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The Begining of Life

By: Sombra112

Act 1 Scene 1

"Okay, class. Quiet down." Kagome said walking into the noisy collage classroom. She was dressed simply in a gray skirt and suit jacket with a white undershirt. She had skin colored panty hose and black heels and her hair was in a loose and untidy bun. Her reading glasses were perched delicately on her nose and her make-up was subtle.

"Your reports better be on my desk in the next two minutes or they are not getting graded." She announced and walked behind said desk and grabbed a marker and started writing on the board.

There was a flurry of movement behind her as people who already had their homework out got up to turn it in and the people who had forgotten to get it out scrambled to do so. No one said they didn't have it. They knew Kagome would just stare at them because that wasn't her problem, it was theirs.

Exactly 2 minutes and 14 seconds later, Kagome put the marker down and turned around.

"Any questions about the reports?" she asked.

"Yeah, uh, I got one." a guy on the third row raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Gates. What is it?" Kagome asked her hands clasped together in front of her.

"Um...Well..." He looked around and cleared his throat.

"Speak up." Kagome said leaning her hip against her wood desk.

He pointed to a spot on the blueprint. "Never any security there. None at all. They've forgotten it since the building was built."

His partner looked down and scratched his chin. "Are you sure these are accurate? It would be just our luck if we got there and it wasn't there anymore."

He shook his head. "Trust me. These are the originals." He tapped them with his finger. "Not even the owner has seen these. Plus my source says that it's still there and he checked it out personally."

"Supposing we trust the source." His partner mumbled but he was looking at the blueprints with new interest.

"It's surprising what an addict will do for his stuff." He grinned.

"Well, you are the psychology professor, right?" he hedged.

"The last time I checked." Kagome answered. "But I'm going to assume that that wasn't your question."

"Well I was uh...thinking of Phantom." he smiled awkwardly.

"Phantom?" Kagome repeated. "That has nothing to do with your report."

"I know ma'am but..."

"Then why are you asking me about him. I asked if anyone had any questions on the report not Phantom." She never took her eyes off of him and it was making him squirm a little.

"Well it's just that...I was wonder if you do a psychoanalysis of him." he smiled sheepishly.

"Mr. Gates I am the psychology teacher I am not a criminal psychologist." Kagome pointed out.

"I know but you're really good. I mean, that psychoanalisis you did on Jack the Ripper was awesome." He looked at his classmates for support and a few nodded.

"Mr. Gates, even a novice psychologist who hasn't finished school yet, like you, could do a psychoanalysis on Jack the Ripper. The information on him and his killings is exponential. And again, this has nothing to do with your report." Kagome said dryly.

"Well actually..." He scratched his head. "This unit is criminal psychology and it is a criminal I asked about."

Kagome sighed and looked at the class who was staring at her with more attention than usual. "I do not know enough about him." Kagome said at last.

"But no one knows Jack the Ripper just what he's done and everything Phantom has done is known." A little girl who dressed as a punk said joining Gates' side.

"Yes but I do not know everything Phantom has done. Besides, the cases are completely different. For one thing, Jack the Ripper was a killer and Phantom is a thief."

"Is that everything we'll need?" His partner asked checking the list over one last time.

"You're nervous." he said raising his eyebrows in amusement. "When has that ever happened?"

"I just want to make sure we do this right." he protested frowning. "I've been after this for a while and if we mess up we may never get another chance. Then everything...."

"Then everything we have worked for will have been for nothing blah, blah, blah. I know. You've told me." he finished dryly.

"This is the big one. We get this or we get nothing. No matter what we have taken before this." his partner said checking the list again.

He tried not to roll his eyes. He wanted it just as desperately.

"Come on, please." Gates mock begged from his desk. "This has sincerely piqued my interest and if we would just explore the subject a little more then perhaps I will have found my goal in life." His tones were snobby and joking at the same time.

Kagome giggled and let her professional mask slip a little. "Oh, very well. We may try to psychoanalyse him."

"Yes!" Gates said. "So come on teach. What's up with this guy?"

Kagome raised her eyebrow.

"Uh...I mean um..." He cleared his throat and his voice turned snobby again, "Please oh great and powerful teacher bestow us with your superior wisdom and hypotheses." he batted his eyelashes as he smiled wide making Kagome laugh again.

"Well, based on my limited knowlage." Kagome said to her class who was looking at her with interest. "And this is just the opinion of a psycologist with almost no true basis in fact, I would guess that Phantom is trying to get something."

"How do you know?" The punk girl asked.

"Well," Kagome thought for a second. "His thefts don't seem to be random nor do they have an obvious pattern. He has taken expensive pieces of art and such but he has also taken inexpensive things when something much more valuable was usually right next to it. So if we assume that this is not just random thefts to keep the cops on their toes, then that means that the pattern in not obvious meaning that he is after something or somethings unknown."

He looked with hunger at the last piece of the puzzle. This would finally bring him what he desired. What he had been searching for for so long. It was so close he could almost feel it.

"Let's go over what he has taken." Kagome moved to a clean part of the board and grabbed a different marker. "So what has he stolen? I believe most recently it was the Star Sapphire. Estimated at $2 million."

Kagome drew a rugged diamond shape on the board.

He looked over it all. The gleaming treasure of ages past. His recent acquirement. The Star Sapphire.

It shined in the glass case they had placed it in. Untouched by man, the shape of a shining star had been made naturally. It had been mined out of the ruins of a sunken city only 10 years prior where it had been placed in a Temple to a Greek god. Age and catastrophe had not marred its beauty in the slightest.

"What else?" Kagome asked her hand poised over the board waiting.

"The um...uh...what's it called...The uh...." Gates racked his brain.

"The Map." A quiet mousy girl said. "A painting of a map that seemed to be no real location. The Tokyo Gazette said it was worth $20,000 easy."

"Never heard of that one." Kagome said but she drew a rectangle and placed dashed lines and a large 'X' in it.

The Map. A painting that was cheap as famous artworks go but priceless for what he required of it.

It was mostly a dull brown but scattered about were simple tree designs, a drop of water in one corner, and long black lines spread all over it in a language no one read any more. All inside a gilded frame.

"The Shadow Stone." someone volunteered.

"Ah. Now that one I have heard of." Kagome said drawing a large rock shaped object and covering it in squiggly lines. "Estimated at $500,000."

The Map, something you couldn't read unless you had The Shadow Stone, as the owners named it. Much like the Rosetta stone, it had the language on the map with another language written beneath it. The second languages closest relative would be modern day Latin but it was just different enough that even someone fluent in it wouldn't understand it.

"The Virgin Journals." Gates said determined not to be blocked out of the subject he had started.

"Almost forgot about those. They were the first thing he stole, correct? Named not because the person who wrote them was a virgin, but because that was their name. Value: $50,000."

She drew a book with tattered pages.

Ah, The Virgin Journals. The first item stolen the cops credited to Phantom. Three journals written by a woman named Virgin who had been married to the king who had created the Shadow Stone. They had been donated to a museum after scientist and linguists alike had been unable to decipher the writing. Assumed to be just the unreadable journal of another random woman, no one but him and his partner knew what was written within.

All thanks to a book. And not just any book. An ancient Bible that he and his partner had to travel all the way to Vatican City to steal. Stored deep in the belly of the Pope's library, he was pretty sure no one had noticed it had gone missing yet. As it was so old it had been written in the slightly different Latin, but with a slightly newer version of the Bible, they had been able to make out each different word and then apply it to the Journals.

And of course there was...

"And he also stole The Veil." the punk girl said.

"Yes, he did." Kagome agreed drawing a long slightly waved rectangle.

A diamond sheet. It looked like a piece of waterfall frozen in time. It shined like the starry sky above and was the most expensive thing in his collection at a staggering $8 million. Beautiful and deceptively sturdy, it looked like a single gust of wind would break it apart. But the sheet had been found in an ancient Chinese temple that had been forgotten for over a thousand years. No one was quite sure how old the sheet was but new for a fact that it was much older than the temple.

"I believe that is everything." Kagome said turning to her class to make sure.

When no one spoke up, she capped the marker and looked at her work. "As you can see, the prices range from the national debt to a rich man's lunch money. These items have absolutely no connection other than they had been stolen by Phantom. A painting, 2 priceless jewels, and a stack of old books no one can read."

She leaned against her desk again and looked out at the class. "From all of this, I would say that Phantom is a diligent man who can be scrupulously clean. I know this because no cop has ever found a single piece of DNA or even a sliver of a hair from him. He is determined, driven, I would even say almost arrogant."

"How would you know that?" some one asked before she could continue.

"The way he taunts the cops." Kagome answered. "He lets them get closer and closer to him, yet he hasn't been truly seen, he hasn't been shot or identified."

"I would also venture out and say that he doesn't see what he is doing as wrong. Just something to help him achieve his goal and, also judging by his taunts, something he enjoys. That's about all I can say about him."

Her class looked at her in awe as each of them felt slightly closer to the elusive Phantom Thief.

"But as I said," Kagome shook her head and started erasing the drawings brining a moan of unhappiness from her students. "I know almost nothing of him and this is all idle speculation. Now let us get back to the lesson."

She pointed to the writing on the board and said aloud, "Now, criminal psychology started in 1940 when Walter C. Langer, an American psychiatrist, was asked to make a profile on Adolf Hitler." (A/N: BTW, yes that is true.)


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