slipped. He'd only gotten about ten bricks stacked, not even half way there. When the guards found him. He huddled up, making himself as small as possible until he was forcefully dragged out. Despite his protests, and his kicking and screaming and biting, the guards managed to drag him back to Ansem's room.

Ansem paced in front of Sora while the guards restrained him. The tears the brunette had held in for so long were finally falling, falling in streams, maybe rivers, down his face. His trembling was violent as Ansem lifted his face. "Mmm, my love. I will teach you how to behave properly, since these years of discipline haven't been enough. Have the holy priest pass judgement on him," the king declared, waving the guards off.

"No!" Sora screamed. "NO! STOP! PLEASE!...please..."

"The sobbing everyone heard was uncontrollable and wild. Followed by screams of terror and pure agonizing torture!" Axel stressed, going slightly knock kneed to prove his point. Riku looked at him skeptically. "And-" Axel continued. "They say that Sora was beaten and raped mercilessly every night by the king, and that he was locked forever in the dungeons in that same nightgown with the cut down the middle. Rumor also has it that one of the guards fell in love with Sora, and every now and again he would let him out of the dungeons to rome around at night. After exactly one year the screaming you could hear throughout the castle every night stopped, and so everyone assumed Sora had died of either starvation or having his body so mutilated."

"That's a lie," Roxas said simply. "Don't listen to him. Axel will believe anything he hears."

"Because it's true!" Axel whined. "I saw Sora! I did! He used to be my best friend, you know! It hurts to see a nonbeliever when there's evidence right in front of you!"

"I'm sorry, but doesn't it seem a little...ghostly? You said people see him around, but apparently he died two years ago. I don't believe in ghosts, so I can't believe that story," Riku yawned, looking around dutifully. Roxas nodded in agreements.

"Besides, Axel, we're here to guard, not tell silly ghost stories-" Roxas stopped and turned, "Axel!? Are you even LISTENING to me!?" he snapped, watching his friend, who was stationary and looking utterly petrified. Roxas waved a hand in front of him, then followed his eyes. Riku did the same.

"S-Sora!" Axel gasped, his heart pounding in his chest as he spotted his old friend. Riku blinked, staring at the distant white figure. He had to squint, but he did notice the brown hair and a quick glint of blue eyes as the figure looked around curiously. "SORA!" Axel yelled.

The figure turned, eyes darting everywhere, before the figure itself darted off. Axel, of course, followed after it, determined to catch up to his friend.

"Axel!" Roxas screamed. "AXEL! Dammit...stay here and... guard, or soemthing!" the younger boy snapped, running off in a different direction, a shortcut he knew. Riku shrugged and continued his stroll, not really minding the suspicious activity going on. He figured the two were just blowing it all out of proportion.

Roxas was quick to meet up with Sora who was crying. His pale skin illuminated by the moon. "I don't want to go back there," the brunette whispered. "Please don't make me go back, Roxas!" he sobbed, clutching onto the other's hands.

"I'm sorry Sora, but you have to. Please forgive me." Roxas led Sora to the hidden dungeon, leading him into the dank and small room. It looked like it could fit about four people standing up, and half of it was taken by a wooden plank that was chained to the wall and used as a makeshift bed. "Please," Roxas repeated, leaning down to kiss Sora's forehead which was completely white and deathlike, much like the rest of his body, from lack of sun and nutrients. "I promise I'll find a way to get you out of here."

"Hurry," Sora sniffed, his hold tightening on Roxas' hand as the blonde moved away. Roxas stood, his hand hanging loosely to Sora's, "I'm sorry," he repeated, torn, as he tore his eyes from Sora's pallid figure. He shuffled off through the dungeons, prisoners shuffling through the rotting bones of discarded humans to get to the bars, begging for salvation. Roxas had no choice but to ignore them.


"I've been looking everywhere for you, Axel. You idiot, chasing after shadows," Roxas scoffed, looking away angrily.

"No! You don't understand!" Axel gaped. "It was Sora! It was!" Roxas took Axel's arm and led him back to where they had begun, the new guard, Riku, waiting for them.

"You always think you see him, but it's never him," Roxas continued. "You need to relax, and forget about him. He's long gone, and even though I hate to admit it, he's never coming back. He must be dead by now since not a single guard in this damn place has seen the King go down into the dungeons in two years. And no one else knows where Sora was hidden, so we can only assume-"

"No! Roxas! Don't you dare say that! Sora's still alive! I know he is!" Axel snapped, grabbing onto his friend's shoulders and shaking him lightly. Riku got weird feeling that he should leave, so he did, deciding to patrol the castle while his partners fought. He hadn't been in the castle except for one other time, but he knew there were more times to come thanks to his recent job as a guard.

It was during those exact thoughts that he heard the distinctive cry, a shrill scream of agony and pure torture. A scream that made his ears bleed, and forced him to drop to his knees and pray for mercy for whatever poor tortured soul was being so immensely abused.

"Sora..." Roxas whispered.

Axel looked at him, about to say something when the scream had stopped, but immediately bit his lip and winced when another, louder and more painful, scream echoed through throughout the castle. Riku joined the blonde and redhead, unsure of what to do. They stood in confusion for a good long time.