Queen of My World

A collection of three Sora and Kairi short stories.

Court Jester

Kairi was very, very sad. She felt like the sky had fallen to smother her.

Her grandmother was dead. She had always been very close to her grandmother, and those stories about finding light in the deepest darkness were always really inspirational to her. And now…

Kairi wiped a tear from her eye, flicking it from her fingers. The paopu tree she was sitting on moved slightly as someone leaped beside her. She turned to look at who it was, not surprised to see Sora. He smoothed back his spiky brown hair and grinned, but it faded almost instantly when he saw she wasn't smiling back, and his blue eyes turned scared.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

Kairi mumbled, "My grandmother died today. We just got the news."

Sora scratched the back of his head, grimacing. "Oh. Well…sorry."

They sat in silence for a while before Sora leaped up and thought to himself, Gotta cheer her up.

"Be right back!" He called, racing back the way he had come. Kairi stared at the waves, feeling depressed, when she saw Sora carrying several balls that Wakka must've left on the beach, and some coconuts.

He came back to stop in front of her, silly grin in place, and began juggling them.

"Sora…" Kairi trailed off, watching his antics.

Sora grinned wider, juggling two balls and a coconut, expertly using his foot to kick another up into his juggling spiral.

He suddenly messed something up. A ball bounced off his head, and he dropped the other balls. He bent to pick one up but slipped thanks to the milk that oozed out from the cracked coconut. He flopped down on his stomach, only to land on a ball and end up knocking the wind out of him. He stood up again, and slipped once more, this time falling off the little raised cliff and landing in the sea. Kairi leaned over worriedly, only to see the balls fall down and hit Sora one after another on his head.

Before she knew it she was laughing, covering her mouth, trying to stifle the giggles. Sora's face split into a grin, rubbing his head.

If he had to do that to get her to smile, the minor pain was worth it.


If she wasn't happy, neither was he.

He never let her be sad for long.