Hey everyone! I am sad to say that this is the last chapter of Heal Me Heal. So here is the conclusion of my most popular story...

*Hinata's P.O.V.*

Well a month had gone by rather quickly. We had found the person making the threats. And I scarcely used my room. I mostly slept in Sasuke's room. After our first time together we had only done that three other times. Every time was magical. I loved Sasuke.

It has been a week since we got back from the mission. I had started moving my things into his apartment.

We were the talk of the town, Sasuke and I. Apparently Sakura had to tell all those around her. Even though she was telling people, they had an opposite reaction from what she wanted. They were happy. We got phone calls and people visited us alot. I had been pulled aside a couple times to be asked if I was pregnant or when Sasuke and I were getting married. I had to explain neither were happening. Sasuke and I had only been together a month.

So the monday right after we got back I was putting my clothes up in Sasuke's closet. I had finally gotten my stuff over. I just needed to unpack it.

Well as I was unpacking my box of clothes I found a small black box lying on a piece of paper. I picked up the paper and it said: READ SECOND! BOX FIRST!

I put down the paper and lifted the small box open and inside of it was a beautiful ring. Thoughts ran through my head as I quickly picked up the paper. I unfolded it and read what was written.

Hinata... my hime... turn around...

I slowly turned around and saw Sasuke smiling at me.

I said nothing... because I couldn't find the words. He walked towards me and took my hand in got down on one knee. I felt the tears in my eyes.

"Hinata... I am in love with you. I cant see myself without you and I will take care of you and cherish you...


one day when we are growing old I will look at you and still think of how young and beautiful you are. I will forever admire your kindness and forever stay by you side. You, Hinata... saved me... you helped me heal..."

"Well I now prononce you Mr. and Mrs. Sasuke Uchiha!" The Hokage yelled.

I looked around and saw everyone i knew. All the people who believed in me... all the people who loved me. I then looked at the love of my life, my best friend, and now my husband. And in 5 months he will gain another new title... he will become a father. He was worthy of it all and I loved him for it.

We ran from the alter down the isle. The guests were throwing rice at us and i was laughing and looking at Sasuke, as we ran off to start our happily ever after.

So that was the end of Help Me Heal. I am sure that was really confusing... going from the proposal speech to the vows... but that was why I broke it off in to the ...'s But I am sooo glad you have followed this story for a year now. And I love all of you who are following my stories. Forever yours!